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Chapter 1148: The first human race, a milestone!

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Chapter 1148: The First Human Race, a Milestone!

 Wang Ye, full firepower!

Personal panel is open!

  【 Divine Body and Heavenly Way: Middle Realm → High Realm! 】

  【The Heavenly Way of the Sword: Middle Realm→High Realm! 】

 Plenty of evolution points to continuously increase your combat power!

 A stronger divine body of heaven!

 The knife is full of explosive power!

 Melee attack, ultimate explosion!

Facing the supreme siege of the Golden Winged God Clan, it was like a tiger descending from the mountain, killing a large area in an instant!

The Golden Winged Saber condenses Mu Qiushui Emperor's breaking will, and its power increases dramatically, making the will-obliteration even more powerful!

  Boom! !

Facing the stronger extraordinary and strongest person, kill him without fail!

 Under the contract of the strongest, Wang Ye’s combat power, which was already comparable to the strongest, increased dramatically!

 Nine levels, the way of nine calamities!

 Perfection, one billion times!

 Perfect state, nine-turn mysterious ancient body!

Now Wang Ye's physical ability has not reached the limit of human beings, but has already -

 Far beyond!

 Tear apart again!

 The physical strength of the strongest person is worthy of the top!

 A more excellent high-dimensional way of heaven!

 More powerful holy martial arts!

 More top-notch equipment!

 How to lose!

 Compared with the trivial Yuanbu, a strong man from the Golden Winged God Clan who is not even in the Zhanyuan group—

 Wang Ye, absolute advantage!

 Big explosion!

  【Kill the strongest of the sixth level! 】

  【Get 480 billion evolution points! 】

Lights and shadows flashed before my eyes.

 Wang Ye does not stop for a moment!

 The golden ‘+’ on the personal panel disappears again.

  【Shenhun Tiandao: Middle Realm→High Realm! 】

 It is different from the high-level divine soul that comes with the third holy core of the wings.

 What is improved this time is the heavenly way of one’s own soul!

 Complete the last plank of the Tiandao Divine Body!

 The body, soul, and will are perfectly integrated!

Tiandao Divine Body, take it to the next level!

 Boom, boom, boom!

 Wang Ye is so powerful!

  The blood flowed like a river!

 “Is it a monster...” First Commander Peta was dumbfounded.

 A human being can be so strong?

 They are the Golden Winged God Clan!

 The strongest men in the universe were being chopped up and chopped by mere humans, with no power to fight back!

 The scary thing is that not only is he powerful in combat, but his killing ability is also extremely terrifying!

Possessing a perfect level of Will Attack Chaos Sacred Treasure, it also has amazing star core energy!

 Far beyond the strongest!

 Where did this monster appear?

What frightened him the most was that this human being, who was clearly capable of competing with the strongest, was not being reasonable at all!

 Standing there, killing the strongest beings in the universe who are weaker than him!

 So shameless!

 “Peng!” The first commander Peta’s blood instantly exploded, and the golden wings glowed, forcing the Spirit Emperor to retreat.

He wants to stop this human being's evil deeds, otherwise Ni Yuantuan will be in big trouble!

 But suddenly, the surrounding space and time became stagnant, and the energy disappeared.

 Energy **** like bubbles in the void are constantly annihilating.

 At the same time, his energy was also eaten away at it.

 Let alone attack that despicable human being, even he himself is behind bars now!

 “Innocent Ji Dao!?” First Commander Peta was confused.

Is this petite and gentle-looking strongest person of the Spiritual Tribe in front of me so strong?

Just now, she was obviously not that powerful.



 Violent explosion!

 In the void of the battlefield, energy compressed rapidly and exploded!

Wang Ye's eyes flashed, he glanced at him, and he immediately retreated three feet.

 Spiritual Emperor, how can it be possible that his strength is weak?

Although he is not as beautiful as Lingsi Commandery, Linghuang is a super genius who single-handedly pushed Lingqi Commandery out of the position of Linghuang!

Lingqi County has mastered the Ultimate Way of Chaos, and Linghuang, who is also the strongest at the top, has naturally mastered it long ago!

“Everyone is a thousand-year-old fox.” Wang Ye sighed in his heart.

 Only him, so simple.

 The contract between the strongest is still half valid!

Wang Ye didn't stop for a moment and continued to fight to the next battlefield!

 The spiritual magic array deployed previously played a vital role.

 Divided battlefields are not only conducive to diverting attacks, but also can be flexibly changed and broken!

The current situation has completely tilted towards the side of the human coalition.

 The Golden Wing God Clan will be defeated again!


 “Why are they so strong!” King Jin Ni looked ugly. It not only shocked the fighting power of the Eldar clan, but also shocked the strength of human beings.

A primitive chaotic star, with the combat power of the Ni Yuan regiment, not only hasn't attacked, but also gradually met the disadvantages!

 Even the strongest combat source group can't fight with its opponents!

 The first and second open source groups were even more excluded!

 As for the source-defending group and the source-collecting group, they were killed horribly!

 Let alone the supreme beings, even the strongest men in the universe at the captain level have died!

 The losses were extremely heavy!

 “Boom!” King Jin Ni was hit hard again!

 The delicate-looking Spirit Tribe woman is terrifyingly powerful!

 Even if he tried his best, he couldn't get anything good, and he was even out of breath!

Is this really a high-dimensional group?

 "Ringling~" The sweet voice swayed with a clear ringing tone. It was the voice of the peak Chaos Holy Treasure.

 Lingqi County is like a queen, suppressing King Jin Ni!

 Can’t move!

  Not an opponent of the same level at all!

Peng! The divine body exploded again, blasted to pieces by endless divine energy!

  King Jin Ni was seriously injured and even retreated!

too scary!

This spirit tribe woman is terrifyingly strong!

The strong men under his command resisted one after another, but they were all killed and no one was left alive!

 King Jin Ni, who finally escaped from trouble, glanced across the fiercely fighting battlefield with disbelief in his eyes.

 Nearly half of the damage!

Ni Yuantuan, whom he was so proud of, was littered with corpses!

Nearly forty of the strongest men in the universe, more than twenty died!


  Boom! !

The violent explosion sounded again!

 King Jin Ni looked at him in confusion, his pupils contracting sharply in an instant.

 It’s him again!

 This **** high-dimensional master, human beings!

 He actually killed the extraordinary and strongest man! !

How many did he kill? ?

 “Roar!” shouted angrily, and King Jin Ni gritted his teeth and rushed towards Wang Ye!

Full of anger, the aggrievedness of being beaten up by Lingqi County, and the humiliation of Commander-in-Chief Ni Yuan Regiment!

 He is going to kill this despicable human being in front of him!

 When they first met on the battlefield, he ran away.

This time, he can't even think of escaping!

Zzizizi! !

 The overwhelming divine thunder suddenly descended on the earth!

 King Jin Ni looked at the human being, the master of high dimensions, who was not dodging, and a thunder and lightning weapon of the Chaos Holy Treasure level appeared in his hand.

 In an instant, endless divine thunder erupted, surrounding him!

That **** human being has no fear or even panic on his face!

 On the contrary, he is still laughing!

"Do you really think I'm afraid of you?" Wang Ye didn't want to run away.

On the one hand, the contract of the strongest person is almost gone, and on the other hand, his star core energy is also exhausted.

 No matter how many bullets you have, they can't withstand the abuse from the soft-footed shrimp on the opposite side.

 One shot at a time, all turned into evolution points.

His strength now is stronger than when the war first started—

 Much more powerful!

 “Try the highest grade crimson soul-destroying thunder.” Wang Ye used the Holy Treasure of Chaos, the Thunder God’s Stick!

 The divine power of the high realm!

 The divine soul of the high realm!

 The divine thunder path of the high realm!

Nine layers of crimson soul-destroying thunder exploded!

Wang Ye gave King Jin Ni the strongest energy burst treat!

Having been beaten to a pulp by your own woman, you still want to come to yourself to find a sense of presence?


 He doesn’t even know who trained Lingqi County!

 Her best equipment was obtained by asking who got it one shy night after another!

 It’s me! !


 Wang Ye's crimson soul-killing thunder's range attack shreds the defense to pieces!

Thunder God's Stick turned into a ray of light and hit King Jin Ni in an instant, exploding crazily!

 “Ah!!” King Jin Ni screamed hysterically, his skin and flesh were torn, and his power was weakened!

Another golden wing of light appeared before my eyes, piercing the sky!

 The strongest person at the pinnacle?

The gods?

 Count it as a ball!

 “I’m very strong now!” Wang Ye struck a domineering blow and completely shattered King Jin Ni’s divine body!

 It also shattered his ambition!

 Severe damage!

 “Retreat!!” King Jin Ni, who was seriously injured, had no arrogance and was in a state of embarrassment!

He was severely beaten and even killed by a human being, the master of a higher dimension, to the point of being completely humiliated. He didn’t dare to stay for a moment anymore!

The sound of retreat resounded throughout the Nirvana Star. With the strongest man in the universe cutting off the rear, King Jin Ni led the remaining defeated troops of the Ni Yuan Regiment and fled in a panic!

too scary!

 If the fight continues, they may even be wiped out!

The enemy’s strength is far beyond imagination!

  Wow! !

Nirvana Star, ushering in the excited shouts one after another!

 Humanity, once again defeated the Golden Winged Gods!

 With a huge gap, the weak defeated the strong and defeated the army of gods! !

 The powerful men of the Yuanshi Human Race looked at their leader in mid-air, the Yuanshi Human Emperor Wang Ye!

Hold the weapon high, roar with excitement, and be extremely excited!

 This is the first battle of their original human race, and it is also the strongest war so far!

 In almost impossible circumstances—

 They won!

 A hearty victory!

recorded in history! !

 The first human race, a milestone!

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