Death... and me - Chapter 2664

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Chapter 2664

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Chapter 2664: Bloodline



The tower seemed to have felt that its connection with the Chaos Source was about to be completely cut, so it sprung to action. The Purple Light immediately covered the entire tower, including the base that was inside the Spatial Distortion. *Ahhhh!*

All the death spirits that were about to pass through the Spatial Distortion were hit by a wave of power they hadn't felt before. Kafan wasn't different, immediately feeling like his core was about to shatter.


Finally, an explosion of purple energy blasted everything around, including the formation that was trying to close the Spatial Distortion. They weren't the only ones. The Loporrits controlling the formation were also affected. They all coughed blood as the cores of most of them got destroyed instantly. However, Laweia and Bunbun were spared. That's because Lolio noticed the sudden wave of Chaos Laws and Energy and immediately used all his power to block the blast.


Bunbun and Laweia's eyes became red. However, they were still affected by the formation, so they found it very hard to move straight away.


Kafan has shot away like a cannonball, passing by Lolio and Laweia in a fraction of a second. As for the other Death Spirits, they all died in the explosion. Even Kafan was almost killed by this purple power, let alone the other Death Spirits. *Argh!*

Lolio did his best, but the Chaos Laws began to change his body and even affect his soul. He wouldn't resist for more than a few seconds before he also became a jumbled mess of elements.

However, it was at that moment that a yellow paw grabbed Lolio's. He looked at his side and saw Laweia bleeding from all the orifices while resisting the Chaos Laws with him. "Stop! You are not in a condition to stop this!"

Lolio had indeed covered Bunbun and Laweia, but he was still closer to Laweia when the shock happened, so Laweia's condition wasn't as bad as Bunbun's. Nonetheless, she was still severely injured as her core was completely unstable. Joining that effort with Lolio was pretty much suicide.

Laweia forced a smile. "And do you think you can hold it all on your own? I'm not going to sit around and wait for you to die in front of me, you grumpy idiot."


Lolio wanted to do something, but he also coughed blood. He wasn't as strong as Kafan, nowhere near it. He was basically using his natural resistance against Chaos Laws to protect the two. Bunbun looked at them from afar, trying to get up as well. Nonetheless, he was truly too badly injured to do anything. "Get up, get up, get up, get up, you piece of shit!" he shouted to himself, but his body simply didn't answer. If anything, he was still too close to the Chaos Laws and Energy, so it wouldn't take long for him to be affected in his state.


Suddenly, another burst of Purple Power then came from the tower, completely blasting everything around once again. Lolio looked at that and bitterly smiled. There was no way he could defend against it. That said, he didn't even try. He simply took Laweia's paw and made a spin, trying to throw her as far away as possible.

"Hmph!" Yet, how could Laweia not know what Lolio was thinking? The moment his grip increased, she understood his intention and grabbed him back instead. "In your dreams!"

"You are gonna die!" Lolio shouted at her, trying to push the yellow Loporrit away. "And so will you," Laweia answered. "We have no escape anymore. All we can do is try to buy a few more moments for the Loporrits behind us. And for that, we need to join forces. Come on, together!"

Seeing Laweia's determination, Lolio could only accept their fate. He gave up the idea to save Laweia and began to burn their Loporrit bloodline. That was one of the abilities they got with their bloodline, just like the normal Demon Beasts with strong bloodlines could do. However, in their case, such an action would definitely lead to death in exchange for a time-limited boost of power. After all, they weren't really Demon Beasts.


Bunbun shouted from far behind, wanting to stop them. Yet, it was too late; the second wave of Chaos, Laws and Energy arrived. The two Loporrits were hit head-on, almost collapsing in that instant.

Still, they succeeded in stopping that blast from hitting the Loporrits behind them... although it wouldn't last long. Their cultivations were law, and their bloodline power could only buy so much power. Just as the Lolio and Laweia were about to run out of power...


Someone appeared in front of the two.



Kafan heard their voices and used all the power he had in him to stop the wave from killing Laweia and Lolio. Too bad that he was also severely injured, so he wouldn't last long.


Yet, he also heard the moment Laweia and Lolio's bloodline power ran out. In the heat of the moment, Kafan hadn't noticed that those two were burning their bloodlines. Only now, being close to them, did he detect it. "You idiots! What have you done!"

Laweia complained, already starting to lose consciousness. "It... was your fault..."

Lolio also barely could keep his eyes open. Yet, even after everything that happened, he couldn't look at his master with hatred. Anger? Yes, there was limitless anger in his eyes, but not hatred. "All because I couldn't decide which side to take..." he murmured for a moment.

"No!" Kafan's heart bled while seeing Lolio's eyes closing. After so many years living with the Loporrits, how could he not know about the bloodline power they had? How could he not know what would happen if they burnt it? Even he couldn't revert the process.

Bunbun also saw that as blood tears came from his eyes.

Yet, at this moment... the huge wave of Chaos Laws and Energy suddenly decreased.

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