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Chapter 265: Chapter 265: Chapter 265

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Chapter 265: Chapter 265

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Looking at the waiters expression, Su Li knew what he was thinking. However, she did not intend to go to Ji Xiang Restaurant to eat. It was enough to go to such a snobby place once!

Su Li wanted to go to Xu Ji Restaurant opposite Ji Xiang Restaurant. She just wanted to go over and anger the people from the Ji Xiang Restaurant.

When Su Li saw the waiters expression, she said, Why arent we welcome?

Everyone who came was a guest. The waiter did not dare to offend Su Li at all. He nodded and bowed. How is that possible? Its our restaurants honor that the few of you can come. Coincidentally, theres a quiet spot. Ill bring you there.

Su Li smiled and shook her head. Theres no need. I still prefer to eat opposite. I dont have the fortune to enjoy the food in your restaurant.

Upon hearing Su Lis words, the waiters expression immediately turned awkward.4+

Su Li held He Qingyao and He Qingmus hands and turned to Su Ze. The food here isnt good. Lets eat opposite.

Su Ze immediately understood and said loudly, Thats right. Ive always felt that the food in this restaurant isnt delicious. I dont know why there are so many people. Could it be

Su Ze didnt say the rest. There were some things that were much better not said than said.

When the people sitting in the hall of Ji Xiang Restaurant heard Su Zes words, they put down their chopsticks and couldnt help but look down at the dishes on their plates.

It was said that there was a problem with Ji Xiang Restaurant last time. A few people fell to the ground at that time. At that time, they explained that it was a sudden relapse of their illnesses. However, how could there be such a coincidence in the world? A few people fell ill at the same time? It might be because of the food in Ji Xiang Restaurant!

Seeing this, the waiter pointed at Su Zes nose and said angrily, What nonsense are you talking about? Do you believe that Ill report you to the authorities and get you arrested?

He could tell that these people were definitely here to cause trouble!

Su Ze snorted coldly and said, Alright, report it to the officials and arrest me! I want to see if I can still be arrested by the government because i dont come to your restaurant to eat? Then is there any justice in the world?

Or is there something wrong with your shop, so you cant bear to see others say anything bad? I just said that I wont eat at your restaurant, and youre already so agitated. If I leave immediately, will you kill me?

He had heard from He Qingmu that the people in this restaurant had bullied the three of them before. Therefore, he had to take revenge this time. He did not believe that these people were not afraid of death.

Su Ze didnt control his volume at all. Everyone nearby looked over.

The commotion outside had successfully attracted the attention of the shopkeeper. He quickly walked out, and when he saw Su Li standing at the door, his heart skipped a beat.

He put on a smile and said, Miss, why didnt you inform me in advance that you were coming so that I could get someone to reserve a private room for you?

Su Li said calmly, Theres no need. Your restaurant is too high-class. Your place is too clean. Im afraid that a country woman like me will dirty your table if I go in.

Then, he turned to Su Ze and said, Su Ze, the Xu Ji opposite should taste good.

Lets go and try it.

Su Ze nodded. Okay!

When everyone saw Su Li and the others leave, they started whispering to each other.

Have you heard? A while ago, there was a problem with the food in Ji Xiang

Restaurant. A few people foamed at the mouth and fell to the ground!

I heard that too. It looked like they were poisoned. I heard that the food was unclean.

Didnt they say that theres no problem with the food? The doctor even came over to take a look.

Pfft, what do you know? It must be the people from Ji Xiang Restaurant who gave the doctor money. Otherwise, how could they let their reputation be ruined?

Thats true, youre right!

Lets not eat here so much in the future. Dont get sick from eating!

But the food at their restaurant is really delicious!

Who knows if its really delicious? Maybe theres some drug that makes you addicted!

Oh my god! Then I wont dare to come again in the future. What if someone dies from eating it?!

Thats right, thats right. We can go to Xu Ji Restaurant on the opposite in the future. Their restaurant has been open for so many years without any problems.

When the people of Ji Xiang Restaurant heard these discussions, their faces darkened. Xu Ji Restaurant had opened earlier than them, but their environment and taste were not as good as theirs. In addition, they had used various methods to snatch Xu Jis guests over.

It was not easy for them to have guests, but now they were giving them away?

When Su Li heard the discussion, the corners of her lips curled up. Did they think that the previous incident was over just like that? It wasnt that simple. If the people of Ji Xiang Restaurant hadnt looked down on them at that time, there probably wouldnt have been anything after that!

Just as they reached the entrance of Xu Ji, the shop assistant welcomed them warmly.

Ladies and gentlemen, this way please.

There were also many people in Xu Ji Restaurant, but it was slightly inferior to Ji Xiang Restaurant. The environment was not as good as Ji Xiang Restaurant, but its decorations were older than Ji Xiang Restaurant.

When Su Li saw that the shop assistant was about to bring them to the second floor, she said, Theres no need to go up to the second floor. Well just find a seat in the lobby.

There was an additional fee required for a private room. There was no need for them to sit in a private room.

The shop assistant smiled and said, Miss, you dont have to worry. Our shopkeeper specially instructed me to arrange a good seat on the second floor for you. The price is still the same as the one in the hall. There wont be any additional charges.

Su Li raised her eyebrows. The shopkeeper of Xu Ji was quite interesting. He must have seen what happened just now. Otherwise, he wouldnt have specially instructed her.

Since others had already arranged it and did not want her money, it was fine to change to a better environment to eat.

Su Li and the rest entered the private room. Their location was coincidentally facing the street. When they opened the window, they could see the hawkers hawking on the street outside and the people who were out shopping.

Xu Ji had a total of three floors. Ordinary people could not go up to the third floor, so the second floor was already considered good!

After they sat down, the waiter poured them a cup of tea enthusiastically.

What would you like to eat?

Su Li handed the menu to Su Ze and said, Take a look and see what you want to eat.

Su Ze pushed the menu back to her. Ill eat anything. Sis, just choose!

Su Li knew his personality and nodded slightly. Alright, Ill order then.

Su Li ordered a few signature dishes and a plate of pastries for the two children.

Alright, thats all.

He Qingmu leaned against the window excitedly. Looking at the lively scene below, he said, Mother, its so lively outside!

He didnt feel it when he was walking outside just now, but now that he was standing upstairs, he felt that it was too lively outside.

Su Li said, Be careful. Dont fall down!

Yes, yes! He Qingmu nodded.

At this moment, a few inconspicuous people on the street stared fixedly at their location.

What should we do? They went up to the second floor!

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