An Extra's POV - Chapter 666

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Chapter 666

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Chapter 666: Rey Vs The Oracle [Pt 2]



A resounding echo of destruction burst within The Oracle's Domain. It rose from a single point, causing the stale winds to gather around the area and rapidly swirl.

The atmosphere undulated in a violent, raging storm.

And… at the center of this storm was a man. This figure was shrouded in layers of multicolored light that had now taken on the form of pure white energy.

His whole body was bleeding out this power, almost as if he was baptized in it.

He had a dark cloak to cover himself, and his usually exposed skin seemed to be covered in some form of black bandages. Even his face seemed to be obscured by a skull mask of some kind—though completely black.

He seemed to be an emissary from hell—a harbinger of death.

A man dressed in black, but cloaked with white.

"Rey Skylar… what have you done?" The Oracle made a whisper as she watched him with keen eyes.

He did not respond to her with words. Instead—


Thick steam leaked out of his lips as his visible breath stuck out thanks to his deep exhalation.

He still stood still, among the flashes of white lightning, and the intense energy that shrouded him. It almost felt like he was waiting for something.

"Rey Sky—"


Before The Oracle could complete her words, Rey closed the distance between himself and her.

He did this by shooting himself forward—like a horizontal rocket—completely destroying the ground in the process.

Yes… the same ground that had withstood all forms of attacks and remained intact.

It broke apart just from the impact caused by Rey's flight.


Rey sent a fist flying at The Oracle, but she blocked it with the white blade she wielded.

It didn't last a single moment.


Not only did the weapon shatter, but it dissolved from shards into nonexistent fractions of their pieces. In mere moments, they were nowhere to be seen.

All were consumed by the raging light

As soon as the blade's barrier was gone, the next target to be hit was The Oracle.

But, of course—


—The instant Rey's fist was about to be planted on her face, she vanished away.

The Oracle wisely created a wider gap than before, her body now floating in the air as she stared keenly at Rey. Despite her expression being very calm, there was now a form of seriousness attributed to it.

"Hey…" She heard a rather startling call from Rey.

His voice was dangerously low and tense, almost like he was out of breath, but also burning with suppressed rage.

"... Don't call me by my full name again. I don't like it, and it's beginning to get a little annoying."

The Oracle had expected more serious words from him, so she cocked her head in surprise. She didn't really comprehend his preference, or why he took it so seriously, but none of that was important to her at the moment.

The most pertinent issue was seeing how Rey just closed the gap in their Stats with the use of his Skill.

'[Perfect Divine Ray], huh? It makes sense that him shrouding himself in it will boost his speed and intensity to the highest rate allowed under the System. The Skill's potency is undisputed, and since it can cover distance within a moment, even Zone Layering is useless against it.'

But, using it like this couldn't be without consequence, and The Oracle could already see a few.

'For one, it may boost his speed and intensity—probably enough to damage me—but his actual thinking and reaction speed probably can't keep up.'

That meant Rey Skylar must have first thought of what action to take before actually resorting to it. In essence, when it came to actual combat—making spontaneous decisions on the fly—he was probably going to suffer for it.

'... Or that's what he wants me to think. I know his other Skills and how they interact with his body. His Divine Form and Adaptation will force his body to acclimate to this current change in power at a rapid pace. Plus, his Divine Martial Supremacy has combat prowess ingrained in his body to the point where it can be classified as muscle memory at this point.' She reasoned as well, considering all the variables.

In essence, it would be a mistake to face Rey in a head-on fight either way.

'I am not particularly a fighter of any kind, so while I might understand all of his build and characteristics in order to respond appropriately, I do not possess the Skills for engaging in fights…'

Her role wasn't of that, and never before had she even had any need for more.

'I probably won't need anything more. This power of his can't be sustainable… or can it?'

[Perfect Divine Ray] crossed distance in a moment—much faster than one could continuously lay out Zones. That was a two edged sword that affected both herself and him.

'He must be using his Familiar as some kind of insulator to protect himself from the [Perfect Divine Rey]. That's smart, considering it is practically immune to damage.'

But… was [Perfect Divine Ray] going to be stopped by that?

'No… not really. The light that courses over his body will inevitably seep through the slime coating and begin to eat at his body. No armor, no matter how dense, can protect him from the intensity of the Ray.'

Sooner or later… Rey would begin to feel the brunt of his own attcks.

'He has regeneration, adaptation, and a bunch of other things to assist him. Plus, he can't die since The World has plans for him. Still…' She made a light smile as she stared at him, watching as he prepared for his next strike.

The Oracle could tell what was going on in his mind, and it amused her.

'... It's going to hurt you so much that you'll wish for death to come.'


Like a sharp blur, Rey pierced the air and reached The Oracle within a second's notice. She, once again, tried to escape his grasp.

Teleportation through her [Perfect Domain] was the prefered choice.



All of a sudden, a certain kind of interference prevented that from happening.

The culprit could only be one person.

"Rey… Skyla—!"




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