Death... and me - Chapter 2663

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Chapter 2663

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Chapter 2663: Purple Light


The Loporrits were already having such huge trouble with the birth rate, and the loss of those many Loporrits wasn't helping at all. Lolio immediately ordered everyone to retreat, pulling Laweia back with him. At the same time, he shouted back. "Master, if things continue like this, we will all perish! How do we stop this?!"

Kafan became bitter. How can they stop this? He had absolutely no idea. His mind worked at a crazy pace, but if even he, with his Semi-Celestial Power, couldn't stop it, what exactly could? If he had enough time to prepare something, perhaps there was a chance. Too bad time was the thing he had the least.

"Seems like I have no other choice..." It was Laweia who spoke. A few Loporrits from her group joined her, seeming to know what she was talking about.

Lolio looked at her, puzzled. "What are you doing?"

Laweia smiled at him. "My subordinates and I already expected the Death Spirits would act sooner or later. After all, how could we stop them? We are nowhere near their cultivation, so they could simply force their hand, and it would all be over. That said, I built a formation around the Spatial Distortion of the tower."

Lolio became puzzled. He didn't remember to have built any formation to deal with such a situation. However, he immediately remembered something. When they found the tower and the Spatial Distortion around its tip, they decided to build a few formations to prevent anyone from getting close without authorization.

Laweia, of course, worked on it with him... but she was responsible for other formations. She took several months to build them all, saying that not only would they be able to use the formations to protect the place, but they could also use them for research. Lolio found it strange that simple research formations took so long to be built, but Laweia simply said that it was due to the Chaos laws coming out of the tower. They made delicate formations used for detailed research very hard to build, so he accepted that excuse. After all, Chaos Laws and Energy were things even an expert like Kafan had never seen before.

Turns out that it wasn't all that she built. Laweia and her trustworthy subordinates also worked on a specific Spatial Type formation and hid it within the various other formations used for research. Naturally, it took a very long time to complete. She was so bold that she used the high-level Death Spirits to craft the runes that her race didn't have the cultivation necessary to make them themselves.

Lolio simply trusted Laweia while Kafan didn't really care that much. At his level, very few formations could really pose a problem to him if he decided to break through.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Lolio asked, something sad.

Laweia gave him a light kiss and just smiled. "If I had, you would have to keep it a secret from your master. I know how much you like him, so I couldn't force myself to pull you into my doings. Besides... the formation I prepared wasn't really made to deal with this kind of outcome. Instead, it was made to force the tower back into the distortion, sealing it forever. Your master wanted the laws inside so much, so would you be able to go against his wishes and help me close it for good?"

Lolio sighed, shaking his head. He owed his master very much, so how could he really keep a secret from him? Lolio then looked at Kafan in the distance. He was supposed to feel anger and hatred. So many had already died in the short time this tower came out, but he simply couldn't have such emotions for Kafan. Besides, they were only alive at the moment because Kafan was going all out to hold the Chaos Laws and Energy back. If Kafan truly didn't care about his Loporrit race, he wouldn't need to do that and put himself at risk.

Laweia didn't have time to thing about that. She stepped forward and passed the orders. "All of you, into your positions."

Laweia's subordinates immediately spread, assuming several different positions around the tower... including Bunbun.

Lolio looked at Bunbun with surprise. "Bunbun, even you? You aren't even part of Laweia's research group. You were with me instead..."

Bunbun took a position near Laweia, as he confirmed. "But of course! I've been your friend for so long, so how could I let Laweia do these things on your back without intervening? You trusted her because of your relationship, but I don't really have much of a relationship with her, so I noticed the weird things she was building with her subordinates. To make sure she wasn't going to do anything crazy with that airhead of her, I had to join her side. You can thank me later."

Lolio scratched the back of his head, embarrassed. Nonetheless, he could only accept that love makes one blind.

With Kafan's influence, acquiring high-level Divine Stones for the research in the planet was easy, so they had a lot of them at hand. Laweia and her group immediately pulled out countless of those Rank Seven or higher Divine Stones, feeding the formation.


All the Loporrits touched the formation, which quickly absorbed the power of the Divine Stones. A total of fourteen pillars of light radiating with powerful Divine Origin Energy emerged around the tower and the Spatial Distortion.

Those pillars of Divine Energy immediately enclosed into the Spatial Distortion connecting the tower to the Chaos Source, pulling it back against the tower's side. Divine Origin Energy is just one level below Chaos Energy, and there wasn't so much Chaos Energy coming from the tower compared to the Chaos Laws. Thanks to that, the sheer amount of Divine Energy used in the formation was able to counteract the burst of Chaos Laws and Chaos Energy coming from within.

The formation worked perfectly, and it seemed like it wouldn't take long for it to cut the tower's connection with the Chaos Source. However, seeing that event unfold, Kafan steeled his resolve and made a move. "Lolio, forgive your master. I must go before the distortion is closed permanently. If fate dictates, we shall meet again in the future. I'll make sure to apologize for what I've done and make up for it."

Before anyone could say anything, Kafan let go of his fight against the tower's powers and dove into the Spatial Distortion! He wasn't the only one. The low-level Death Spirits died because of this event. However, the high-level Death Spirits that were still alive couldn't lose that chance and followed Kafan straight away.

Too bad, though. Just as Kafan and the other Death Spirits were about to pass through the Spatial Distortion, a purple light shone at the top of the tower.

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