An Extra's POV - Chapter 655

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Chapter 655

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Chapter 655: Linked Connection


"How strange…"

After hearing all of Rey's detailed narration of everything that happened in the Shrine, those words naturally proceeded from Esme's lips.

"Right? I thought about it for so long, but it still makes no sense to me."

"Yeah…" Esme mumbled. "Why would they request for me specifically? I'm the hated Half Elf vermin, after all…"

"Well, I think—"

"Guess we'll find out once I ask them." She interrupted Rey, snapping her fingers once she made her choice.

"Wait, Esme. It's actually dangerous to—!"

"I know what's going on in your mind. It's possible that they want to execute me or something. However, all of this lies in conjecture. Are you really willing to throw away all your efforts thus far for just that?"

Rey had a rather conflicted expression on his face. He wanted to open his lips to say "Maybe?" but something stopped him from speaking out loud.

Esme smiled as soon as she saw this, shrugging a little nonchalantly. "It's fine, Rey! I also have many questions I want to ask this Oracle person, so it's a win-win for both of us."

It almost seemed like Esme was the one trying to convince Rey to go at this point. The latter understood why she was doing it, and instantly realized that being more difficult would only be an insult to her resolve.

"Thanks, Esme… really."

"I believe I owe you even more thanks." She beamed with a smile. "I guess I really was relevant to this whole adventure, after all!"

Rey laughed upon hearing this. "Yeah, I guess I'll have to thank Ater later. He always has such good sense on matters like this."

"Yup! You should! Do you think he predicted that this would happen?"

"Pfft! No way!"

The two continued in this good spirit as they increased their pace, their attention fixed on the path ahead that led to their goal.

—The Elven Shrine.


The Elven Shrine was deserted at the point when Rey and Esme arrived, much to their relief.

There was no need for any kinds of formality, so they both simply sped into the outer court and landed on the hallowed grounds.

"You ready?" Rey turned to Esme, who had already done away with her hood and was wearing her usual white robe and the rest of her gear.


As soon as she said this, they were transported to the inner sanctum by Rey's Skill. The statue stood in its usual position, and the general ambiance remained the same—solemn, calm, and silent.

But, all of that was soon shattered.

"A-arrrghhh!" Esme let out a sharp cry as she fell to the ground, clutching her head the second she entered the sanctum.


Rey instantly rushed to her side, holding her tight before she fell to her knees. Her expression depicted something akin to pain, but it was more as though she was overwhelmed by something strong.

"What's happening to you? Can you say something?"

Esme couldn't speak coherent words. She just kept groaning as her body slightly convulsed.

Using his Appraisal to check her Status Window, Rey couldn't see her Life Force or any other Stat of hers being affected, so he was reluctant to think this was an attack.

He did notice a Status Condition, though.

~Status Condition: Linked Connection (Extreme)~

'Is this the connection all Elves have with The Oracle? Is Esme feeling it all at once now because she's in the Shrine?'

Rey had no answers, and he feared that taking her out now would completely disrupt whatever process was taking place

—especially if it could be beneficial.

Still… he didn't want to see Esme in any more pain.

"What the hell are you doing Oracle? Stop hurting Esme!" He yelled out, but was met with no response.

That was the last straw for him.

'For all I know, she could be attacking Esme's soul or something. There's no guarantee that any of this is positive!' He gritted his teeth and enveloped the both of them in his Mana.

'Let's get out of here!'


A barrier suddenly manifested within the shrine, shrouding both Rey and Esme in its brilliant white and blue glory.

That wasn't all, though.

'What's happening? Why can't I teleport out?!' A bead of sweat formed on Rey's face as slight hints of panic began to seep out of his facade.

'Damnit! Damnit!! Damnit!!!'

All of those overwhelming feelings were swiftly suppressed, but he couldn't help but constantly feel the anxiety rise as he found the crying Esme and him stuck in the barrier.

Before he could think of something else—like destroying the barrier with brute force—a bright light suddenly covered everything and everyone around.

The last thing Rey saw in the Shrine was the face of the statue staring intently at Esme; almost as if it had come alive.

"What the hell are you—?!"


A rush coursed through Rey's body. It almost felt like the kind of sensation when he switched zones or teleported to a new location.

Perhaps both of those.

"U-urghh…" Esme's light groans entered his ears, and he swiftly opened his eyes to see her recoiling from all that sharp and overwhelming sensation that she felt moments earlier.

She was still in his arms, so he clutched her tightly and looked around and ahead of himself at the same time.

'T-this place… where are we?'

It seemed like a golden palace, with golden pillars in multiple positions, leading high into the ceiling above. The place was akin to a cathedral, but one designed with the immaculate prestige of a palace.

It was most beautiful.

Then, Rey felt a presence that completely turned his world upside down.

His perception blurred, and he felt weakness seep through his body as soon as the scent trickled into his nose. Goosebumps began to manifest all over his body as the figure manifested right in front of him.

… In the form of a woman clad in the most pristine robe.

"You really are not The Hero." The woman whispered with her soft, melodious voice as she cast her icy blue gaze on Rey.

"How strange…"




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