An Extra's POV - Chapter 664

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Chapter 664

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Chapter 664: The Oracle's Thoughts [Intermission]


'How annoying…'

Those were the exact thoughts of The Oracle as she gazed upon Rey Skylar from a distance.

She didn't particularly feel any animosity towards him. In fact, she really didn't feel anything about him at all. He was someone she already knew about before he arrived here, and she also knew of his accomplishments in H'Trae.

All of them were impressive… but pointless.

'The end is set in stone. I have seen it. And soon, Esme will see it as well…' The Oracle thought to herself, feeling even more annoyed at Rey's actions.

It was almost the same way a grown adult knew the answer to a problem, yet a child kept insisting on taking the wrong route.

How could a child ever know any better than an adult who has traveled that path many times?

'And… the fact that he is even fighting me…'

When he initiated his assault, she almost wanted to giggle due to the sheer stupidity of that course of action. But now… she felt differently about the whole thing.

'... So annoying.'

Rey Skylar was infinitely weaker than The Oracle. She already recognized that from the start, which was why she didn't particularly take the fight seriously.

Even now, there really wasn't a 'fight' to her.

Still… there was something very infuriating about his combat with her that incessantly got on her nerves.

'He's difficult to deal with.'

Rey was like a bug—perhaps a mosquito—who was incomparably weaker than a human. Yet, due to his weakness and smallness, he was just incredibly cumbersome to squash.

'He has a Skill on the same level as mine that prevents me from simply using my Domain as I see fit. He's very slow and weak, but he employs considerable strategy that makes his actions less predictable than I would have preferred.' The Oracle thought to herself.

There were also annoyances that vexed her.

'He is immune to Curses, so I can not inflict one on him. Voice Of The World can't affect someone The World has an interest in, such as himself, so it's useless against him as well…' The more she went down her train of thought, the more she reflected on her disadvantages.

'Link Connection only affects those I share a connection with… that is, the Elves. Other Races are exempt, and that goes double for Otherworlders.'

She couldn't get into his head or make 'suggestions' that would alter his decisions or actions. Her Skills were practically useless in this instance.

But, even if they weren't… she still didn't want to resort to them.

'He has [Doppel], which means he will instantly possess my Skills once they have been manifested before him. I can't carelessly expose him to even more power.'

It was why she only resorted to using [All Magic] and [Perfect Domain]; both Skills which had very limited consequence on Rey's growth since he already had similar Skills in the same Tier and the outcome wouldn't ripple through too many things.

Then, for her [Clairvoyance], she couldn't use it for two reasons.

'For one, it only works on H'Trae, and right now… that isn't where we are.' She frowned slightly, though it didn't show on her perfect face.

This Domain Of God was more like a watchtower that existed outside the world of H'Trae, used to observe the world for what it was.

With [Clairvoyance], The Oracle could see everything that happened in the world—past, present, and future. She could take everything in, therefore knowing everything and everyone within the world and their roles.

At least, that was how it was supposed to be.

'But my capacity is nearing its limit, and I can't absorb much more information. It's why a new vessel is required. Ciela messed up, but I can still make do with her offspring.'

Despite how much guidance she had offered to Esme, and how pivotal the girl would be to the grand scheme of things, Rey Skylar was now getting in her way at the last minute.

'The very reason she is alive is so she can become The Oracle!' She wanted to shout, but realized the futility of that too.

Still, all of this was unrelated to the second reason she couldn't use [Clairvoyance] even if she wanted to.

'He will simply use [Doppel] to copy that too.'

And, as The Oracle, she could not allow Rey Skylar to possess any other Primeval Skill.

"In the first instance, that shouldn't be a Skill that any one person should have. It should only serve as a recorder of all the events within this world, and an avenue to replicate abilities displayed without needing to build new Skills from scratch in other areas.'

Just as one could simply carry a code to a System without needing to build codes from scratch again, such was the purpose [Doppel].

'All Tiers of Skills and phenomena are to be recorded with it. It's not even meant to be used for combat, but it seems the Skill has somewhat been tailored to suit a host.'

Yes, it would become limited in nature—hence making the Slots only a hundred—and other limitations that the host had would reflect on the Skill.

Even after all this, the truth of the matter was known to The Oracle.

'[Doppel] is the greatest of all Primeval Skills. After all, just as it records the phenomena in this world… it has within it recorded phenomena from other worlds as well.'

The Oracle couldn't even begin to imagine just how many 'Skills' were already stored in the main [Doppel]. An unreal amount, no doubt.

'Even though this boy shouldn't have the Skill at all, I should still be grateful he does not possess the full thing. Then again, do any of us, really…?' A small smirk formed on her face as she thought of a rather funny thing.

'How exactly does someone like this fit into a board? He is already bigger than the entire set… though it seems he does not realize it yet.'

The Oracle shrugged off her thoughts of the far future and far past and decided to dwell in the present—in her fight with Rey.

'Nothing still changes…'




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