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Chapter 661: Body of the Large-headed Child

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Chapter 661: Body of the Large-headed Child

What a pain in the backside...

Han Li's brows furrowed tightly as he watched the Corpse Wraith re-emerge while the lightning faded.

The Corpse Wraith didn't possess any intelligence, but its physical constitution wasn't inferior to that of a High Zenith Stage Jade Immortal, and Han Li's Lightningwield Technique had inflicted severe injuries upon it, but wasn't enough to kill it.

Given the current circumstances, he couldn't afford to waste much time here.

Right as he was considering summoning the Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword that had been nurtured for the longest time in his Profound Heavenly Gourd or releasing the Essence Fire Raven to incinerate the Corpse Wraith, Mo Guang's voice suddenly rang out in his mind.

"Fellow Daoist Han, while it's true that this thing possesses similar attributes to ghostly creatures, its high cultivation base grants it some resistance against lightning and fire-attribute attacks, so it won't be easy for you to take it down. How about you leave it to me instead?"

"You have a way to kill this thing?" Han Li asked.

"Indeed. I just so happen to know where its fatal weaknesses are, and if you leave it to me, I can kill it in a very short time," Mo Guang replied.

Han Li considered Mo Guang's proposal for a moment, following which a floral design appeared on the middle and index fingers of his right hand.

A door of light that was around ten feet tall then appeared beside him, and at the same time, Han Li swept his left hand through the air, stowing his Mantra Treasured Axis away up his sleeve.

With the Mantra Treasured Axis gone, the Corpse Wraith instantly regained its mobility, and it continued to charge forward, aiming directly at Han Li's glabella.

Right at this moment, a black figure shot out of the door of silver light, and it appeared before the Corpse Wraith in a flash, then reached out with one hand. There was baleful qi swirling around the hand, and it was thrust straight through the point where the Corpse Wraith's chest and abdomen were connected.

The black figure was none other than Mo Guang, and at this moment, his hand was protruding out of the other side of the Corpse Wraith's body with a fist-sized chunk of black flesh clasped within it.

The chunk of flesh resembled a heart, but had seven orifices, and it was pulsing rhythmically as if it were breathing.

"The fatal weakness of a Corpse Wraith does not lie in its dantian, its head, or its heart. Instead, it lies in this thing, which is known as a baleful embryo. It's through this thing that it was able to gather baleful qi and become a Corpse Wraith. However, it's also exactly because of this that the baleful embryo is particularly vulnerable to baleful qi attacks," Mo Guang explained as he slowly withdrew his hand.

As soon as his voice trailed off, the Corpse Wraith's body disintegrated into countless dark purple sand-like granules before dissipating into a cloud of black smoke.

"What do you plan to do with this baleful embryo, Fellow Daoist Han?" Mo Guang asked.

"You slew the Corpse Wraith, so its baleful embryo naturally goes to you," Han Li replied.

Mo Guang gave a nod of gratitude, then crushed the baleful embryo into powder to reveal a longan-sized bead inside.

Before Han Li had a chance to catch a clear glimpse of the object, Mo Guang had already tossed it into his own mouth before swallowing it.

Why are the time law power fluctuations so potent here? Could it be that this pond is filled entirely with the waters of time?

Intrigued by this discovery, Han Li carefully searched through the pond with his spiritual sense, upon which he discovered that aside from just time law power fluctuations, there was also a burst of immense vitality present within the pond.

He strode over to the pond before peering over its edge, and only then did he discover that there was a body floating on the surface of the water.

A hint of surprise flashed through Han Li's eyes at the sight of the body.

The body was no more than five feet tall, and it was as thin as a reed stick, but had an extraordinarily large neck that made it appear extremely disproportionate, as if it could sink headfirst into the water at any moment.

However, the body was floating on the surface of the water in a completely still and stable fashion, and it looked as if it were fast asleep.

The body was identical in appearance to the statue that Han Li had seen earlier at the entrance of the Water Divination Pagoda.

Furthermore, it was perfectly preserved without any signs of damage, but it was completely devoid of aura fluctuations. It looked as if it had only perished not long ago, and it was in vastly better condition than the decomposed bodies that Han Li had seen earlier.

Han Li turned his attention from the body to the water beside it, upon which he noticed a blue shield that was around two feet in size. The shield was shimmering brightly and had a series of complex patterns etched all over its surface.

No more than a few inches away from the badge was a blue crystalline flute that was also floating on the water. Hanging from one end of the flute was an intricate-looking tassel that had been fashioned out of seven or eight bamboo leaves.

The two objects were brimming with spiritual qi, and the ravages of time didn't seem to have affected them at all. Furthermore, both of them were giving off formidable time law power fluctuations, indicating that they were powerful time-attribute immortal treasures.

Instead of immediately reaching out to grab the two objects, Han Li turned slightly to the side, sneaking a glance at a round stone pillar situated in the northwestern corner of the hall with faint purple light flashing in his eyes.

Somehow, Ren Hao had managed to fuse as one with that pillar, and his aura had almost been completely concealed.

Thanks to the progress that Han Li had made in the fifth level of the Spirit Refinement Technique, his spiritual sense had become even more sensitive than before, so he was able to detect Ren Hao's aura fluctuations as soon as he stepped onto the third floor, but he was unable to ascertain exactly where he was.

At the same time, he knew that Ren Hao had to have spotted him as well, so he had put on an oblivious act, pretending not to have noticed Ren Hao at all.

Right at this moment, Han Li suddenly raised an eyebrow, then abruptly vanished from the spot.

In the next instant, he landed on one of the horizontal beams up above, then completely restrained his own aura and spiritual sense fluctuations, and it was as if he had vanished into thin air.

Shortly thereafter, Feng Qingyuan emerged from the stairwell, and he slowly made his way into the hall with a slightly tense expression.

As he passed through the collapsed shelves, he briefly flipped through some of the pages strewn all over the floor, just as Han Li had done, only to also toss them aside upon realizing that none of them were very useful.

As he did this, the tension in his eyes seemed to have faded a little, but he was walking even slower than before.

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