An Extra's POV - Chapter 651

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Chapter 651

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Chapter 651: The Strongest Elf


'She's the strongest Elf in the Continent, huh?'

That was Rey's initial thought when he saw Feralia. Not only did it make sense, considering how she was able to hold out for so long, but it also gave him an insight as to why she held on for so long.

'She's the strongest, so she doesn't want to abandon her duties…'

In a way, the Elf reminded him of Lucielle—only the good side, of course.

"Her Miasma Poisoning is on a far stronger and deeper level than the others, and due to her struggling with it for so long, it has pretty much spread to all parts of her body." He muttered, walking even closer until he reached her bedside.

All her internal organs had grown rotten, and even her brain must have been degenerated beyond any proper comprehension.

Anyone would look at such a case and say there was no hope.

'But… I suppose this is why Divine-Tier Skills exist. To create miracles when it doesn't seem like there is hope at all.'

Rey reckoned he could use Healing Magic Magic of the Divine Tier to take care of his patient's physical state while simultaneously using his Mana to cleanse hers.

'It'll be a delicate process, considering how both have to be done in tandem. If I neglect one or the other, it'll disrupt the balance and she could die.'

And, despite how powerful Rey was at the moment, he could not cure death.

Hence… 'I just have to give this one my all.'

He needed both of his eyes for the operation, and he even had his whole senses working overtime—though he really didn't need to go that far—just to make sure he would not make a single mistake.

He healed her rotten body with his Magic, slowly acclimating her to health while removing the impurities one organ at a time.

There was a possibility that his Mana would overwhelm her organs if he used if he rushed it into her, so he took it slow and steady.

And, of course, he protected the spectators from the overpowering effect that his Mana caused by managing the Space around him and them. 'And now…' Slightly sticking his tongue out and licking his lips, he gave the finishing touches—cleansing her of the last vestiges of Miasma and also healing her from the inside out.

The result was astounding!


Her body became fairer than any other Elf in the room, and her purplish peach colored hair danced behind her as she sat up almost immediately.

Her beautiful face was without blemishes, and her naked body…. yes… it blossomed so beautifully that everyone gawked in sheer captivation of her elegance.

She was a sculpted definition of Elven grace.

"Thank you…" Were the first words that proceeded from her lips as she opened her violet eyes and stared straight at Rey.

Her tone was gentle, and so was her smile.

"My name is Feralia, and I shall forever remember this moment of salvation until I become one with Nature. You, my savior, am I forever indebted to."

Rey raised an eyebrow as she stared sweetly at him, her eyes bright with overflowing respect and gratitude.

'Okay… this is weird. She isn't acting at all like I expected. She's an Esteemed Elder, so I expected some kind of attitude. Even the other Elves acted up after I healed them, but this one… what's going on?'

After reaching the heights of confusion, Rey decided to check her Status Window.

That was when he realized what exactly was happening.


- Name: Feralia Kai Sereth

- Race: Elf - Class: Esteemed Grand Mage (S-Tier)

- Level: 250 (90.9% EXP) - Life Force: 2,500 - Mana Level: 5,000 - Combat Ability: 4,900 - Stat Points: 0

- Skills (Exclusive): [Absolute Runic Mastery]. [Farsight]. [Time Stop]

- Skills (Non-Exclusive): [Grand Magic Application]. [Greater Spell Casting]. [Grand Rune Layout]. [Elevated Magic Sense]. [Life Force Recovery]. [Grand Mana Recovery]. [Absolute Elemental Magic]. - Alignment: Lawful Good

[Additional Information]

An Esteemed Elder among the Elves, in charge of fighting the war against the Dragons. A hero for the Elves, as well as the one recognized as the most powerful among them.

After being saved by Rey, with his essence seeping into the furthest recesses of her being, her body has been forever transformed and tied to him. [End Of Information]

'Ah, crap… I get it now!' Rey nearly gasped, but he kept it to himself.

Since her condition was so severe, he literally poured his Mana through every facet of her body—including her brain—and that had to have altered everything she thought and perceived.

'My Mana is apparently very desirable to the Elves, so being exposed to it for so long, and throughout her body… I guess she sort of feels some kind of bond with me.'

Rey didn't mind that the strongest Elf in the Continent was practically on his side at this point, but he still found it weird the way she kept looking and smiling at him.

He couldn't describe it, but it really was similar to Lucielle's. But, at the very least, this one was showing restraint… for now, at least.

'Her Stats have also permanently increased for some reason. Is that also due to exposure to my Magic for an extended period of time? Can I have that effect on people?' Rey reckoned he would have to try it out again to find out.

'I should have observed the Status Windows of everyone I healed if I knew there was the possibility of change. Well, I'm sure another opportunity will present itself.' He glanced at the audience, who were all shell-shocked by the return of their Esteemed Elder.

Esme was smiling too, so he reckoned she had to be happy as well. Her eyes hidden under the hood seemed a little too wide for comfort, but Rey chalked it up to being surprised by the outcome.

'I'll have to see if I can improve Esme's Stats with my abilities later. For now…' Returning his gaze to the Esteemed Elder before him, he noticed she was still smiling at him.

"Um…" Rey stretched out his hand and patted her on the head. "Welcome back to the land of the living."

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