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Chapter 59

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Smiling and nodding at several senior sisters, cause a wave of cheers and screams. But Lu Yunxiao kept walking and arrived in front of a tall building. This was a building consisting of six floors, each with considerable space.

Inside the pavilion, brilliance shone, and even on the outside, there were obscure streams of energy surging. It was evident that a massive array had been set up around the pavilion, enveloping the entire building.

The pavilion stood approximately thirty meters tall, adorned with intricate carvings and exquisite craftsmanship, giving it an elegant appearance. Above the main entrance of the pavilion hung a huge plaque inscribed with three vigorous and lively characters.

Martial Skill Pavilion!

This was the Martial Skill Pavilion of the Outer Academy, a place open to all students of the academy. Inside, there were various Dou qi techniques, encompassing various attributes, and the range of options was quite comprehensive.

Of course, the Jia Nan Academy also had a more advanced library, guarded by two elders whose depth of knowledge was unfathomable. However, ordinary students couldn't enter that library. 

According to the original records, the top five students in the Inner Academy selection competition could go in and choose something. The items inside were quite precious, ranging from Di tier Dou qi techniques to the sixth-tier magic cores and heavenly herbs. The library was well-stocked. The Jia Nan Academy's heritage was indeed quite profound.

"I'll definitely take a look at the library if I have the chance, but for now, I'll check out the Martial Skill Pavilion. After all, I don't need advanced Dou qi techniques for the time being. I need to broaden my Dou qi techniques knowledge first, and then I'll work on fixing the flaws of the One Sword Across Worlds Technique." After thinking to himself, Lu Yunxiao walked towards the Dou Qi Techniques Pavilion. 

After a month, he had once again broken through to the Eight-Star Dou Zhe level, further strengthening his strength. Having already comprehended the essence of swordsmanship, he found it difficult to make significant breakthroughs in the way of the sword for a while. Thus, his focus shifted to fixing the flaws in the One Sword Across Worlds Technique.

However, the One Sword Across Worlds Technique was a Di Tier technique, intricate and profound. Even though Lu Yunxiao had exceptional talent, without sufficient knowledge, it would be challenging for him to make modifications based on it.

So, this time, he came to observe various sword techniques to broaden his horizons and absorb their essence to turn them into his own insights.

"Name, class, student ID?"

Behind the door of the Dou Qi Techniques Pavilion, the flat voice of the elder sounded. Every student entering the Martial Skill Pavilion had to register their name, and class, and show their student ID. This was a rule of the Jia Nan Academy.

"Lu Yunxiao, Second Class of Yellow Grade, here is my student ID." Lu Yunxiao said lightly, then handed over his student ID.

"You're Lu Yunxiao?" There was a hint of surprise in the gatekeeper's tone. He had heard of Lu Yunxiao's name before, known as the top talent of the Outer Academy. He didn't expect to meet him today.

"Yes." Lu Yunxiao nodded, speaking calmly.

"Not bad." After glancing at him, the gatekeeper returned the student ID to Lu Yunxiao and said casually, "The first to the third floors record Huang and Xuan tier Dou techniques. Any student can learn them freely. But from the fourth floor onwards, they record Di tier Dou techniques. If you want to learn them, you need to exchange them with contribution points."

"Contribution points? What are those?" Lu Yunxiao frowned slightly. This was his first time at the Martial Skill Pavilion, and there were many things he didn't understand.

"Contribution points are a type of exclusive points designated by the academy for exchanging them for Medical pills and Dou techniques. It's aimed at encouraging students to strive for excellence and self-improvement. 

There are many ways to earn contribution points. You can exchange them with magic beast materials. Outside the Jia Nan Academy is the primitive forest where students can actively hunt to exchange for contribution points. You can also obtain them through tasks issued by the academy, such as assisting elders, gathering herbs, etc. Completing tasks can earn you a certain number of contribution points. 

At the same time, you can join the enforcement team to help enforce the rules, and in exchange for that, you can also get contribution points. It's not difficult to get contribution points as long as you're willing to work hard." The old man spoke slowly, giving Lu Yunxiao a detailed introduction. As if remembering something, the old man added. "By the way, the list of tasks issued by the academy is posted on the mission wall on the first floor. If you're interested, you can go and take a look."

"I see. Thank you, Elder!" Lu Yunxiao bowed to the old man and then walked toward one side of the first floor.

Contribution points were similar to the Flame Energy, except that the inner Academy couldn't do anything without the Flame Energy, including the most basic cultivation. On the other hand, the outer Acadmey Contribution points were only linked to Dou techniques and Medical pills.

However, Lu Yunxiao wasn't in a hurry. He didn't have much interest in Di-tier techniques for the time being. He would first finish learning the Xuan tier ones first; there were still many to see.

Stopping at a certain place, Lu Yunxiao picked up a scroll. It recorded a low-level Huang-tier sword technique. The sword technique was rough, but Lu Yunxiao still found some inspiration from it. As he continued reading, Lu Yunxiao's mind gradually sank into it.

Just as Lu Yunxiao was immersed in it, a figure in red walked in from outside. Her face was originally full of smiles, but the moment she saw Lu Yunxiao, her entire expression stiffened.

"How could I run into him?" The girl bit her lip. Lu Yunxiao was the last person she wanted to see right now because seeing Lu Yunxiao meant that she had to fulfill a bet, and the content of this bet was something she found extremely difficult to accept.

Looking at Lu Yunxiao, the girl's complexion changed several times, but she gritted her teeth and forced a smile, walking towards him. She had been deliberately avoiding Lu Yunxiao all this time, but today, she ran into him anyway. Since that was the case, she couldn't continue hiding.

Thinking of the old man who encouraged her to come to the Martial Skill Pavilion, she couldn't help but understand. That old man must have known Lu Yunxiao was here, so he deliberately sent her. 

"What a despicable old guy." The girl thought to herself as she continued forcing a smile. With light steps, she walked quickly and soon arrived at Lu Yunxiao's side.

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