Death... and me - Chapter 2665

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Chapter 2665

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Chapter 2665: Make Good Use


The few survivors looked in the direction of the tower, surprised. Why did that weird energy and laws suddenly lose their force? The tower's sudden burst of purple power had completely opened the Spatial Distortion connecting it to whatever the place it came from was. It was at that moment they saw the reason.

The same purple light that activated was also what protected the tower. A layer of Purple Light, similar to the Purple Light covering their planet, was now protecting the tower. This layer itself occupied a much bigger space, which... kind of choked the Spatial Distortion. Simply put, there wasn't much space for the Chaos Laws and Energy to pass through anymore. It was like trying to fit a ball in a hole that wasn't big enough for it, so you compressed the ball to enter the hole.


At the top of the tower, the purple light began to gather at the very tip. Following that, all the light compressed as a ball of purple color began to take form. Yet, the light disappeared a few moments later, being replaced by what seemed to be a Purple Crystal. Finally, the Purple Crystal entered the tower's last floor, ending the events caused by the tower.

Bunbun finally recovered a little bit of his power and tried to get close to Lolio and Laweia. Kafan, naturally, was there too. Unfortunately, Laweia and Lolio's bloodline power had been completely spent. The reason the Loporrits died after burning their bloodline powers was that it also affected their souls. It cut the connection with the outside world, leaving nothing but an empty shell behind. Their souls would soon follow in the steps of any other soul, being sent to the underworld for reincarnation.

"Wake up, idiots!" Bunbun hit them with his paw, although he had pretty much no power to do it. Obviously, it was of no use. Laweia and Lolio were gone and there was no way to bring them back.

Kafan approached, but Bunbun immediately put himself between them. "You! It was all you! You know that there is no way we can come back from burning our bloodline. Yet, it was your actions that forced them to use it! What now? Are you going to kill the rest of us?!"

Kafan glanced back at the tower. After confirming that the tower seemed stable, he changed into his humanoid form as he shook his head. The pain on his face wasn't any lower than Bunbun's, and the shame was obvious. "You were right. It was all my fault."

Bunbun tried to stop Kafan from getting closer, but how could he hope to stop someone of Kafan's level? Tears fell from Kafan's eyes as he looked at the two Loporrits. "Master was such an idiot. I couldn't win against my greed, and that caused the entire planet to get almost destroyed. However, it is not over yet. The Spatial Distortion is still there, so I'm going to enter it."

He then grabbed Laweia and Lolio's bodies. "At the very least, Master will bring you together. You died because I wanted to enter that place, so I owe you at least an answer to what can be found inside. I'm sure you would want to know after all of this, too."

"Stop!" Bunbun grabbed Kafan's leg, not letting him take Laweia and Lolio's bodies away. "Get away from them! You don't deserve to touch them!"

Kafan sighed and used his power to push Bunbun away. Of course, he didn't harm him. "I'm sorry..."

Following that, he shot in the tower's direction. When he reached the tower, he threw himself with Laweia and Lolio into a small gap where Chaos Laws and Energy were coming from.

"That was the last time I saw Kafan, Lolio, and Laweia," Bunbun commented. "Lolio and Laweia died that day, and after Kafan threw himself inside the Spatial Distortion, they probably got all messed up by the 'Chaos Laws' coming from there. In the end, I couldn't even bury their bodies."

Rean and the other sighed. Kafan's past with the Loporrits was a lot more complicated than they expected. Kafan almost destroyed the entire planet because of his objectives.

Inside Roan's Sea of Mind, the last memories of the event stopped when Lolio mentioned he had prepared something. The events of Kafan taking his body and diving into the Spatial Distortion weren't present in the memories since he had died before it. Nonetheless, through Roan's body, he heard the rest from Bunbun, and so did Roan. "So he took us with him, uh?"

Roan finished absorbing the rest of the memories regarding everything else from Lolio's life. Sure enough, those memories didn't try to take over his consciousness. He could clearly tell which memories were his own and which ones came from Lolio, keeping them separated without affecting his mind. "Still, wasn't he supposed to have entered the Chaos Origin Source? What happened between that moment and now?"

Lolio shook his head. "I don't know. My memories only awakened now, so I'm as oblivious as you are."

"What are you going to do?" Roan didn't insist and went straight to the main topic.

"Me? I'm nothing but the consciousness of a dead Loporrit, a Loporrit that lost his wife. I have no intention of taking your body or anything like that. Just let me fade away. I didn't even want to wake up to start with," Lolio mentioned, seeming to have already accepted his fate. "Roan, before I disappear, do me a favor. Tell Master that I don't blame him. If I was in his shoes, having been stuck on that level for countless years, I can't guarantee I wouldn't have done the same. No one can. Well then, farewell..."

"Hmph!" It was at this moment that Roan's consciousness in his Sea of Mind shone with Rean's Light Element. Outside, Rean and Roan's hair immediately changed into Dark and White, showing that they were exchanging elements. Rean's Light Element had always been good for the soul, and Roan shared memories with Rean, so he knew very well how to use it.


In the next second, the Light Element enveloped Lolio's consciousness, completely preventing it from fading away. "What are you doing?!" Lolio grew anger. Just a few more moments and he would have been gone.

Yet, Roan couldn't care less. "Look at me! Do I look like someone who would waste his time passing a dead Loporrit's words to someone else? Fuck that! You will tell him yourself. Just stay there and wait until I get the idiot to build you a new body. Since you are a separated consciousness, I will find a method to get you away from me."

Lolio was taken aback. "Didn't you hear me? I don't want to continue to live, damn it!"

"And I don't give a shit!" Roan answered without a care. Now that Lolio was practically gone, he was too weak to fight against Roan's sealing power through Rean's Light Element. "Besides... if you are here now... why wouldn't Laweia be?"

Lolio froze for a moment. That's right! His consciousness was preserved! If that was the case, then perhaps...

Seeing the change in behavior from Lolio, Roan added. "Don't get too comfy. I'm throwing you out very soon. I don't like the idea of sharing my mind at all."

"Also..." the images of another memory surfaced in Roan's mind. "That little thing you prepared before the Tower appeared. I'll be sure to make good use of it."

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