An Extra's POV - Chapter 660

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Chapter 660

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Chapter 660: Purity


"Your mother, Ciela, became impure for the role of Oracle the moment she took those lives and became impure."

The Oracle told the story in a rather detached tone. While there were hints of sadness here and there, it seemed to stem more out of frustration rather than pity towards the Elf of discussion.

"M-my mother was…? I still can't believe this…" Esme's whispers were stifled.

She cupped both her palms over her mouth as she listened with intensely rising emotion, staring straight at The Oracle as she continued listening to what she was being told.

"She was appropriately punished for what she did, and the child in her womb was going to be executed the moment she was born. But…"

"But what?!" Esme's widened eyes stretched even further as she awaited a response.

"Ciela managed to convince one of her closest friends at the time—the only one who didn't look at her with scorn after her mistake—to help her safely deliver the baby to the human nation."

"Let me guess… Feralia?" Rey's voice echoed within the hall as he narrowed his eyes while speaking.

The Oracle nodded slowly.

"Indeed. Feralia was conflicted about her choice and approached my Shrine for guidance. I could have told her, at the time, to execute you on the spot…" The Oracle looked at Esme with a slight look of compassion.

"But I didn't. I commanded Feralia to spare you and send you off to the human world."

Esme was speechless as she heard this. It was clear she wanted to know more, and she had millions of questions running simultaneously in her mind, with no idea where or how to begin asking them.

"Why did I spare your life, you might ask? Well… it could be the very same reason why I decided to intervene in the moment of your despair and grant you those powers when you needed them the most."

Esme instantly remembered what The Oracle was referring to.

Back then… when she discovered the deaths of her friends and family… she heard a voice. It seemed to be a message from the System, but it also felt different.

It felt personal.

"That System notification back then… that was you?!"

"Indeed." The Oracle nodded. "I cured you of part of your inferior genes and allowed you to awaken some aspects of your natural heritage. I allowed you the strength to make your choice and grow strong."

If that was indeed the case, then it had certain implications—the most important one being what The Oracle went on to state.

"I have been watching you for your whole life, Esme. I did not interfere with your life, just as I do not with your Sisters, but I have keenly observed you all this time." The Oracle smiled.

Her smile this time was so captivating and motherly that even Rey felt his heart tremble and race as he observed the whole exchange.

"It was thanks to his assistance that you were able to return here—to your home—which is why I decided to have an audience with him despite not being the Hero… no offense, Rey Skylar."

"I-I understand…"

Rey's irrelevance had been emphasized time and time again by The Oracle that he was pretty much used to it despite not really understanding how that could be the case.

He was the most powerful Otherworlder at the moment, and he had to be most instrumental in taking down The Dragon Emperor. He was humanity's biggest shot.

Yet, to The Oracle, he wasn't even a piece on her table at all.

'It seems the most important person in this story is Esme. Adonis plays a major part too, it seems…'

Despite having so much power, Rey had never felt so much like an Extra as he did in this particular moment.

But, that didn't mean he didn't have thoughts.

"Esme has killed people, you know?" Rey finally blurted out his thoughts, elucidating yet another implication of The Oracle's choice to aid Esme.

As grateful as Rey was for her assistance, it opened some holes in her story. Not only was The Oracle complicit in the deaths of so many humans, but her new heir also had a lot of blood on her hands.

"Also, Esme is a Half Elf, isn't she? Doesn't that make her impure by your standards? Ah, no offense, Esme." Rey swiftly turned to her as he uttered those words.

"N-no, I was just thinking of that too." She raised both her hands in protest of his apology.

It seemed the two were considering the same thing: Esme should have naturally been disqualified from the position of Oracle based on the current flaws she had.


"Those sins you committed can be blamed on the human aspect of yourself. It is why I allowed you to go ahead; as you still had taints yet to be removed."

Rey said nothing, but he made a silent observation about how racist The Oracle was being towards humans. 'It's no wonder the Elves are this messed up. They followed her example.'

"Esme… I can make you whole. Just as I removed the limiters holding you back, I can also turn you into a full Elf." As soon as The Oracle said this, Esme's expression changed from surprise and confusion to downright shock.

Her mouth was agape and her expression depicted nothing short of stupefaction.

"After completely getting rid of your human side, including all of the sins you committed with it, you will become pure." The Oracle's smile broadened slightly, her small and moist lips beckoning to Esme.

"Once that happens, you will undergo the process of becoming my heir… and Rey Skylar here can have his cure for the friend he came here for."

In essence, this was the best-case scenario—one that benefited everyone in the room.

For a moment, silence reigned supreme, and the three parties stared at each other in what resembled a three-way deadlock.

Then, The Oracle caused her sweet voice to be sent forth as a question.

"So… what do you say to that? Do you accept my offer?"

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