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Chapter 660: Corpse Wraith

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Chapter 660: Corpse Wraith

At this point, Han Li’s reflection no longer bore any resemblance to him. Its body was no different from that of a normal person, but its clothes were in tatters, and its face had decayed to the point that the bone underneath was clearly visible, giving it a zombie-like appearance.

As it plunged its hands toward Han Li, its nails elongated to over a foot in length each, with dense baleful qi clinging to them.

This is a Corpse Wraith!

Han Li immediately withdrew his sword, then raised it in front of his own chest to defend himself.

A loud clang rang out as a trail of sparks erupted from the blade of the sword, and Han Li was sent flying back by a burst of tremendous force.

Corpse Wraiths were entities that combined corpses and yin souls. They were undead creatures that could only arise after being trapped in places of immense baleful qi after tens of thousands of years, and they relish in devouring the flesh and blood of living beings.

Corpse Wraiths were already dead, so they couldn’t be classified as living beings, and they couldn’t enter the cycle of reincarnation, so they weren’t ghosts, either. Instead, they were liminal beings that belonged nowhere, and this particular one possessed High Zenith Stage power.

However, Han Li could see from its eyes that it was still yet to attain intelligence, and that came as quite a relief.

It was said that once a Corpse Wraith devoured sufficient blood and flesh, it would be able to attain intelligence, thereby making it a far more formidable foe to deal with, often possessing far superior power to living cultivators of the same caliber.

This Corpse Wraith had most likely been trapped here its entire existence, thereby robbing it of any opportunity to come into contact with living beings, and that was why it hadn’t attained intelligence. It was also because of this that Han Li wasn’t fleeing the scene right away.

If another late-Golden Immortal cultivator had been in Han Li’s place, they would’ve most likely already fallen prey to that initial sneak attack.

All of a sudden, the Corpse Wraith vanished from the spot. Han LI’s pupils contracted slightly upon seeing this, and he immediately launched himself backward in retreat.

Almost in the exact same instant, the Corpse Wraith reappeared where he had been standing just a moment ago, and its hands pierced straight through a stone pillar, shattering it into countless pieces.

While still darting back in retreat, Han Li chanted a silent incantation, and a ball of golden light instantly erupted out of his body, forming a golden light barrier that encompassed the entirety of the second floor.

As soon as the time spirit domain was conjured up, everything on the second floor instantly slowed down.

Han Li turned to discover the High Zenith Stage Corpse Wraith charging toward him while leaving a trail of afterimages in its wake, displaying tremendous speed even within the time spirit domain.

Han Li swiveled around before piercing the Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword in his hand directly toward the Corpse Wraith, and a resounding clang rang out as the sword forcibly parted the Corpse Wraith’s ghostly claws before piercing straight into its chest.

However, the Corpse Wraith’s physical constitution was far more formidable than Han LI anticipated, and the sword was only able to scratch several white marks onto its chest, but was unable to harm it in the slightest.

A sense of foreboding welled up in Han Li’s heart upon seeing this, and he immediately held his breath while also cutting off his five senses, but he had reacted just a split second too late.

A plume of dark purple corpse baleful qi shot forth like an arrow before striking him in the face, instantly causing his face to go numb.

Immediately thereafter, he felt a burst of burning pain in his throat and airways, and his eyes also became extremely sore and dry, causing his vision to blur.

He gritted his teeth against the discomfort as he injected his immortal spiritual power into his Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword, unleashing a powerful eruption of Divine Devilbane LIghtning to force back the Corpse Wraith.

At the same time, he darted back in retreat before moving back and forth throughout the hall, ensuring that he was constantly in motion.

The Corpse Wraith immediately pounced at him once again, pursuing him intently as it attempted to tear him to shreds.

At this moment, Han Li’s five senses were sealed, so he could only track the Corpse Wraith with his spiritual sense while continuing to take evasive measures.

Somehow, despite the effects of the time spirit domain, the Corpse Wraith was becoming faster and faster, and before long, it had managed to tear several gashes into Han Li’s robes.

Right at this moment, the Corpse Wraith suddenly split up into five identical figures.

All of a sudden, Han Li could detect five identical auras in his spiritual sense, and his brows immediately furrowed slightly. His eyes has been infiltrated by corpse baleful qi, so he was unable to use his Infernal Devilish Eyes to determine which of the five figures was the real Corpse Wraith.

The five Corpse Wraiths formed an encirclement around Han Li before darting at him in unison, and all of them had their claws aimed at different vital regions on his body.

Regardless of which direction Han Li chose to flee in, he would inevitably be intercepted by one of the Corpse Wraiths, following which the others would also get to him.

In this dire situation, a burst of radiant golden light abruptly erupted out of his body, and the five Corpse Wraiths were instantly rooted to the spot roughly ten feet away from Han Li as the golden light washed over them.

At the same time, Han Li opened his mouth, and a cloud of corpse baleful qi erupted out of his mouth before slamming into the ground, where it exploded.

The purple mist on his face immediately faded, and bright purple light appeared in his eyes as he cast his gaze toward the five surrounding Corpse Wraiths.

In doing so, he discovered that one of the Corpse Wraiths had several times the amount of baleful qi in its body compared with the others, and he immediately aimed the tip of his Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword at that Corpse Wraith’s dantian.

A ball of golden lightning then quickly took shape at the tip of the sword before being launched through the air, and a thick pillar of golden lightning emerged, instantly inundating the Corpse Wraith’s entire body.

The entire blue hall shuddered violently, and the four other Corpse Wraiths disintegrated in rapid succession, leaving only the Corpse Wraith that had been struck by Han Li’s Lightningwield Technique, still suspended in mid-air from the effects of the True Mantra Axis.

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