An Extra's POV - Chapter 659

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Chapter 659

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Chapter 659: Destiny


"You don't know?"

At this point, Rey raised one of his brows in confusion as even more curiosity ate at him.

'Is it because of my Singularity Class? Am I special in a sense?' His Additional Information did say he possessed the interest of the World… whatever that meant.

"It seems your role remains undecided. Perhaps you will be chosen as the next catalyst? Perhaps some kind of Beast? Either way, you are of no real relevance to the current issue at hand, and yet… you possess one of the six Primeval Skills."


The Oracle's answer was completely different from what he expected.

'I'm not relevant to H'Trae? What does that even mean? If the Primeval Skills are just six, and so far… I know only Adrien and The Oracle have them, then doesn't that make me incredibly important?'

Based on how The Oracle spoke of The Dragon Emperor, it was most likely that he also had one Primeval Skill.

'For some reason, I can't remember the rest of the Primeval Skills I saw on the list that Seraph showed. Other than Skill Creation, I don't know any in any detail. I suppose it makes sense, since I wasn't able to afford them.'

Regardless, if they were only six, and they had the highest rank in H'Trae, then he had to be one of the lead pieces in whatever game this was—not that he even liked the idea at all.

Rey simply wanted to wrap his head around the issue.

'And what does she mean by Beast? As in I'll be summoned to another world as a Beast? Is it the same way Ater and Emil were summoned here? I have so many questions at this point!'

As Rey opened his lips to ask his next question, The Oracle raised her finger to command silence.


"I do not want to kill the girl, if that is what you are worried about. In fact, it is quite the opposite." The Oracle shifted her gaze to Esme for a few seconds, causing her to jump a little despite her long period of staying still.

She returned her gaze to Rey and continued.

"I desire for Esme to take my place as the new Oracle. As the new guardian of this world… and keeper of the balance."

Jaws fell the moment Rey and Esme heard this.

In a way, it now made sense why Esme and The Oracle looked alike. If they were connected by some sort of role, in which the former was meant to come into, then it followed.

But, that didn't make it any less jarring.

"I understand your confusion, but perhaps I ought to enlighten you. Doing so might allow you to make a more informed decision." She glanced at Esme once again and made a small smile.

"You too."

There was a reason for their connection, and it was the same reason why Esme felt such a powerful link to The Oracle once they entered the Shrine—almost like feedback.

"You are a part of me, Esme."


Elves are special.

From the moment they are conceived, and then brought into this world, they are deemed to possess immense value.

Part of this reason is because of their deep connection to the world, and how they are often favored by its Laws. They are granted an unnatural lifespan, as well as an absurd growth rate and talent despite being lousy at intense work.

However, there is another reason.

That is because, hidden within every Elf is a 'seed'. The potential to become a High Elf, a transcendent deity that is closer to The Oracle than anything else.

This 'seed' is in their genes—usually latent—until a certain cycle passes, and then one out of the hundreds of thousands of Elves conceives a child who awakens this potential.

One of said children was Ciela.

She was born with natural white hair, blue eyes, and a certain aroma that was sweeter than every other Elf despite being just a child.

From the moment she was born, everyone who laid eyes on her instantly realized that she was the one spoke of in Legends. Most Elves present were not old enough to remember the last High Elf that graced their lands, so they constantly looked at Ciela in wonder.

The few who understood, however—led by the High Elder of the time—guided the young one.

They taught her well, separating her from the rest.

She had a glorious destiny awaiting her, and she would have to one day fulfill it. Ciela matured and became an Elder—even going as far as becoming a member of the Esteemed Council. She was drawing closer and closer to her destiny, and excitement was palpable within the Community.

But then, without any reason whatsoever, she deserted the Elven Community.

Perhaps she felt a little suffocated. She had been taught very strictly her whole life, so it was possible she needed some semblance of freedom. The reason didn't really matter, in all honesty.

What mattered was that she left.

Of course, the Elders were dispatched to seek her out. She was far too valuable—much too special—to be lost in such an absurd way.

It took about a week, but they finally tracked her down and found her.

But, by then… it was already too late.

Ciela had already been defiled by the humans. It was a gangrape, and several of the humans had all decided to have a taste of the exotic flower they had laid eyes on for the first time in their whole lives.

It didn't end well for the humans, though.

Yes, they got to have their fun, but afterwards, Ciela… Ciela went on a rampage and did the unforgivable.

She slaughtered all of those humans!

It was among their corpses and entrails that the Elders found Ciela. She was naked, bare, exposed; standing at the center of such gory horror.

An insane smile was on her face when they saw her, clearly convincing everyone who saw her that she had finally descended into the realm of madness.

Her purity was gone, along with the final vestiges of her sanity.

Ciela could no longer fulfill her destiny—as an Elf, nor as the new Oracle. No one had any high hopes for her… or the little abomination that was growing within her womb.

The Half-Breed vermin that would soon be born.

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