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Chapter 61

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Lu Yunxiao froze, and the students who were watching were equally shocked.

What's going on? The Little Witch actually invited Lu Yunxiao to dinner, and it's just the two of them? Most of these students were well-informed; even if they weren't old critics, they still had some understanding of similar situations.

Inviting Lu Yunxiao to dinner alone, and behaving so unusually gentle, with that blushing face, it seemed like shyness, which was quite obvious. Could it be that this little Witch has feelings for Lu Yunxiao? But isn't the little Witch supposed to dislike men Impressive, Lu Yunxiao, is actually able to straighten out a crooked woman, his charm is truly undeniable.

Indeed, Lu Yunxiao looks like a banished immortal, with an extraordinary temperament and exceptional talent and strength in combat. It's not hard to understand why the little Witch might be interested in him.

A group of students stared blankly, their hearts in turmoil, each one turning into an expert analyst. They couldn't help but get excited; after all, the protagonists of this event are the most talented students in the outer Academy, they are both remarkable figures, and this topic is definitely explosive.

But then again, if they got together, it seems strangely fitting. After all, both are highly talented and notorious figures. If they really get together, it would be quite a remarkable destiny.

However, Hu Jia didn't know what these students were thinking, otherwise, she would definitely curse them out. Why would she blush and act shyly? She was the one who took the initiative to invite Lu Yunxiao. It was embarrassing.

Matched? Destiny? This clearly resulted from her losing a bet and having no other choice. She doesn't like men. And Lu Yunxiao, she would definitely dump him as soon as she caught him in her web. Hu Jia doesn't need a boyfriend; there are pretty girls out there who smell nice.

While everyone was surprised, at the entrance of the Martial Skill Pavilion, a figure appeared, watching the standoff between the man and the woman, a hint of satisfaction on his old face.

"Hey, Deputy Headmaster, what's going on here?" Beside the old man, the elder acting as gatekeeper couldn't help but ask softly. This scene truly surprised him.

Others might not know Hu Jia, but didn't he know her well? Would Hu Jia be the type to invite male students to dinner? Something didn't seem right; just thinking about it made it clear that something fishy was going on here!

"What's going on? My granddaughter has finally fallen for a boy, and it's a good thing! She even likes this boy who is quite outstanding. What a good thing!" Hu Gan stroked his beard, smiling.

"You're kidding, right? Do you think I'd believe that? Her unwillingness when acting gentle is so obvious; others might not see it, but I can. I think this must be some trick you've played, forcing her into it." The Elder lowered his voice and said softly.

At these words, Hu Gan's hand, stroking his beard, stiffened slightly, somewhat awkwardly asking, "Is it really that obvious?"

Are people nowadays so sharp? Can they see through things at a glance?

"Very obvious!" The Elder nodded, looking very sure. 

Hu Gan's mouth twitched; it was embarrassing to be seen through like this!

"Actually, I made a bet with Hu Jia." Hu Gan hesitated for a moment, then recounted the whole story. The Elder was a close friend of his and had watched Hu Jia grow up, so there was no need to conceal these things.

"A bet, I see!" The Elder murmured, then continued, "For Hu Jia, you have indeed put in a lot of effort."

"Who says I haven't?" Hu Gan sighed softly, saying, "I've been worrying about Hu Jia for a long time. This time, I had no choice but to do this. Firstly, I hope that by doing this, Hu Jia will have more contact with boys, have a relationship, experience the beauty of love, change her mindset, and realize the advantages of boys, thus giving up her bad habits. 

Secondly, this Lu Yunxiao is indeed outstanding, even surpassing Hu Jia in terms of talent, strength, and appearance. He is an excellent match for Hu Jia, even if Hu Jia has high standards, Lu Yunxiao can catch her eye. 

The most important point is that Hu Jia doesn't dislike him. This is the most basic point. It means that there is a high probability that Hu Jia will like him. With Lu Yunxiao, Hu Jia will have a good home." Hu Gan stroked his beard lightly, sighing softly. Although Hu Jia actively pursued Lu Yunxiao, it didn't matter; as long as they ended up together, it was a good thing.

As for himself, he was very satisfied with Lu Yunxiao; he was definitely a high-quality potential stock, worthy of his efforts to arrange this.

"Dean, there's something I'm not sure whether to say or not." Listening to Hu Gan's lengthy discourse, the Elder inserted a word softly.

"What is it? Say it." Hu Gan displayed a generous appearance, indicating he could speak frankly.

"Your idea is very good, but you seem to have overlooked one thing. Is Lu Yunxiao so easy to pursue? What if he doesn't agree? If he doesn't agree, all your ideas are just empty talk." The Elder said softly.

"He won't agree? How is that possible?" Hearing this, Hu Gan waved his hand, saying disbelievingly, "Young people nowadays like beautiful girls, don't they? Hu Jia is not only beautiful, but also one of the top beauties in the outer Academy in terms of appearance. Moreover, she has a good figure, high status, exceptional talent, and Lu Yunxiao, how could he not like her? Impossible, absolutely impossible." Hu Gan shook his head, his face full of determination. His granddaughter was so outstanding; how could that brat not like her?

From ancient times, when a woman pursues a man, there's a layer of gauze between them. Moreover, Hu Jia is so excellent and beautiful; she's definitely easy to catch. Lu Yunxiao will surely be moved. It can truly be said that both grandfather and granddaughter are so confidently self-assured.

Seeing Hu Gan's confident appearance, the Elder opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end, he didn't say it. Hu Jia is indeed beautiful and outstanding, but isn't Lu Yunxiao the same? Can his taste be the same as an ordinary person's? 

Moreover, with Hu Jia's personality, it might be a bit difficult; that kid isn't so easily swayed. But he kept these words to himself because Hu Gan might not like to hear them. Furthermore, from his heart, he also hoped that Hu Jia would succeed, not only because he had watched her grow up and wanted 

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