An Extra's POV - Chapter 667

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Chapter 667

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Chapter 667: Rey Vs The Oracle [Pt 3]


'It hurts…'

Rey already suspected he wouldn't be able to escape the brunt of using [Perfect Divine Rey], but he didn't expect the impact to come this fast.

'The Zone Layering was completely useless, and even this…' He gritted his teeth as he controlled himself by seething.

The radiation being blocked by Emil was slowly leaking past her slime covering and upon his body. It caused every facet of his skin to constantly burn as it struggled to regenerate.

His body was going through so many processes at once.

First, he would receive damage.

Then, he would heal… and then adapt. His body would acclimate after that, and then a new—much more powerful wave—of pain and damage would strike.

The process would repeat—continuously and constantly—all within mere seconds. 'Every second I waste is more torture for myself. Even with [Dead Calm] and my Class Privileges active, the pain I feel is astounding.'

It felt like the utter destruction of his cells at this point.

'What if the Ray is also destroying the effects of the Skills? No… that can't be possible. If that was the case, my Regeneration and Adaptation wouldn't be working.'

What if they were only working because he was getting the damage in small doses? If not for Emil, would he really be able to heal fast enough?

'Now isn't the time to think about that!'

Rey called himself to FOCUS, concentrating wholly on the target who floated a distance from him. Her condescending gaze didn't move him, but he reckoned he would get a lot off satisfaction if he wiped the calm demeanor off her face.

'Let's go!'


Launching himself into the air like a bullet—no, much, much faster than that—he closed the gap between himself and The Oracle in no time at all.

He noticed she once again attempted to flee using spatial manipulation, but he could not allow it.

'Zone Layering is useless now. There's no use to focus my Skills on that. Instead…' In a mere instant, he spread his [Perfect Domain Of The Divine] to the area around him.

Unfortunately for The Oracle, she was within his realm of influence.


Her teleportation trick didn't work, and worst of all, the moment she realized this… she uttered the name he told her not to.

"Rey Skyla—!"


A solid blow instantly dug itself into her belly, causing her body to bend in a rather unseemly manner for one of her stature.

"Ack!" Her eyes seemed to nearly pop out of her sockets as she felt the weight of his blow and the intensity of his attack on her stomach.

Still, The Oracle acted fast.


A swift, powerful kick lashed at Rey's face, instantly twisting his neck by many degrees. His neck twisted and turned several times, sending blood spurting in every direction.

"G-guh…" The Oracle used this chance and tried to fly away from Rey that instant, but found that he was grabbing her leg very tightly.

"Tch! Y-you—!"

"Hehehehehehehehehehe!" As his neck quickly returned to its natural position, maniacal laughter echoed from Rey's flapping, bloodied lips.


"I got you!" The Oracle's facade had to change at this point. Her wide eyes were bloodshot, depicting both shock and some form of fear towards the human who tightly held her leg.

"You're not running away!" As he said this, The Oracle felt a certain pull that forcefully drew her close despite her feeble attempts to struggle.

In no time at all, she was face-to-face with him.

"W-wait—!" Her words fell on deaf ears thanks to all the pain and agitation Rey felt at the moment. He could only fight, and he did so with utmost precision.


A loud echo, filled with both the sound of a devastating impact, as well as cracks of bones, rushed through the air as Rey landed a straight blow on The Oracle's cheek.


Like a ragdoll, her body was sent pitifully flying in the air.

Rey rushed towards her, kicking the air so he gained enough momentum to cover the incredible distance in one breath.

He did just that.


More energy around him undulated as he sent a straight thrust towards her, but she evaded it by twisting her body in the air and kicking him with her uninjured leg.

The blow caused Rey's brain to tremble, forcing him to lose consciousness for a moment.

Another kick of hers caused his entire leg to explode.

However, as soon as this happened, Rey's outstretched hands were already beaming with intense radiation.

It was the [Perfect Divine Ray].


Now that he was right in front of her, and she had just exerted herself in a certain way—unable to react to the sheer speed and power of the ray, it was the perfect opportunity for impact.

And… it worked!

Rey's burst of destruction bathed The Oracle in its pure white blast.

Every part of her body was covered by his ray of destruction, and not even sound or any kind of resistance from The Oracle could escape from its embrace.

"Haa…!" Rey regrew his head at that moment, just as the energy that danced around his body began to dissipate.

His heavy breathing accompanied him as he slowly descended to the ground.

'Seems my Mana ran out at just the perfect moment…' A painful, distant smile crept up on his face as he looked at the dissolving white cloud of destruction above him.

His back was now against the cold, hard ground of The Oracle's Domain, and his eyes felt so heavy he began to close them.

A million thoughts ran through his mind, and even Emil's words kept echoing within his head.

~You did it, Master! You beat that woman! Hahaha!~

Yes. He indeed did.

But… then what? What was he going to do after that?

'A-ah! That's right! I have to save Esme!' He swiftly shot his eyes open, ready to move his body so he could begin scouring the Domain for Esme.

But as soon as he did so…

"You certainly had your fun, didn't you?" … He saw a figure standing right beside him, her blue eyes coldly locked with his.

"G-guh!" He felt her leg press on his chest as she looked at him with an unchanged, calm and absolutely lull demeanor.

"It's time for you to leave… Rey."

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