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Chapter 255

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Chapter 255: Looking at Oneself


***Final Arc, One Who Obtain Happiness, Chapter 255 Looking at Oneself***

――When imagining a sword-to-sword fight, the first thing that comes to mind for someone who has never wielded a sword is the sound of swords, steel against steel.

Blocking the opponent's flash with a sword, or deflecting it.

But that was an exaggeration in a story.

A single full-force swing, carrying the weight of the wielder and swung along with centrifugal force.

Only a handful could squarely confront that mass.

In the first place, swords are weapons designed to be wielded. It is easier to wield than to receive, and thus, it requires considerable strength and power to surpass the opponent's movements with calmness.

Therefore, in any swordsmanship, the focus is on evasion or disrupting the opponent's initial movements.

Even mere humans.

For those who possess superhuman physical strength and abilities, it was impossible to directly block the opponent's strike.

The full force would easily breaks even the steel blade and slice through the body.

If the blades clashed, they would both be destroyed.

The sound of steel in battles usually means the end,

As the sound become higher, their battles became quieter.

No, even that would be an understatement.

As they unleash deadly blades on each other, cutting through the wind――what they create is a storm.

The spine-chilling sword dance reaches such a height that it makes the wind scream.

“Ehehe, Shaggy (Mosha-Mosha) is still doing well.”

――Inside a forest.

The old general wielded a blade that could be called the pinnacle of swordsmanship.

The ultimate zenith of the blade, only those who have devoted a hundred years to the sword, training since childhood could possess it.

With just a light swing, it could cut through sheet metal armor, the blade crushed the wind, and even the atmosphere was shredded――in the blink of an eye, numerous sword flashes were released.

The sword made of steel could no longer be seen, it had become the wind itself.

It was fluid, shapeless, and even its length seemed to expand and contract.

Loved by heaven, not vain of his talent, he devoted himself to long studies.

Originally, it could have been the pinnacle of an era.

The old general show no signs age――and that was why the girl he faces was a distortion.

Fluttering in her cumbersome apron dress.

Using branches and leaves as footholds, and the trunk to jump between heaven and earth.

Holding curved sword that bend lasciviously in one hand, she narrowly avoided the blade of the old general who could be called a sword saint, her beautiful face had the same smile on her face as usual.

She observed the flash of the sword, which a normal person couldn’t perceive, with a sense that even stopped time, observing its speed, posture, magical power, and inertia all as if they were mathematical formulas.

Observing her opponent, even while dodging, she had enough composure to speak.

When Aleha swung his sword, he made a unique twist with his hips, knees, and body.

Releasing the swing and simultaneously the twist――the sword seemed to extend, and its tip would cut through 1 sun ahead.

A blade that could deceive and cut through even warriors with such dynamic vision that captured the flash of the sword.

The artistic deception created by footwork and technique, and the control of balance, however were ineffective against the girl.

The girl’s purple pupil, could see Aleha's future even in this high-speed sword dance.

When he raised his sword, how far would the tip reach.

Once the tip started moving, the trajectory until it was swung down was clear――where he would places his feet, how much his hip would twist, and where his head would be.

"I'm glad that Shaggy is following what Krische taught a long time ago, Krische is happy."

Aleha didn't force his way in, swinging hus blade at the girl's edge.

‘――For a small opponent like Krische, it would be better to swing the sword finely and at the very edge of the opponent’s range. Like trying to hook them with the sword... Look, don’t push too far and rush the fight.’

Aleha himself wasn't particularly strong, and most of the fierce warriors he encountered on the battlefield were tall and gigantic.

Therefore, he learned how to charge in deeply and insert himself even further inside the opponent’s gap.

Before he knew it, it had become a habit, and his overconfidence in his own sword speed feed to it.

That if his and the opponent’s range was the same and their blades clashed with all else being equal, he could cut them down first.

Her pointing was trivial.

However, the absolute difference that he felt at that time gave Aleha an opportunity to reconsider himself.

Thanks to this, he was confident that he was at a much higher level than he ever thought possible.

He continued to hone his skills, shaking off all the arrogance that arose within her――yet, Alberinea was far beyond in the heavens.

A smile appeared on the old man's cheeks.

As droplets formed on his dry skin, his fatigue strangely felt comforting.

His five swings were dodged, and what was unleashed was a swing of the curved sword.

Evading it and twisting her body. Whenever she reached out, it was always before Aleha's real strike.

If blade could be dodged she would dodge everything, and if it couldn’t be dodged, she took the lead and kill the sword’s momentum.

There was no playfulness in her blade.

It was a sword meant to win, to achieve victory.

She never let anything dictate her victory or defeat.

――Similarly on the battlefield, she always won as if it was fated.

Something always shone brightly when he looked up.

He wonder how much the name Christand brought to Aleha's life.

And even after over 100 years, its brilliance continued to shine on Aleha.

“But fufun, it’s Krische’s victory.”

Slight fatigue, slight disturbance.

The girl, who saw this, charged in and put the tip of her tip on the nape of Aleha's neck.

He just smiled as he recalled his countless defeats.

"...It's my loss, Krische-sama."

Aleha collapsed, lying down sprawled in the grass, breathing heavily.

"Aleha, you’re sweating so much, it’s dirty you know"

“It’s fine.…At least it feels good.”

Krische took a slight breath and took out a handkerchief.

She then folded her skirt and squatted next to Aleha, gently wiping away the sweat on his face.

Aleha laughed again, letting her do as she pleased.

Observing the scene, Gururun approached and, yawning, sat down.

"It's good that Aleha is diligent and serious about training."

Then, leaving the handkerchief on Aleha's chest, she sat on top of the Suiko.

Tracing her lips with a cherry-colored smile, she smiled.

"Today’s Aleha was probably the best yet."

Hearing those words, Aleha closed his eyes and his smile deepened.

"I see. ...Kuku, those are comforting words."

――Although aged, there was no decline in her physical strength.

He never thought he could win.

But still he challenged with the intention to win――Aleha's culmination up until today.

It was a disastrous defeat as usual, but the defeat was strangely enjoyable.

The moon was still far in the sky, but he felt that he had reached a higher level.

He's sure it was because of her that he was able to reach that point.

He looked up at the sky for a while, basking in the afterglow as the breeze cooled his flushed body.

Reflecting on his life with the sword.

From an early age, he knew of his talent.

He was confident that someday he would become a hero who would leave his name in history.

‘――I lose again huh.’

‘...Young master’

The person who broke his long nose was the kingdom's hero Bogan Christand.

No matter how many times he tried, he could not win.

He could have made excuses.

A different age, a different class――if only he had been born ten years earlier.

However, he knew more than anyone else that in then end those were just mere excuse.

And it was because Bogan Christand was there that he was able to learn from him and reach greater heights.

And then he departed first――Christand became an existence that Aleha could never win against.

A hero that Aleha should aspire to be.

The figure he had seen at the summit disappeared, and he lost sight of his goal.

‘Aah, Krische hadn’t introduced Krische yet. Krische Alberinea Christand. Krische would like to ask about the number of thieves but...?’

At that time, he met her.

As she floats high above the boundless sky, she probably didn’t know how much she had given to Aleha.

In order to step forward to greater heights, he needed some sort of goal.

Not just rushing recklessly, but a clear goal.

He laughed quietly and looked up at the sky.

At the edge of the sky, vermilion hues blurred before dusk.

As if reaching for the unseen stars and moon, he extended his right hand toward the sky.

"...I’m blessed with heavenly luck. I was bored out of my mind until nightfall."

Before the unreachable sky, he reflected on his own smallness.

"... Aleha, you won’t come with Krische?"


When he answered and looked at her, the girl's beauty became sad.

She just lowered her eyes and looked at the undergrowth.

"Don't make such a face. I've found the answer."

"…the answer?"

Aleha nodded.

"This is the answer to a question that I have spent my entire life finally chasing. ...Now that I have seen it, I have no choice but to do it."

"That's what everyone says... Bald Eagle, Meow Meow, Woof Woof, Chirp Chirp... Even Kalua and Mia."

The girl continued.

Like a child being left behind as others went home from the playground.

“Kreschenta said that everyone gets tired of eternity because of Krische’s selfishness. ...Someday, everyone will get tired of dealing with Krische.”

"That’s certainly sounds like a distant story. It’s probably as Her Majesty said."

Aleha smiled bitterly and stood up.

Finally, his breathe calmed down.

“I thought Krische-sama would leave immediately after Selene-sama passed away, but… Is the reason Krische-sama is still like this because Krische-sama is unsure?”


"That’s a good thing"


Krische looked at Aleha in surprise.

Aleha smiled beneath his beard.

“I respect and love Krische-sama, but I am not Krische-sama. I am a person with different dreams, wishes, and everything else. ...Even if I follow Krische-sama, I'm sure we'll have to say goodbye someday.''

To say he hadn't imagined such a future would be a lie.

If he had eternal time, how much could he achieve?

How high could he reach?

But Aleha had obtained what he wanted.

Aleha's ceiling was now in his hands.

And now that he had obtained it――more than she thought there was nothing beyond it.

"No one in this world is the same. What you wish for is yours alone, not someone else's. And it's the same for everyone."

Not blaming or ridiculing, not affirming or denying.

Aleha simply spoke gently.

“Just as I have found questions and its answers in my life, so too Krische-sama will find questions and find answers in life. It doesn't matter how big or small it is, what a person should find in their life, is just that and nothing more."

Seemingly pushing her away, yet embracing her――Aleha looked at Krische with a gentle gaze.

Shaking his now white hair gently.

"...What do you wish for? What do you desire from the bottom of your heart? That is a question that is unique to you, and an answer that is unique to you.”

"Krische’s, wish..."

Krische repeated quietly, closing her eyes.

What comes to her mind was always the mansion.

The happy everyday, the repeating gentle days.

"...Maybe the answer isn't as difficult as you think. At least that's how I feel. I and many others have walked different paths from you but――"

Aleha stood up and smiled at the girl sitting on the Suiko.

“There are some who have decided to walk the same path as you...Selene-sama and the servants did not just leave the decision to you out of inertia. They entrusted it to you because they believed that whatever worries, doubts, and whatever the result may be――it would be something to accompany the answer you struggled to find."


Reaching out, Aleha gently stroked the girl’s head who looked down and closed her eyes.

“Krische-sama, you should try believing in yourself a little more.”

No matter how one say it, she was a kind girl.

Like a child――No, probably she actually was a child.

Delicate and clumsy, not knowing how to relax.

It wasn't a bad thing.

Even if one keep running recklessly, their aging body would naturally develop this tendency.

However, the composure that comes with age had not yet come to her.

Event hough if she took a little break, she would still see many things differently, she remained as she was when they first met.

“Just as my decisions are mine alone, your decisions are yours alone.… No matter how good a person is, in the end, all one can control is one's own heart and decisions."

Surely, she would continue to struggle from now on.

As long as she continued to seek happiness, like a child.

" Not what those around you wants but, what do you really want? You should reconsider that."

That's why Aleha thought everyone could love this girl from the bottom of their hearts.

The seemingly contradictory beauty of this ruthless and cruel girl.

"...That's how everyone around you found their own answers."

Krische silently nodded, looking at Aleha, and smiled shyly.

"...Krische, really just hesitating all the time. But it’s as Mosha Mosha said."

Then she closed her eyes and suddenly looked up at the sky.

"Krische thinks Krische is pretty smart, but Krische is really stupid. Always insecure and doesn't know what's good or bad..."

The purple of dusk mingling with blue and red, were like mirrors of her.

It was as if she had captured the twilight of the day's end in her eyes.

"...But, everyone always believes in such Krische”

With a happy smile, she closed her eyes, and the girl jumped down and smiled at Aleha.

"Krische'll talk to Kreschenta one more time."


“Eheheh, to be honest, Krische didn’t care at all about Mosha Mosha at first, Krische just picked it up on the way home, but…”

‘I'm glad I met Mosha Mosha then’, the girl said happily.

Aleha smiled bitterly and nodded, ‘I see’

She couldn't hide her complete lack of interest inside her at that time, but the way she talked about it as if it was her long-held secret was still the same as before.

"But it's mutual. ...I'm glad I met you too."

He came to the kingdom, found a goal, made comrades in arms―and met Tekrea, and even started a family.

The only reason he was able to live such a fruitful life was because he was able to meet her.

"...I have somewhere to stop by, so"

"Yes. Krische is going home too. Well then――"

As she was about to say, the girl thought a little.

Then she smiled quietly and said,

"...Goodbye, Aleha."

Aleha nodded and put his fist on his left chest. Returning a salute to her words.

There’s no need for words anymore.

The girl returned the salute――then, riding Suiko, she left without looking back.

It was fine that way.

Aleha watched until her back disappeared, smiling alone, without following.

And thus, he began to walk a different path from hers.

In the sky where indigo and madder were mixed together, he thought the hawk that brought color to his life.

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