An Extra's POV - Chapter 656

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Chapter 656

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Chapter 656: The Oracle


She was perfect.

Her hair was pure white, whiter than snow. She had sparkling blue eyes, more precious than any gem that ever existed. A light veil stood firm on her face, decorated by jewels that glittered with gold and blue. Her white robe was also complemented with golden decors and jewels that were reminiscent of the deep blue sea.

Her long ears stuck out of her veil and hair, and her cute—cold, silent, and calm—beauty made everything around her blur in comparison.

The world around her was a golden cathedral-like palace, with candle-lights and sacred lightings giving everything a luster of mysterious sanctity.

Still, none was more mysterious or sanctified than she was.

As her gaze connected to Rey, he felt an electrifying sensation course through his whole body.

Never in all his life had he met a more beautiful woman, and he doubted he would ever be able to. Her whole identity was carved from perfection itself.

No, she was perfection.

Her scent was the strongest, and it was also the sweetest. None came close—not by a long shot. Rey found himself nearly losing himself in all of it, but managed to retain his sanity and complete consciousness as he stared at her in silence.

'T-this… is the Oracle?' He swallowed his saliva, feeling his heart race as he held Esme tightly to himself.

Ever since he laid eyes on her, he already recognized something.

… Something difficult to dismiss.

'Why does she look so much like Esme?!'

Their resemblance didn't stop at noticeable features like the hair or eyes, but also facial features and the overall aura they presented. She looked like a more mature and refined version of the girl he had in his arms.

Perhaps a long-lost relative? A big sister? A cousin? A mother? No… maybe not.

Compared to Esme, this woman that stood before Rey was leagues above. She existed in a realm far from other Elves—truly worthy to be revered as a deity.

'Calm yourself, Rey. Calm down…' He maintained a stable, consistent breath, finally reaching a point of composure where he could utter words to the woman before him.

Before he could mouth anything, though—

"Y-you… why do I look so much like you?" Esme muttered, her eyes wide open as she looked at The Oracle with a stupefied expression.

'A-ah! She's opened her eyes already? I was so occupied with my thoughts that I didn't notice!'

Rey looked at Esme with a bit of worry—or perhaps a little more than that—considering how shocking it would be for her. Even though he didn't understand what was happening, he wasn't the one who would be the most confused.

As he struggled for the words to say, or whether he should even speak at all, to the stunned Esme, they both heard the words of the woman once again.

"Welcome to my home." Her voice was the sweetest thing imaginable, almost causing Rey to feel a sensation course through all parts of his body.

It was nearly orgasmic in a sense, but he quickly acclimated to the sensation.

"You did as I instructed and brought her here. Now that you have an audience with me, you may speak." Rey found himself nearly sweating buckets as he stared at The Oracle's stoic eyes, watching her emotionless demeanor as she addressed the two of them.

'Esme is understandably shocked, and so am I. But… I don't know when next I'll have a chance like this again, and I can't dawdle on this task!' Tightly clenching his fist, he braced himself with all the resolve he could muster and decided to finally speak up.

"It is as I told you from the shrine. I am an Otherworlder, and one of my friends has been cursed with a deep sleep she can not wake up from. I desperately need your assistance in curing her of this curse."

The Oracle listened to all he said in calm silence.

Rey took this time to pour out his heart, though still holding Esme close to him for some reason. His loud voice echoed in the immaculate hall, and while both he and Esme appeared to be a stain within The Oracle's world, she paid him rapt attention.

She listened to all he said. Until finally…

"That is all. Please, Oracle, help my friend!" Rey concluded his words, even going as far as finally letting go of Esme and bowing before the deity that stood in front of him.

His desperation was palpable, and The Oracle could see every ounce of it. Surely, his sincerity would speak to her no matter the—


As soon as Rey heard the answer that The Oracle rendered to him, his eyes twitched, widening slowly as he processed the information.


"I can't just lift the curse of your friend. And so, I refuse your request."

Rey felt his heart racing even quicker than usual. All of it was instantly suppressed. As the final embers of reverence towards The Oracle turned into rage, and was snuffed out by The System, he found himself in an instant rollercoaster of emotions.

As much as he tried to hide it, he was already gritting his teeth.

"Why…?" His voice trailed as he began to breathe heavily.

"I simply can not—"

"Bullshit!" Before Rey realized it, he had raised his voice, as well as his head, staring point-blank at The Oracle that stood before him.

"I can see your Status Window. I know you have a Skill that can help me accomplish that!" He yelled out, his face a mix of desperation and sheer annoyance.

Rey already knew this wasn't the best way to ask for favors—especially from an entity like The Oracle.

But he was at his wit's end here.

He had fulfilled all the necessary conditions and finally came so close to his goal. The Oracle indeed had the power to help him.

So why…?

"Why won't you do anything if you have all it takes?!"

[STATUS WINDOW] - Name: The Oracle

- Race: High Elf (Transcendent)

- Class: Guardian Of H'Trae (SS-Tier)

- Level: 999 (Max) - Life Force: 999,999

- Mana Level: 999,9999

- Combat Ability: 999,999

- Stat Points: 0

- Skills (Exclusive): [Clairvoyance]

- Skills (Non-Exclusive): [Voice Of The World]. [Curse Of The World].[All Magic]. [Perfect Domain]. [Link Connection]

- Alignment: Lawful Neutral

[Additional Information]

The guardian of the world, and herald of the will of Nature. They are the protector of balance, and the deity of the Elves.

Do not ever make this one your enemy.

[End Of Information]

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