An Extra's POV - Chapter 649

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Chapter 649

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Chapter 649: The Elven Camp [Pt 1]



Before Tatiana could croak out a single word, she found herself suddenly right in front of the man who stared right at her.

His presence was so intimidating that, despite him being human, she didn't think of that fact at all. Instead, she trembled in his presence—even when he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"You have a high enough position here, so you'll be the one to tell me of your current situation."

The man didn't make any requests.

He gave commands.

Tatiana found herself slowly nodding, despite her aversion and pride. She wasn't one to have a pliable mind, but perhaps all of the stress had gotten to her.

Maybe, after seeing her sisters sprawling on the ground, at his feet, she already knew that fighting him was impossible. She, as well as her sisters, were completely at this man's mercy.

"Are you… a Dragon?" Tatiana muttered as she looked at him.

She didn't expect a response from him, and even if he did respond, there was no way to tell if he was speaking the truth.

Still, her curiosity managed to leak out of her lips… hence the question.

"No. My turn for questions…" The man took one step forward as he gazed into her eyes.

Tatiana shivered even more, her ears quivering as she squeaked under his overwhelming gaze.

"What in the world happened here? Tell me everything!"


'I see. I see now…'

Rey was walking right behind Tatiana, who was leading them to the infirmary, per his own instructions.

His hand was on his chin as he thought deeply about what Tatiana told him.

'She doesn't know too much about the battlefield, since she's a non-combatant, but it seems the situation with the Elves is quite deadly.'

As soon as he opened the door of the tent, he was able to catch a glimpse of how severe the predicament of the Elves was.

'Goodness…' His exposed eye nearly widened, though he controlled himself.

Glancing slightly at the hooded Esme, he wondered what her reaction would be. Unsurprisingly, she appeared distraught at the sight of hundreds of Elves in sheer agony.

The Miasma spreading through their bodies couldn't be stopped by any Elven Magic, and for those who were lucky enough to develop a resistance to Miasma and even recover, their Mana Pool would be so drained that they wouldn't be able to fight for a while.

No matter how one looked at it, this was a terrible situation for the Elves.

"There's another center for the terminally ill, who are condemned to death, but… there is still hope for at least some of these ones." Tatiana whispered, slowly turning to look at Rey, who kept a stoic gaze as he looked around.

He was checking the Status Window of all the Elves, and sure enough, he could see all of them experiencing Miasma Poisoning—a severe case of one, especially.

'I give them a few days tops… they'll die.' He narrowed his gaze on Tatiana and noticed some remnant Miasma staining her Mana.

'She has also been affected without realizing it. If I leave this thing be… the results will be catastrophic.'

According to Tatiana, there used to be tens of thousands of Elves in the Camp, but now there were no more than a few thousand.

So many had perished due to the Dragons and their newfound power, and for those who survived their onslaught, they were inevitably done in the Miasma Poisoning.

There was no escape for any of the Elves in this tragedy.

"Do you want to help them?" Rey whispered words into Esme's ears, causing her body to nearly jump as a result.

She had her entire body covered in a hooded cloak, so most of her features were hidden. However, since Rey could see through her attire, he could tell how flustered she was once he posed the question.

Esme tried her best to hide it, though.

"S-sure…" Her best attempt at a casual answer further proved his point, and he chuckled, almost guffawing.

"Okay then."

Rey took a step forward, instantly engulfing the entire tent in his [Perfect Domain Of The Divine]. Not only was he connected to everything and everyone in the room, but he knew every single detail about them.

Thanks to his elevated consciousness and incredible speed, he could process everything even faster than a normal person could process small information.



A sudden surge of energy rose from his body as he sent it rushing throughout the entire area.

'I can freely manipulate my Mana now, thanks to my current Skill-set. Using my Domain, I can add precision to my Mana's application to the surrounding.'

Removing his eyepatch, he could see everything with utmost clarity—the darkened and perverse energy of the Miasma, and the vestiges of Mana that were being snuffed out.

He already knew of his mission at that point.

"I'll cure all of them at once."

This was the first time he would be doing something like this, but he knew enough about Miasma Poisoning after observing its theories. He also knew precisely what was wrong with the Elves and where.

As such, he directed his Mana to those areas to flush out the corrupted Mana—almost like a cleanser that rinsed off all unwanted particles from a surface.

'It's usually dangerous to do something like this with one's Mana, but since I can see the flow of Mana, and I can address all of them on an individual level, I can multitask and attend to all of them with utmost care at the same time.'

And with that, Rey covered the entire tent in bright light, easily overriding the darkness that had taken over the dreary tent.

Within mere minutes… he was done.

"Huu…" Leaking out a steamy breath, he looked at the hundreds of Elves that were stunned by their complete recovery.

Their eyes were wide open, and tears rolled out of their eyes as they stared at themselves and one another—absolutely amazed and relieved that they no longer had to suffer the way they did mere moments ago.

Then, they all turned to the one who made all of this possible.

—The man called Rey Skylar.

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