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Chapter 58

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The brilliant sword light carried a sharp and majestic momentum, directly counterattacking the oncoming strike. Accompanied by a burst of dazzling light, Lu Yunxiao landed gently, his hair swaying in the breeze.

In front of him, Ye Ling and the other four lay prone on the ground, twitching, blood gushing from their bodies, completely devoid of any strength to continue fighting.

Lu Yunxiao's sword-like eyebrows furrowed, his starry eyes sweeping over the surroundings. The onlookers were all wide-eyed and speechless.

In the pavilion, the girl blinked her beautiful eyes, her pretty face showing a hint of shock as she murmured to herself, "He actually won."


In the Minghong Building, within an office.

Lu Yunxiao stood tall, looking at the women before him, a stiff smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

"Are you satisfied now?" Teacher Ruo Ling sat in her chair, her head slightly raised, sharp light flickering in her watery eyes, staring straight at Lu Yunxiao's face.

"To be honest, I quite enjoyed it," Lu Yunxiao said softly, then glanced at Teacher Ruo Ling. He noticed her face darken even more, so he couldn't help but lower his head slightly.

Hearing Lu Yunxiao's words, Teacher Ruo Ling's mouth twitched. This guy really was a bit of a troublemaker!

Clearing her throat, Teacher Ruo Ling's gaze became more oppressive. She looked at Lu Yunxiao, her tone carrying a hint of frustration.

"Yunxiao, I thought you were mature and steady. I never expected you to be so reckless, to just directly engage in a fight. Have you ever considered what would happen if you lost?  Why are you so impulsive?"

"But they all bullied me. I couldn't just swallow my pride and let them urinate all over me," Lu Yunxiao argued softly.

"I didn't ask you to swallow your pride. What I meant was you could have informed me. I'm your teacher; naturally, I would have stood up for you. Would I just stand by and watch as other students bully you?" Teacher Ruo Ling looked at Lu Yunxiao, her eyes showing dissatisfaction. She wasn't angry about Lu Yunxiao fighting, but rather worried that he would get hurt in his impulsiveness.

Her students encountered such a situation, and she, as their teacher, was the last to know. How could she not be angry?

Today, it was fortunate that Lu Yunxiao was unharmed. If he had been injured, how would she, as his teacher, deal with it?

She had already blamed herself for almost failing to save Lu Yunxiao and others during the enrollment. Now that they finally entered the academy, if Lu Yunxiao was disabled by someone, she would feel guilty for the rest of her life.

She had high hopes for Lu Yunxiao's future. She didn't want such a talented student to meet an untimely end; it would be a huge loss for the entire Jia Nan Academy.

It was precisely because she valued Lu Yunxiao that she was so angry at this moment.

Listening to Teacher Ruo Ling's words, Lu Yunxiao sighed softly and said, "Teacher Ruo Ling, I know you care about us and protect us, but you can't protect us forever. To establish a foothold in the academy, ultimately, it depends on our own abilities. Even if this hadn't happened, I would definitely encounter similar challenges in the future. To establish myself in the academy, this is a hurdle I must go through.

Now that I've used those guys from the Black Class as stepping stones, I've directly warned others. After this battle, I have completely proved my strength. I will surely encounter fewer troubles in the future. I'm sorry for making you worry, but even if I had to choose again, I would still do the same." Lu Yunxiao's tone was calm, but his words were sincere. He expressed all his thoughts without any concealment.

Since Teacher Ruo Ling genuinely cared about him, there was no need for him to hide anything.

Teacher Ruo Ling slightly opened her cherry lips, looking at Lu Yunxiao with a face full of surprise. She thought Lu Yunxiao was just impulsive, but she didn't expect him to have such far-reaching thoughts. After this battle, Lu Yunxiao had completely confirmed his strength, and the days ahead would indeed be much smoother.

"But aren't you worried that you might have lost?" Teacher Ruo Ling couldn't help but ask. Was this guy so confident in his strength? He believed he could win even before the fight started? After all, all of Lu Yunxiao's thoughts were based on his victory.

"Under the Da Dou Shi level, no matter who the opponent is, I won't lose." Lu Yunxiao smiled lightly, his tone calm but filled with unparalleled confidence, making it seem like it was a matter of course, without a hint of doubt.

Teacher Ruo Ling stared at Lu Yunxiao in a daze, silent for a long time. However, there was a flicker of brilliance in her eyes. She was increasingly satisfied with Lu Yunxiao, her student. He was truly a genius.

"Alright, you can go now. Bring Xiao Yu in," Teacher Ruo Ling paused, then looked at Lu Yunxiao and said softly. After understanding Lu Yunxiao's true thoughts, all her annoyance disappeared.

However, she had to properly educate Xiao Yu. Lu Yunxiao had enough strength to dare to confront directly, but she unexpectedly followed along without informing her. She would have to talk to her about it.

"Okay, Teacher Ruo Ling, then I'll take my leave." Lu Yunxiao nodded, bowed slightly to Teacher Ruo Ling, and then turned to leave.

Outside the office, Xiao Yu and several other students were waiting. Seeing Lu Yunxiao come out, they immediately surrounded him.

"How did it go? Is Teacher Ruo Ling angry?" Xiao Yu asked softly as she looked at Lu Yunxiao.

"She was a little angry at first, but she's much better now. Oh right, Teacher Ruo Ling wants to see you," Lu Yunxiao replied.

"Okay!" Xiao Yu nodded and walked into the office.

She understood what Teacher Ruo Ling wanted to say. It must be about scolding her for not informing her in time. But since Lu Yunxiao, the person involved, was fine, she should be okay. With this thought in mind, Xiao Yu walked into the office step by step.

Afterward, within the office, Teacher Ruo Ling's scolding voice could be faintly heard, lasting for a full half an hour.


Time flowed like water, and in the blink of an eye, another month had passed.

On the square of Jia Nan Academy, Lu Yunxiao walked quietly, dressed in green, adding a touch of elegance and calmness to him. His extraordinary demeanor attracted the attention of many female students on the square, who couldn't help but glance at him frequently.

Lu Yunxiao was now a prominent figure in Jia Nan Academy, welcomed by the majority of students. Along the way, countless students greeted him actively.

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