Dark Magus Returns - Chapter 640

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Chapter 640

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Chapter 640: The Noctis Clan's Power


A part of the arena wall had been damaged. Rocks had fallen from the concrete wall and had landed on the ground, but the arena was built well.

Leaving the crowd, who were further back compared to the thick wall, still safely in the stands. However, no one in the Light Faction had expected such a thing to happen.

When the dust started to settle, they could see Ulyn lying there on the floor unmoving. His body was covered in dirt, and immediately the middle-stage warrior closest from the border went to check on Ulyn's condition.

'His body was thrown too fast into the wall,' the middle-staged warrior thought as he cleared the pieces of stone from the young student.

'No, it's my fault. I thought that if an attack was to occur, I would have noticed it in time, and then would have reacted, stopping him from being hit into the wall, but I just never expected this to happen.'

He wasn't the only middle-stage warrior that felt this way either. The two on the field next to the battle, that were meant to intervene if they sensed any type of attack that would defeat or harm the other, hadn't reacted.

A battle between two powerful students and the strongest in the Light Faction. They were confident Ulyn would win, and even at the chance that he wouldn't win.

At least the fighting would go on for a while, a push and pull not knowing who would win. So how was it that a sudden attack from another student couldn't be sensed by anyone, and now Ulyn was in this condition.

"He is fine!" The middle-stage warrior shouted. "But, Ulyn is unable to continue the battle."

Immediately, there were whispers among the crowd. It fell almost silent. Because they couldn't comprehend what had happened.

Out of all things they had seen so far, this was the biggest shock.

"My money," one of the crowd members finally said. "I bet so much on Ulyn winning. They said he was the strongest student the academy ever had. What the heck happened!"

"The Demonic Faction, they must have cheated. Is that person really a student from the Faction?"

Soon the stunned crowd could only think of one thing, that the fight that had occurred, it was unfair. That the Demonic Faction had to have done something.

It was the only way to explain everything that had happened so far.

Raze looked at the student off in the distance, and a strange golden broken object was seen partly on the floor.

'Me cheating, yet the Light Faction has given their students magical items to use during this tournament. I haven't even been using my magic in any of these fights.'

'I sensed the item almost immediately. Right now, with the protection of the crowd, the Demonic Faction Elders, and the Dark Faction, it might be my only way to get rid of items like that.'

'And I needed to win this fight. Who knows how much trouble that item would have given me if it was able to activate. I'm sorry I had to beat you in such a way.'

Since the match had been declared over, Raze turned around and started to head back to his viewing station, and he was met with a storm of boos on his way back.

'It's fine, I don't mind being the villain in all of this, I will gladly take that role,' Raze thought to himself.

Even more so, it made him wonder, so many members in the Light Faction had magical items. It was more frequent than that in the Dark Faction.

He was sure of it, the Light Faction had to have a closer connection to either Alter or Alterian.

"How did this happen!" Cicle shouted standing in his seat. "How was the best student of the Light Faction defeated in a single move? I thought you said you were incredibly confident, that he wouldn't lose no matter what, Kawak!"

"We are quickly becoming a laughing stock in this whole mess. Now that Ulyn has lost to him, there is no one on our side that is able to beat him!"

Underneath the mask, although they couldn't see Kawak's expression, they could feel the large amount of his Light Qi that was expanding out from his body.

It was making the hair stand on the other two leaders' arms. They took a step away due to how uncomfortable it made them feel.

"Now two of our students have been taken out," Ricar added. "I have to agree with Cicle, that student is big trouble for us all."

"I don't know what the Demonic Faction has done, maybe they inserted a demon into his soul, or have performed some forbidden technique to the point that he will die after today."

"Whatever the case, we can't just let this go."

The issue was that this had occurred at the grand tournament. They couldn't do anything now in front of everyone, not unless the Light Faction were the ones to start a war.

Were they confident that they could beat the others, not when they didn't know the full strength of both of the other factions.

If anything, this proved that the Demonic Faction, one of the clans hardest to infiltrate and get information of, still had strength that was unknown to them.

"You're right, he is a real danger to the Light Faction… we will not let him leave the Light Faction alive, no matter what," Kawak answered.

In the Dark Faction viewing area, many of the adults from the other clans were also shocked. They were nervous after seeing someone so powerful from the Demonic Faction perform such a feat.

Did they have the strength to counter something like this? Was the Demonic Faction the strongest out of the three clans?

"Don't worry too much, didn't we successfully defend against a recent attack from the Demonic Faction, the Sun Warrior was the one that defended it, we also have rising talents in our territory rising every day."

"You're right, and we have those like the White Dragon as well."

The students that had all seen Raze defeat Ulyn in one move all thought the same thing, they absolutely didn't want to fight Raze even if it was for pretend.

"He didn't even go easy on the guy, do you think your body could withstand an attack like that?" Liam asked.

"I thought it could before… I'm not sure… and what about you, would you be killed before you were even able to copy his attack?" Simyon replied back.

Causing Liam to gulp, and he placed his hands down by his balls, holding onto them, pretty sure he was going to lose.

In front of them, Murkel stood there with two of the Clan leaders, Gavin Rocksbored, head of the Moon Shield Clan, and Crine Runn, head of the Flowing Force Clan.

"Did both of you notice the move that was used just then?" Murkel asked.

"I didn't think about it before," Gavin stated. "But I'm sure, that move that was just used, it was a technique from the Noctis Clan."

"Right," Murkel replied. "And how would a student in the Demonic Faction know the technique of the Noctis Clan, from the founder of the Dark Faction."

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