An Extra's POV - Chapter 653

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Chapter 653

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Chapter 653: Elemental Army


"Divine Magic: Grand Elemental Summon."

As soon as Rey uttered those words, several entities began to emerged from the depths of the ground—almost as if rising from an abyss that connected them to another realm.

The vast, darkened plains that existed right beyond the Elven Camp, now gradually became populated with the entities that came forth from Rey's call. In their hundreds, they rose to their feet, their daunting figures at least five meters in height.

Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, and Lightning Elementals all gathered in their vast numbers—thousands of them—and stood still at Rey's commands.

Before long, even the darkened ground began to fade off. The Miasma that was creeping upon the land of the Elves retreated away from the group thanks to the Mana that Rey pulsated into the ground.

Before long, the plains—despite being stripped of the plants and other gifts of nature—returned to its original state.


"T-this power… it truly is divine!"

"As expected from a herald of The Oracle!"

As one would expect, the Elves all gawked at the sight that Rey displayed to them. Not only were they shocked to their bones, but their hearts were elated and filled with immense hope.

Their deity, after constant prayers and dedication, had finally responded to their prayers.

For that alone, the Elves knelt and worshiped.

'Damn. They really are religious…' Rey saw all of this and smiled awkwardly, before turning his attention towards Esme.

She looked like she had something to say so he wanted to hear her out.

"I want to try something too…" She said, drawing close to him.

Her eyes were directed at the several Elementals he just created in the blink of an eye—all of them in the Grand Tier. It was impossible not to be impressed by his power, all things considered.

That wasn't all he planned to do as well.

Rey was also going to create weapons using his [Divine Weapon Creation] and grant the Elves some artillery to utilize as means of protection. The ideal weapons would be long-range ones, so that none of them would have to get too close to Miasma.

Plus, since Dragons were creatures of flight, things like canons or flamethrowers would work best for the cause.

However, all of that was paused due to Esme's current interest.

"What do you want to try?" Rey asked with a smile, already sensing some measure of competitiveness in her eyes.

He had noticed it for some time now, but chose not to speak of it.

'As much as she appreciates me helping the Elves, Esme also wants to play her part in helping them…'

However, thus far, it seemed like Rey was always the one coming to the rescue.

All of that was about to change.

Esme floated into the air, above all of the Elementals that now spread out to surround the Elven Camp. Both her arms stretched forth and she called forth her own power.

"Absolute Elemental Summon."


A brilliant rush of power coalesced at her point of contact, easily causing all manner of reactions to occur all at the same time. The immense energy turned into a Core, and as soon as it manifested, elements began to form around it.

Winds swirled around the area like a whirlwind, with earth rising all over the core.

Lightning constantly struck, and flames burst all over, licking everything it consumed with utmost intensity. The hissing sounds of water and ice oozed through the air, until all of the combined and conflicting elements stabilized around the core.

Then, the final product was unveiled.

"Huuu…" Esme finally exhaled as she concluded the process, her glowing blue eyes staring straight for the entity she had just created with practically all of her usable Mana.

"Supreme General… Absolute Elemental."

The 'thing' that floated before her was an amalgamation of all the elements. It felt like they were warring inside it, but it was in such a symphony that the entity seemed like an embodiment of destructive perfection.

Purple flames danced around its bulking body—especially its skull-like face. It had crackles of lightning dancing around its body, and its body felt like a mix of liquid and molten magma. Cold air rose from half of its body, while searing heat did the same on the other half.

All in all, it was an embodiment of the elements.



The Absolute Elemental fell to the ground, despite being hundreds of feet in the air, and landed right in front of the other Elementals that Rey summoned.

The difference in height was too great to be ignored.

If the others were five feet at most, then the Absolute Elemental was fifteen. It also had a much bigger stature and its imposing presence dwarfed the others.

No one could argue—this one was the Leader.

"So… what do you think?" Esme swiftly appeared before Rey as soon as her own Elemental positioned itself in front of all the others.

"Showoff… ow!" He muttered, receiving a jab in his arm for exactly that.

Esme laughed, strangely feeling refreshed despite the heavy toll that the Elemental took on her Mana. Something about contributing to the cause made her so cheerful.

"I wonder who the real showoff is." She responded to Rey with a playful tone.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"You don't?"

"Nope! Not at all!"

They both laughed after that, almost like the teenagers that they were.

Both Rey and Esme knew that the former could summon tons of the Elemental that Esme brought forth. He would even have some spare Mana afterwards.

But he chose not to.

'You were probably being considerate towards me, weren't you, Rey?' Esme smiled at him as she gave him another elbow jab.

Her heart slightly jumped as she watched him smile sheepishly. Something about moments like these almost made Esme forget the current situation, and her place in his life.

"What are you feeling right now?" Rey drew his face close to Esme as he asked the question.


Her flustered face nearly turned red like a tomato as she experienced it all at once.

"I mean… do you feel better now?"

Esme internalized the question, turning her attention to everything that had changed about the Elven Camp upon their arrival there.

There was only one correct answer to the question.





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