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Chapter 56

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This was still an academy, and being too ruthless and unforgiving wasn't advisable.

Though these students from the Fourth Class Black Rank might be impulsive and not consider the consequences, But Lu Yunxiao knew when to act and had a sense of decency.

Today, he took the initiative to confront them. Firstly, it was to stand up for Zhang Yun and secondly, it was to prove himself and avoid future troubles. It was a warning to others, and these students from the Fourth Class Black Rank were undoubtedly best suited for that.

Adults usually act with purpose, and he was no exception.

"Condensing the sword qi into tangible threads greatly enhances its cutting power, this kid's control over energy condensation has reached an extremely high level. Truly a remarkable talent."

A voice came from the pavilion, the old man's face showing a hint of amazement. A Dou Zhe, being able to condense energy to this extent at this stage, Lu Yunxiao was the first person he had seen.

"These students from the Fourth Class Black Rank are really foolish. They were instigated by a few words and came to pick a fight with Lu Yunxiao. Today, they are likely to suffer a crushing defeat."

The old man sighed slightly, a hint of lament on his face. These fools are being used as pawns without even realizing it. They truly believed Lu Yunxiao was overrated, failing to understand that there's no smoke without fire. Lu Yunxiao's reputation precedes him, so how could he lack genuine ability?

Talent aside, their minds were severely lacking. Indeed, the academy had sheltered them too well, like flowers in a greenhouse, their vigilance was truly lacking.

"Old man, are you saying someone is manipulating things behind the scenes? But why? Lu Yunxiao is new here, he shouldn't have offended anyone in the academy, right?" The girl asked with some confusion.

"His talent is too high, which is a mistake in itself. Now that he can defeat three Dou Shi’s with a single sword, once he reaches Dou Shi rank, won't he be invincible at that level, even be able to challenge Da Dou Shi?"

"The academy is also a place of fame and fortune, full of competition. Lu Yunxiao's talent has already threatened some people. Some want to delay Lu Yunxiao's progress. Imagine, if Lu Yunxiao were to be defeated today, it would be a serious blow to his confidence. It might take him a long time to recover. In this way, some people's goals would be achieved." The old man said with a sigh.

"You mean those older students?" The girl asked. Obviously, after the old man's explanation, she had already realized. After all, there was an annual interclass competition in the academy, and the number of slots was fixed. One more competitor meant one more threat.

Upon hearing this, the old man nodded slightly.

"This is too much. If you want to fight, fight fair and square. Why resort to such despicable means? Old man, why don't you do anything about it." The girl's face was full of anger. She hated these despicable people who played tricks behind others' backs the most.

"How can I intervene? And why bother? Although the environment is a bit harsh, it's also most suitable to cultivate strong people. Lu Yunxiao is an extraordinary talent, with the potential to become a strong fighter. Though their methods are despicable, they won't be able to stop him." The old man said softly.

"That's true." The girl nodded slowly. Lu Yunxiao displayed quite formidable strength, Now it wasn't certain if these four students could beat him.

"No!" As she thought about it, she quickly shook her head. She had made a bet with the old man, so she quickly changed her tone,"I think Lu Yunxiao has run out of tricks. He's now bound to lose."

The old man remained silent, just smiling at the girl with a meaningful look.


"So, have you finally decided to attack together?" Lu Yunxiao held his long sword horizontally, looking at the four Dou Shi in front of him with a calm tone.

"We're not interested in playing anymore. We'll settle it once and for all." The leader spoke indifferently, his tone laced with coldness.

Lu Yunxiao's sword qi threads were too powerful. If they let their comrades go one by one, they might all be defeated. So, to ensure victory, they had to attack together.

Being criticized meant nothing. In the world of cultivation, might makes right. As long as they could defeat Lu Yunxiao in the end, their goal would be achieved. Victory was the ultimate rule.

"Heh, interesting. That's exactly what I was thinking." Lu Yunxiao chuckled coldly. Defeating four Dou Shi at once should be enough to prove his strength and establish his position in the academy. Since it was rather unpleasant to be constantly underestimated like this.

"Senior brothers and sisters, please step back a bit, so our battle won't affect you." Lu Yunxiao turned around and smiled at the onlookers.

"Sure thing, Junior Brother Yunxiao!"

"Junior Brother, you're so handsome!"

"Wow, Junior Brother is smiling, so charming."

Lu Yunxiao's actions, coupled with his gentle smile and exceptional appearance, immediately won the favor of many senior sisters. Their moral judgment was displayed alongside their good looks.

"Yunxiao, go for it!" Lu Yunxiao's fellow students from his class also started cheering for him.

Lu Yunxiao nodded in acknowledgment to everyone before turning his gaze back to the four Dou Shi opposite him. Now that the onlookers had stepped back, the space was wider, and he could unleash his full power without restraint.

"What a popular boy, but looks can't change the fact that strength is respected on top of everything. Without strength, good looks are just decoration." The leader couldn't help but speak up. Lu Yunxiao's popularity among the female students had made him feel uneasy.

"I'm aware of that. But isn't it inappropriate for you to say that? Four against one, and you're still talking like this? Oh, it might be because you're just jealous of my good looks." Lu Yunxiao said with a smile, as if he suddenly realized something, with an expression of sudden enlightenment on his face.

"You're asking for it, kid!" The leader said with clenched fists, his eyes burning with anger.

"Same old words again. If you want to fight, then let's fight. Stop boring me!" Lu Yunxiao took a step forward, a sharp momentum bursting forth as he directly pressed towards the four opponents. 

The battle was finally about to begin.

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