Dark Magus Returns - Chapter 635

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Chapter 635

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Chapter 635: The Demon Takes Part


Lince had placed Raze in the first group event because he had no clear information on the certain individual. He knew he was quite strong, and he wasn't lying when he said he wished for him to protect Beret, who was from the same Lost Clan as him.

He never expected the results that had occurred, and for Raze to be as strong as he was. With this new information, Lince thought it would be best to have Raze take part in full force.

He didn't exactly like the words of the cocky students that had spoken up about the Demonic Faction. It was time for them to show their strength.

And then, suddenly, the student 'Jake' had offered to take part by himself.

"Are you sure?" Lince asked. "Even if we win this event, there is no way for us to get the prize."

It was the only thing Lince could think of as to why the student would volunteer himself. Maybe the child was bad at math and needed a helping hand.

"I wish to take part in this event," Raze asked again politely.

"I will drop out then," Beret asked; he still felt like he owed Raze for the last event, for saving his life. So he would do anything to allow him to do as he wished.

"Very well, if it's your decision, then go out there and do something special again!" Lince said, wondering what he would see this time.

Lince wasn't the only one that was excited to see 'Jake' walk out onto the arena; as soon as the crowd saw him, the gossip had started.

"It's the Demon, he's finally out, I was wondering when he was going to take part."

"Why would they send him out now though, the Demonic Faction will be placed last even if they win this, it's useless."

"Hey still, don't you think something crazy is going to happen, it always seems to be the case, and besides, we haven't seen him against the others yet."

Out on the field from the Light Faction, was Hannah from the Dawnblade clan, student of Beatrix, Ripper from the Illumination Clan, along with Charlotte, who had stopped in the middle of the field.

"Keep moving," Hannah said. "I know how you might feel, after seeing him again, and what happened last time, but once participants have been chosen, there's no turning back."

"If anything, take all your feelings, everything you have and put them into this contest, fight for Harmon."

Although Hannah said words that might have convinced most, Charlotte's heart was sinking deep down, and she could feel herself starting to sweat just from looking at Raze.

On the other side from the Dark Faction, a trio that had worked well together had arrived, Simyon, Liam, and finally Safa.

Both Simyon and Liam had shown impressive feats, and Safa had been a strong leader for the Dark Faction so far.

Most of the Dark Faction's success could be attributed to her. The three of them glanced in the direction of Raze and then quickly turned away to look at others.

'Them three, they're trying too hard to avoid eye contact,' Raze inwardly smiled.

"So what's the plan with this thing this time, miss," Liam said, looking at Safa.

"Honestly, I'm not too sure," Safa replied back. "I don't know why he chose to come out... it might be best to stay cautious; we'll try and follow his lead, and we don't even know the rules of this event yet."

The three participants from each side didn't get too close to the center, standing away from each other. Then in the middle of the platform, a relatively large concrete ball slightly bigger than a basketball popped up in the center.

It was the same heavy balls that were used in one of the events before.

"The final event is called King of the Hill!" the announcer stated.

"All teams will compete to hold the ball off the ground. The total time for this event is thirty minutes. The amount of time one team has held the ball for, in total, will count toward the results."

The instructions were simple, and Safa was already thinking of a number of strategies. One person could hold the ball while two protected them.

However, that would mean two people would have to go up against six. Another method was to get the ball and throw it to each teammate as others got close.

There was also the brute force method of beating everyone and then getting the ball for oneself, or protecting the ball, and lifting it when it was safe.

The issue was with all her strategies she had no clue what to do because of Raze.

"The match starts now!" the announcer shouted.

The Dark Faction was frozen still; Safa had given them hand signals to stay behind; the first team to lose in the whole thing was the Light Faction.

"Charlotte, go for the stone in the middle and hold onto it for as long as you can!" Hannah ordered.

She was naturally taking charge as the strongest from her group. On top of that, she could tell that Charlotte wasn't going to be much help fighting, due to her fear of a certain individual that was on the arena floor.

In her mind, if they held it at the beginning for the longest amount of time, then the other two teams would have to fight for the remaining time.

She then saw Raze head forward and pulling out her sword she clashed with his. The two swords were filled with Qi, and Hannah felt her sword slightly bounce when they hit.

She tried to strike quickly, and Raze blocked the hits. While the two were engaged in battle, she saw Kaylie fighting with Ripper, leaving Brack to go for the prize.

'What is going on, I thought the Dark Faction would stop him,' Hannah thought.

Heading right for Hannah, Brack delivered a kick right to her stomach, sending her away, and then grabbed onto the rock himself.

It was now in his possession. Seeing this, Hannah backed away from Raze and regrouped with Ripper to try and help and get Charlotte; they needed a new plan, now it was in possession of the Demonic Faction.

When Raze and Kaylie went over to the center, they were cautious of the Dark Faction, but when Raze approached, he looked at Brack.

"Hand over the rock," Raze said.

"What, you want this… are you trying to just get out of fighting?" Brack asked.

"Hand over the rock," Raze asked again.

Brack was a bit hesitant; sure, this was a team effort, but he had gotten the rock, he was the king. However, he realized holding the rock was the position most likely to get hurt.

Either the best choice was the strongest individual holding the rock or the strongest individual protecting it, and since he didn't want to fight with Raze, he handed the rock over.

When Raze held the rock, he did so with one hand, showing his great strength and the sword in his hand. He then slowly started to walk over to the Dark Faction.

All three members were unsure about what to do.

"What do we do?" Liam whispered.

"Wait!" Safa shouted in a whisper back.

When Raze approached, he then threw the rock over to Simyon, who had caught it in the air.

"The rock belongs to the Dark Faction," Raze said, turning back around. "And anyone who tries to take it, I will fight them."

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