An Extra's POV - Chapter 650

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Chapter 650

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Chapter 650: The Elven Camp [Pt 2]


"W-who… who are—?"

Tatiana didn't even know where to begin as she looked at Rey. Both hands were above her lips as she gasped and gushed.

She looked at Rey with both respect and caution. Deference and fear filled her eyes, and the same could be said about the others who were slowly sitting up on their beds.

"I am not an enemy." Rey softly responded, almost dismissively. He looked around him for any further traces of Miasma, just in case, but confirmed it was all gone.

"T-then are you… sent from The Oracle?"

Rey wondered how to respond to the question. He knew full well the religious views of the Elves. If he went under the canopy of The Oracle, then he and Esme would be treated with overall less suspicion.

He could even help them out more conveniently.

'But is that really what's beneficial in the long run? I mean, those in the Community see me as their leader—an entity similar to The Oracle, but not quite.

He wanted to determine if he should just continue down that path.

Ultimately, however…

"Yes. We are from The Oracle."

… Rey decided to go with the much safer option. Right now, they had all the cards. Besides, he could always take his words back if it came down to it.


"The Oracle answered our prayers!"

"I knew I wouldn't be forsaken by Nature's blessing!"

Rey nearly rolled his eyes as the Elves began to celebrate all about their salvation—almost easily forgetting about the deaths of thousands of their comrades.

Just because they were spared, they began to say stuff like, "The Oracle is merciful!" or "Nature truly favors the pious!"

This statement subtly connoted that the many who died weren't pious enough, or weren't deserving of such mercy and kindness.

He found that to be absolutely nonsensical.

'Still, it's none of my business…' His thoughts trailed, and his heart remained still despite all that was playing out in front of him.

"Take me to the rest of your ill. The moment of salvation has come"

As soon as Rey said this, Tatiana's face brightened up, and all of the Elves began to jump around in excitement. At that point, they all looked like little children.

"Once we're done with all of those, though, I'll need to have a word with your leader." The instant Rey heard this, he could see the faces of the Elves grow sullen.

Still, they could not refuse his authority, so they all nodded.



Rey went on to a few more tents—the first one being the place where patients who had reached the final point of Miasma Poisoning were kept.

There was usually no hope designated to them, but he healed them.

The shock on everyone's faces after seeing this miracle was priceless. Elves were a very hopeful race, but even they knew that their comrades in the Tent were going to die; and very soon at that.

But, The Oracle's Messenger worked his wonders incredibly well.

He also went to the Tent where the early and less severe cases of Miasma Poisoning were being addressed. Once again, he healed them all.

After all of these benevolent acts done by him, with Tatiana leading the way through most of them, it was finally time for what he asked for.

—An audience with the leader.

The Elves, led by Tatiana and a few high-ranking officials in the army, took Rey to a particularly secluded tent amidst the livelier Camp.

The tent was elaborate, but there was a dreary feeling around it—like the stench of death.

It only grew worse once one entered inside.

The interior was dark, almost as if shrouded in thick fog. There was a large parlor area, which seemed to be used for battle strategies and general meetings among the higher-ups. However, behind that was a corridor that led to another room.

That was where Rey walked into, led by Tatiana.

On his way there, though, he saw a few Enchanted Items that were made by the KariBlanc Group hanging on the walls, or on a shelf.

Somehow, that brought a smile to his face—not that he showed it, of course.

"Here she is…" In a hushed tone, Tatiana whispered after reaching the end of the passageway, gesturing her hand in the direction of a large bed.

Atop the bed was an individual who was laying there still—almost like a corpse.

No, she could practically be described as a corpse.

All her hair had fallen off, and her pale skin was incredibly dry and malnutritioned. She was skinny to the bone, and while her eyes were wide open and unblinking, they seemed completely lifeless.

'And yet… she's still alive.' Rey's eye widened slightly as he entered the room, his steps measured but constant.

It was amazing just how tenacious the Elf was—almost to the point where Rey felt an incredible sense of respect for her.

'She must be going through unimaginable pain right now, and yet… she doesn't want to die.' A smile formed on his face as he approached even more.

"W-wait, if you get too close—!"

Rey ignored the warnings, and as soon as he crossed a particular threshold, a burst of Miasma rushed towards him with such thick intensity.

'I see. So the Miasma is so dense here that it'll attack anyone and poison them.' Unfortunately for such, however, Rey was immune to all Negative Status Conditions.

Miasma Poisoning was no exception.

The dreary room's lights constantly flickered as Rey took another step, almost like a scene cut out of a horror film.

He stared at the emaciated woman's face and smiled.

"I'm going to make sure you live."


- Name: Feralia Kai Sereth

- Race: Elf

- Class: Esteemed Grand Mage (S-Tier)

- Level: 250 (90.9% EXP)

- Life Force: 5 /1,500 (Dropping)

- Mana Level: 10/4,000 (Dropping)

- Combat Ability: 3,900 (Sealed)

- Stat Points: 0

- Skills (Exclusive): [Absolute Runic Mastery]. [Farsight]. [Time Stop]

- Skills (Non-Exclusive): [Grand Magic Application]. [Greater Spell Casting]. [Grand Rune Layout]. [Elevated Magic Sense]. [Life Force Recovery]. [Grand Mana Recovery]. [Absolute Elemental Magic].

- Alignment: Lawful Good

[Additional Information]

An Esteemed Elder among the Elves, in charge of fighting the war against the Dragons. A hero for the Elves, as well as the one recognized as the most powerful among them.

Negative Status Condition: Miasma Poisoning (Severe)

[End Of Information]

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