An Extra's POV - Chapter 669

Published at 11th of June 2024 01:16:11 PM

Chapter 669

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Chapter 669: The Only Way


Within the silence of The Oracle's Domain, two entities faced each other in palpable tension.

Rey was seated on the floor, while The Oracle watched him from her graceful position as she stood with the most upright stature ever.

The silence that existed between them only lasted a second before Rey spoke up once again, after asking his first question.

"I don't know where to begin with this task. What exactly am I supposed to do?" Rey said this for two major reasons. 'First, I want to confirm whether or not this was her intention from the start. If Esme is just a hostage for me to fulfill this role and get her the actual heir. And the second reason… to learn more about what I'm supposed to do here.'

The way Rey saw it, he was stuck in an impossible situation. 'I have to tread carefully here…' He nodded to himself, grateful that The Oracle didn't even seem upset about the attacks that he rendered towards her.

Or attacks that he thought he rendered towards her.

'I'm supposed to be immune to Mind Control and Illusions, but it's possible her Class Privilege makes her an exception to the rule.'

So, it was possible that Rey never even struck her and everything was in his head. That made sense since she seemed too calm for someone he hit so violently.

'She landed a few heavy hits, but… she could still land more.' Yet Rey sensed no resentment from her in the slightest.

She was just cold and detached from him and the whole thing.

"You may begin by helping the Elves wipe out the Dragons. If you do that, a path is bound to open up for you."

"A path will open up? What do you mean by that?"

"You'll understand when it happens." She responded with a shrug, but her vagueness seemed unnecessary. 'Why does it feel like she's just trying to use me to destroy the Dragons for the Elves? Ah… I see what's happening here.' Rey's thoughts began to trail as he kept his eyes on her.

'She probably thinks that if she sends me back, I'll leave the side of the Elves or even turn against them. She must still value them, and she wants to preserve their lives, even if she can't do anything about the Dragons directly.'

If [Clairvoyance] allowed her to see everything in the world, or at least in the Elven Continent, then she must have known about how he helped the Elves in some instances, as well as how useful he could be in the ensuing conflict.

'She's using me to help her people, while also dangling a prize in front of me.'

The reward for his services was that he would get a chance to 'save' Esme from her impending fate. But… something about the deal seemed too one-sided.

'It's unfair towards me!'

"I know what you are thinking, Rey, but do not worry. This agreement benefits both of us."

"You say that, but I don't trust you." He sharply responded.

There was no need to hide away his feelings. Since she could practically read his thoughts at this point—or rather, it seemed like she could—he had nothing to keep to himself.

He would just give it to her straight.

"Your deal benefits you and your Elves more than it benefits me. I save your people from the Dragons, and then I get a replacement for you to get Esme back. That doesn't sound so even to me."

"Oh, but it is." The Oracle responded calmly.

"How so?" "Because you have no real choice in the matter. I require a replacement, else the world as you know it will end."

The moment Rey heard this, the bravado he put on collapsed almost instantly.

"W-what?" He had to spit out in surprise.

"There is a delicate balance that has to be kept, and my expiration is slowly approaching. Without someone to take on the mantle, the Dragon Emperor's side will be left unchecked." She responded calmly.

This whole war was an intricate game between The Oracle and the Dragon Emperor—one that involved checks and balances.

If her side weakened, he would be given the perfect chance to strike.

"You can either follow the path and find a replacement, or I choose Esme as my heir. One has to be done, or you will lose everything and everyone you love."

The Oracle's words sent shivers down Rey's spine.

She was completely serious with him, and he could feel his bones jittering for a moment before acclimating to the tense moment he was in.

'I still don't trust her, but… I don't want to imagine what will happen if she isn't here doing whatever she is doing to keep The Dragon Emperor at bay.'

If they were equal in power, that meant The Oracle was the only one who could stop the Emperor.

'I have to find a replacement that isn't Esme.'

"So, what do you say… Rey?" The Oracle asked with a soft, patient tone. She waited for his answer, an unassuming gaze watching him ever so blankly as he mulled over the matter.

"I… I would like to ask for an audience with Esme first of all."


"Why no—?!"

"You'll have an audience with her once you eliminate the Dragons and see the path. Do not worry, I won't touch her until then."

"Like I can just take you at your word."

"It is like I said… you have no choice in the matter." The Oracle responded, still acting calm and detached as if none of it mattered to her.

"I could decide to abandon the deal and turn against the Elves. I could take the side of the Dragons and exterminate every single Elf that exists here." Rey's cruel smile as he said this was meant to pass a message across, and indeed it did.

The Oracle's expression instantly changed the moment she heard this. For the very first time since he saw her, she gave him an enchantingly brilliant smile.

"Do as you wish."

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