Dark Magus Returns - Chapter 636

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Chapter 636

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Chapter 636: I Gave You A Warning


Brack had handed the stone over to Raze, believing it was in safe hands, and the next moment he saw it in the air, leaving his fellow teammate's hands.

"Oh... look at that," Brack said, speaking his thoughts out loud, and then saw it land straight into the Dark Faction's student's hands.

"The rock belongs to the Dark Faction," Raze said, turning back around. "And anyone who tries to take it, I will fight them."

Both of Raze's teammates were stunned; they had no clue what to do, and for a moment, it was the same for everyone at the arena.

Safa, Liam, and Simyon, who was just holding onto the rock, didn't know how to react. The Light Faction stood by the side, having regrouped, and didn't know whether to go forward, and during this whole time, time was ticking.

"What is that Demon doing? Is he just trying to confuse us all?"

"Hey, I told you, man, I told you! When that student goes out onto the field, something interesting or crazy is always going to happen, but I have to admit, even I didn't expect this."

It was Raze's teammates more than anything that were confused, especially Brack, who was the first to speak up and move toward Raze.

"What are you doing? I got that rock, and I handed it to you because I trusted you, and now you're handing it to the enemy, are you working with the Dark Faction or something!" Brack shouted.

When he was around five meters away from Raze, he lifted his sword, pointing the end toward him.

"I told you I will protect anyone that comes close to this rock," Raze said.

Brack hesitated for a moment, not moving in, but his frustration had reached its pinnacle.

"F*ck it," Brack said as he charged forward with his Qi technique and drew his sword.

Raze was already next to him by his side and had avoided the strike by leaning, then with the palm of his hand pushed Brack away with powerful Qi that lifted his body in the air.

Brack floated for a few moments before landing firmly on the ground several meters away.

"You traitor!" Brack shouted as he charged forward again.

He swung his sword, each strike easily missing Raze. Now there was a clear difference being shown in the skills between the two.

Raze wasn't holding back in this aspect because he wanted to deter the others from attacking; he then did a simple two-step technique and shoved Brack away with his hands, moving him several meters in the air again.

Kaylie had caught him this time, but he quickly shook her off.

"Hey, if you want to do something, then help me get that stone, rather than just standing around!" Brack shouted.

It was a strange sight to see, only one person moving forward and then getting pushed back each time.

However, Hannah saw this as an advantage; while they had the numbers and there was insight, they had to make a move.

"Everyone, aim for the stone!" Hannah ordered, and they all started to charge forward.

With Brack's words, Kaylie moved forward as well, thinking it was what the Demonic Faction would want her to do.

Now it was up to Safa to make a decision.

'Raze, why are you openly protecting us right now? Is it because you want to make it clear that you're our ally? Is this part of your plan? But I can't make sense of it.'

Shaking her head, though, she could see all of them running toward Raze, and she had firmed up to make her decision.

"Everyone, we will work together with that student, fight by his side!" Safa shouted.

Immediately, Liam and Safa went by Raze's side, all in front of Simyon.

"Simyon, get back to the edge of the arena, so we only have to protect you from one area!" Safa ordered.

As the group moved back, they now had to continue to defend.

Brack was the fastest, and this time, Raze used his sword to block and attack, and pushed back with his Qi, causing him to flip in the air and fall across the ground.

He then saw all of the rest coming toward him, and in that moment, he lifted up his foot and slammed it on the ground. The large amount of condensed Qi had come out like a wave, hitting all of the students, giving them second thoughts about coming and slowing them down.

"That was the first step of the descending steps!" Lince shouted from his viewing area.

"Yes, and it's incredibly powerful. I think he has given up hiding himself," Sha Mo commented.

"Hiding himself?" Mantis raised an eyebrow when he heard that.

"Yes, hiding the fact that he's actually a middle-stage warrior," Sha Mo answered.

Mantis's demeanor changed as his folded arms fell down to his side, and the look of everyone in that room had changed.

In the history of Pagna, in the history of all of the academies, had there ever been a student that was able to reach the middle stage?

The fact that the Qi was so powerful on the first descending step, stopping the others was proof of that. However, there was one person it was unable to stop that continued to dash forward after Raze.

Not being flustered, it was Hannah. Her sword was pointed forward, and Qi was surrounding her body. Her Qi made it seem like her entire body was a sword that cut through the wave of Qi that came out, and she was heading right for Raze.

Yet in the middle of her movements, a sword swung to her side; she had to raise her hand and swung it out, clashing.

She skidded on the floor before seeing it was a red-haired student with an eyepatch.

"What the, why did the sword make that noise?" Liam said as he swung the sword about in the air, checking if it was broken in some way. "Is your body like Simyon's, is it broken or something?"

Hannah looked at the man in front of her; it was the one that had copied her exact movements just like before; for her, this was her target, and just again, she had been stopped.

"Look, I don't know why this mysterious stranger that I have never met before is protecting us, but I'm going to use it to my advantage," Liam said.

Both Simyon and Safa were thinking the same thing; it would be better if Liam just shut up; he wasn't a good liar.

"Alright, change of targets," Hannah ordered. "Get rid of the ones at the side, and then get rid of him."

Hearing this, although Brack and Kaylie weren't following her orders, they had looked to Safa by his side, and he could see them and the other Light Faction members looking to target her, while Hannah was dealing with Liam.

At the same time, all of them charged forward and were coming from the side to go after Safa. Moving his feet, Raze swirled around in front of them and held the sword with both of his hands in the air; the sword started to shroud itself in darkness.

"NOOOOO!" Charlotte screamed at the top of her lungs seeing this move before.

"I gave you all a warning, yet you did not listen," Raze said.

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