An Extra's POV - Chapter 665

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Chapter 665

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Chapter 665: The Singularity's Thoughts [Intermission]


Rey couldn't be careless.

'I only have one shot to use it. If I fail, then she's definitely going to switch up on me and use even more lethal force.'

In a sense, Rey was hoping The Oracle would go a bit harder on him—perhaps use even more of her power on him, so he could copy them.

But, no such luck.

'[Curse Of The World] probably won't work on me due to my Class, but what of the [Voice Of The World]?' Rey had no idea what it was.

He was also unaware of whether or not The Oracle was using [Clairvoyance] or not. Though, he figured it would be pretty much over if she decided to go with that.

'I am still not sure if [Doppel] can copy SSS-Tier Skills, so I was sort of hoping to find out here.'

Once again… no such luck.

All of these weren't his primary motives, though. The main assignment he had was to rescue Esme and then have a proper conversation with her.

Everything else was secondary.

'But that makes me a bit hesitant to use this Skill. If I damage The Oracle, what is the assurance that Esme will appear before me? What if she chooses to hurt Esme? No, I can't think that. She must have some deep reason to make Esme the next Oracle, which is why she treats her the way she does.'

Still, Rey couldn't be too careless.

'What if she gets petty and injures Esme when I rescue her?' That was Rey's major worry.

After all, The Oracle could think in terms of 'If I can't have her, no one can!' and that would be a very disastrous outcome. There was no room for optimism here, but Rey clung to what little hope he had and decided to shut off worry.

[Dead Calm] was in full effect, and he had practically toned down all of his emotions.

What mattered now was the mission.

'This palace is large. The chances are high that Esme could be somewhere here…' As he reasoned this way, he also ran into a bit of a problem.

The Oracle's Domain was too large.

'My senses can't find the end of it. It could be possible that she's interfering with my senses too, by using the whole Zone Layering thing to stretch out the Domain, making it larger than normal to my senses.'

That meant, as long as The Oracle was alive and conscious, he would never be able to find Esme.

'Which means… I either have to kill or immobilize her.'

At the moment, Rey had no ability that he could use to immobilize her—Stat or Skill wise, The Oracle had proven to be superior.

Killing her seemed like the only option, but was it really one?

'I have no idea what effect it would have on the world if she died. Is that even a risk I should consider, talkless of taking?'

Even with all of these thoughts, Rey recognized the hubris of his thoughts.

'Who's to say I could even kill her?'

[Perfect Divine Ray] remained his strongest offensive move, and as shown with Dagon… it simply eviscerated his foe and moved faster than they could possibly react.

But… not even Dagon had The Oracle's Stats.

'Plus, that Beast was mindless. She's definitely very intelligent. Lastly, she knows so much about me, so she must know about the Skills I possess.'

Would she really fall for his [Perfect Divine Ray]?

He found that doubtful.

Still, it remained his only weapon to use against her. Or was it…?

'I've got it!' After brainstorming very hard within The Oracle's Domain, spending less than a few seconds in the stalemate, though it felt several times longer, he arrived at a plan that could completely turn the fight around.

'Emil… I might need your help here.'

~Yes, Master! I'd do anything for youuuuu!~

Rey shivered a little as soon as he heard her squeal, but he was glad to hear her swift and optimistic response.

After all, what he was about to propose was very dangerous.

'I'm going to do something very deadly right now—and it could potentially kill me if you do not help me.'

~F-for real?! But you're immortal!~

'Yes. But… I am not sure about how far the effects of this Skill reaches, so I don't want to take any chances.'

Firstly, he was going to shroud his body with Zone Layering. Then, he would make sure all his defensive and resistance Skills were at full throttle.

'My Regeneration, Adaptation, and Immortality better help out here. But… I don't know if they will be enough.'

After having so many close brushes with death, Rey didn't want to take that chance.

'I'm not even sure we are in H'Trae, so my Class Privilege might not work. I think it'll work, though, considering she hasn't cursed me yet.' Rey thought to himself, preparing himself as he inhaled deeply.

~Are you really sure you want to do something that risks your life, even though you're immortal, just for that girl? I mean… I'm very jealous now…~

'What do you mean by that?'

~Do you love Esme, Master?~

At this point, Rey was unshackled by the bubbling emotions that would have clouded his judgment. He didn't have hesitation or wariness, especially when speaking to his Familiar.

He could only speak the truth so he could act most optimally.

'I don't want to address that yet, so why don't we focus on the task at hand?'


Rey had already braced himself, and all he waited for was Emil to come on board with the plan.

~What do you want me to do, Master?~

As soon as he heard her voice in his head, he smiled broadly.

'Shroud my entire body with yourself.Then, I'm going to set myself ablaze with [Perfect Divine Ray].'

This was an application of the Skill he had never tried before.

Yes, he would be working overtime by using Zone Layering, as well as all his other abilities, so he wouldn't be affected, but using Emil as a shield was also very important.

'You're indestructible, aren't you?' He asked, his eyes focused on the target.

All of this was to stop her.

'Let's find out together!'




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