Dark Magus Returns - Chapter 634

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Chapter 634

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Chapter 634: Precious Items


The two rewards were placed on podiums in the room, both of them encased in glass on display. The mirror was circling around the items, showing them off in all their glory.

"These items may look plain and simple, but I guarantee you that they are both rare artifacts that have been gathered from other dimensions," Kawak explained as he moved forward, toward one of the items.

"This strange piece of clothing that you see here, smart and straight, colored in a brilliant white and gold pattern, when worn, has a healing effect."

"Injuries, cuts, marks, and even internally when hurt, will be healed at a certain rate, all for just wearing a piece of clothing."

The crowd started to chatter among themselves; they had heard of such items existing, but in the form of clothing that anyone could wear? They were sure that it was a precious item.

Then, next to that item, there was a silver brooch, shaped in the shape of an X, with two finely crafted roses at the end of the heads, very small and detailed.

"This item here can be attached and worn with the clothing from before or anywhere on your body, and it will restore a certain amount of one's Qi while fighting!" Kawak mentioned.

Once again, the crowd was impressed, and they were pleased that the Light Faction was being selfless in the rewards they were giving.

Clearly, these precious items could end up in the hands of the enemy, yet they were being given away.

"Pft, it's all just an act," Mantis complained. "If they were really that special, then they wouldn't be giving them away."

"What I'm worried about is if they have items like these to give away, there's a chance that their students could be wearing similar things as well," Lince said. "That is if they truly work."

Raze didn't say a word; instead, he just stood there, staring up at the two items. His eyes widened, his eyes drying out, he didn't even blink.

For a moment, it was as if he had lost all bodily functions.

'Those items, they were both made by Sabrina… what are they doing here,' Raze thought.

He could tell instantly when looking at them. He saw the designs Sabrina would do at her work, and both the brooch as well as the blazer were both designs of hers.

Raze hadn't seen them on any of the mages that had come and gone; he hadn't seen them on members of Alter or on the Noble Guild that had attacked.

He was grateful that his enemies weren't using the items she had created; they were meant for healing people, not battling in the first place. But now he saw them.

'These belong to Sabrina… I can't let others have them... I need to look after them, I need to get my hands on them.'

It was explained that one of the prizes would be given to those that did best in the group stages, and the other in the individual stages though.

Which left Raze to wonder, how could he get those items? Even if he was planning to escape with the others stealing them in front of everyone, well, that seemed like an impossibility.

'The only way to get those items is to win this thing.'

The break was over; the group, after seeing the rewards, the crowd was excited to see more, and it was still the team stages that were going forward.

The next event had been called a singles event participating on behalf of the team. They had called for an opponent of strength to be selected.

In this event, one person had to carry a heavy stone back and forth between lines several times, and the person who carried it the furthest distance in total would win.

Of course, just like with the other events, the students were also allowed to attack each other. But with three people, it was hard; did one attack a student and leave one alone?

In the end, Brack was selected from the Behemoth Clan, and he was up against Simyon from the Dark Faction, while finally, Ulyn was selected from the Light Faction.

It appeared that there was no contest as to who the winner was, with Ulyn dominating the match. Although Simyon was strong, he was a bit slow, coming in last place, and Brack second.

Putting the Demonic Faction in last place with a total of 7 points, the Dark Faction with 9 points, and the Light Faction in the lead with 11 points.

The next event required a team of two, and Kaylie and Mantis had been selected as the rules stated teamwork would be needed.

The event was a set of puzzles; one person would have to solve the puzzles blindfolded while the other had to instruct them.

Mantis was blindfolded and just stood there doing nothing, despite Kaylie's desperate plea. Lince was shaking his head; if he knew what event it would be, he would have never selected Mantis.

He knew he was the type of person that was only interested in fighting, and there was no such fighting in this task.

In the end, they had come in last place.

For the Dark Faction, Surprisingly, Liam and Safa had worked together, not showing much of their strength since it was an event that required little of it, and managed to come in first place.

Safa was clear with her explanation and was quick to solve the puzzles, and Liam had even resorted to a bit of cheating from time to time, as his system allowed him to see through the fabric to help him.

The Light Faction did well with Hannah and her teammate working together, but they were unable to keep up with the Dark Faction.

It was an impressive feat that showed there was more than just a talent in strength, but these two groups had a talent in mind as well.

The current points stood as follows:

Demonic Faction: 8 points

Dark Faction: 14 points

Light Faction: 15 points

"The next event is the last group event," Lince said. "It looks like no matter what, even if we come in first place in the next event, it will be impossible for us to win."

"You said yourself, winning didn't matter anyway; it's all about the Single fights, the rest is just useless," Mantis claimed.

With that, Lince had made the decision, no matter what the next event was, to not put Mantis in. There had to be some level of pride, even if they couldn't win, to actually want to win.

"The last group event will require three people from each group to take part! And the event itself is a mystery, so please go ahead."

Lince was making the decisions so far, and looking at the group of people deciding not to pick Mantis, he had made his decision.

'If we want to win the single fighting events, it will be best to keep him on standby and conserve his energy,' Lince thought.

"Kaylie, Beret, and Brack, you three will take part in the final event," Lince decided.

"Excuse me, Can I take part in the next event?" Raze asked, for the first time.

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