Dark Magus Returns - Chapter 633

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Chapter 633

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Chapter 633: 1 Minute


The words spoken by Bubble were heard by the crowd; his voice was projected even louder to the outside of the arena and to the other factions.

Right there and then, Bubble turned around and was already heading for the exit.

'That man,' Raze thought as he looked at Bubble's back. 'He twisted my words, he is quite good at getting people riled up. I guess he's good at his job; he might be someone I can use in the future.'

The crowd was angry with the Demonic Faction, especially with the contestant 'Jake.' Thinking he was big-headed and ahead of himself.

They already had a dislike for the Faction in the first place, and now they had more reason to put their hatred on them all.

After visiting the Demonic Faction, Bubble went on to the Dark Faction; he had done the same as before, asking a series of questions.

Including who they thought was the biggest threat. Murkel had mentioned that he believed it was the Light Faction but also stated that he was quite interested in the student 'Jake' after seeing what he had done.

Yet Bubble was there to push things, to ask the questions on everyone's mind, and he had first approached Mada out of the students.

"During the last event, we had seen you confronted with the student known as Jake from the Demonic Faction. Was there a reason the two of you didn't fight?

"Could you sense that something was going to happen, just like what happened to the Light Faction?"

Mada's entire body was shaking after hearing the question asked. Everyone was watching.

"Based on the event, there was no reason to fight him. I knew he was strong, but I am as well. It would have been a long, draining fight, and then we wouldn't have gotten the position we did in the event."

The answer was more than Bubble was expecting. It was impressive and was sure to clear some of the doubt that those in the arena had of Mada's strength.

This was because the answer given to him was Safa's answer for him.

After seeing Bubble interviewing the Demonic Faction, Safa quickly spoke to Mada, knowing what type of question that would be asked.

'I might have made myself look like a fool if it wasn't for her,' Mada thought.

Bubble continued talking to all of the others, asking about their strengths and who they thought would be their toughest opponents.

No one spoke highly of the Demonic Faction, but there was one more question on Bubble's mind before he left.

"This year, we have been hearing of a figure from the Dark Faction Academy, someone who went by the name White Dragon.

"I assume that the White Dragon is one of the students here. Do you believe they are the strongest, and what do you think, do you think they could beat the Demon?"

The demon was the new nickname that Bubble had given to 'Jake.'

The adults that were in the room were unsure of how to answer this because the White Dragon's name who was spread was no longer present.

"I think it would be an exciting match," Safa answered. "I'm sure we have yet to see this demon's full powers or how he fights, and it's the same for the White Dragon, so if they were both to fight, I think they would be even."

Bubble had finished his questioning and had a smile on his face; he was pretty sure now that the woman who had yet to show her powers, she was the White Dragon.

Yet he had no idea how wrong he was or why Safa had said the words she had said.

Finally, after interviewing the Dark Faction, it was time for Bubble to head over to the Light Faction. What was strange was when he had entered the place, the atmosphere was a lot darker than the other areas.

The students were standing by the side, up straight and proud, but there were no smiles in the air or excitement.

"Forgive us," an elder of one of the clans stated. "We have just received news that Harmon has been harmed beyond the point where he will recover, so he will no longer be taking part in the upcoming events."

"So if you could avoid asking questions to do with Harmon, that would be for the best."

Bubble nodded in agreement and went ahead to ask the same questions as he did the others. They too had mentioned that they saw the Dark Faction as a greater threat, not really acknowledging the Demonic Faction at all.

Seeing this, he quickly moved onto individual questions and had approached Ulyn, who was the highest-ranking student in the Light Faction Academy, under the Aurora Clan.

"We have information that you are the strongest student in your academy. Out of everyone, is there anyone that you think will give you trouble?" Bubble asked.

"The most trouble, in the Person vs. Person event, even students who are in the same Clan may go up against each other, and in the same Faction, if I was to say out of everyone, then I would say that Hannah, from the Dawnblade Clan and disciple of Beatrix, would be the one to give me the most trouble." Ulyn answered.

Hannah turned her head away when she heard the praise from her fellow teammates. These words were quite bold and strong, Bubble thought.

To state that the only person that would give them trouble was another member of the Light Faction of all people.

"You sound pretty confident about that. Then what if I was to ask you this?" Bubble said. "What do you think if you were to go up against the Demon? He stated he wasn't going to take part. Is that why you didn't consider him?"

A short smile appeared on Ulyn's face as he directly looked into the mirror that was broadcasting everything.

"If I was to go up against him, the match wouldn't even last 1 minute," Ulyn answered.

The crowd cheered, shaking the whole arena once those words were mentioned.

In the Demonic Faction, there were some grunts that were heard from the adults, not liking that one bit. They turned to 'Jake,' hoping there would be a reaction from him, but there was almost nothing.

"It's a shame," Lince sighed. "It seems you truly are against the idea of joining the individual stage of the tournament."

"Although I don't think the results matter too much. I think it would be a good show if we were able to turn the entire situation around."

"I imagine if you actually tried, and you took the group stages and the individual stage seriously, we would have the chance to turn everything around."

"People love a good underdog story," Lince said.

He was hoping that his words would convince Raze to take part in the tournament more seriously, but it was hard to tell what he was thinking from just looking at him.

Finally, the large mirrors that were displaying everything as Bubble went around, it appeared he had one more room to go to.

It was the room that was placed just above the Light Faction showing area, and here was where the three Clan Heads of the Light Faction were staying.

"I have also been invited to enter this private room, as I believe there is something they want to show everyone." Bubble said to the mirror.

He found it slightly strange talking to a mirror, but hearing his own voice being projected, he got quite used to it relatively fast.

"Ah yes, please come forward," Kawak said, gesturing with his hand and moving to the side.

"What I have here are the two prizes that are up for grabs in the Individual and Group stages."

Immediately, Raze's eyes were glued to what was on screen; he felt his heartbeat thump louder than before. His whole body had tensed up.

'What is that doing here!'

Now, Raze had a reason to fight.

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