Death... and me - Chapter 2666

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Chapter 2666

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Chapter 2666: That's Basically It


Outside, Bunbun and the others talked a little more. However, Bunbun was the same as Lolio. He also didn't know what happened to Kafan after he entered the Chaos Origin Source. It was quite a surprise to see Kafan returning to this world. "I only know he entered that place you call Chaos Origin Source to try to surpass the Semi-Celestial Realm. As to what happened there, I don't care. Lolio and Laweia are gone, and so are countless other races and pretty much all Loporrits. I would rather kill him instead."

Suddenly, Roan took his hands away from his head. His body was all sweaty, seeming to have gone through a very harsh trial. Yet, the moment he opened his eyes, only the same coldness as always could be seen there. Roan then got up and used his Divine Energy to get rid of the sweat. At the same time, the color of the twins' hair also came back to normal.

Rean looked at that and couldn't help but comment. "You scared me there for a moment. If you had used too much Light Element, the Chaos Laws would have transformed it into other things, and you would be screwed."

With their improvement in Chaos Laws, Rean's group was slowly begining to be able to use their own Elements again without being influenced by the Chaos Laws. However, they weren't anywhere near being able to use as much as they usually do outside this Wonderland. Rean was scared that Roan, in that weird state, would have used too much at once. That would have been a disaster.

Kentucky didn't seem to care about it, though. "Fuck that! What happened?! Are you... you know..."

Yet, before Roan could answer, Bunbun jumped on his shoulder and looked at his face from the side. "Lolio, is that you?" He seemed to hope for a miracle.

Yet, Roan snorted. "Do not compare me with that suicidal idiot. If I hadn't stopped him, he would have been gone already. He is here, but I sealed his consciousness."

Bunbun was taken aback. "Wh-What do you mean?!"

Roan didn't have much patience to talk about everything that happened, so he simply resumed the whole tale and used his Divine Sense to send it all into everyone's minds. "That's basically it."

Rean sighed in relief, now certain that Roan was still Roan. "That's good enough. Yet, from what you are telling me, it would be difficult to differentiate you from Lolio. You two seem really alike... except for the suicidal behavior he tried at the end before you stopped him."

Bunbun pressed his paws against Roan's face, excited. "Is that true?! Lolio, are you truly there?"

"Get off me, for fuck's sake!" Roan finally lost his patience and pushed Bunbun away. Bunbun didn't try to force his way, so he got down. "Fine! But let me talk to him! How is he still alive? I must be certain!"

Roan ignored Bunbun and simply looked at Rean. "Do you have another one of those puppets you used to transfer that guy's soul inside?" Roan was obviously talking about the Universe Foundation Fragment spirit they found in the Azum Dimensional Realm.

"Hum..." Rean pondered a bit and sent his consciousness into the Soul Gem Dimensional Realm. After checking with the other experts there, he finally gave an answer. "I have the materials to make another one, but it would take a few days. The only problem is that the puppet we created back then was made according to the properties of that Spirit. If you want me to make another Puppet for Lolio, the puppet will need to be modified a little."

Roan understood. "You need to check my soul, right?"

Rean nodded. "Yes, but from what you said, Lolio only has his consciousness while he is sharing your soul. The puppet can't hold a consciousness without a soul, so what will you do? Are you thinking about..."

"Yes," Roan cut Rean's words. "We have your Light Element, so it won't take long for me to recover. I'll just severe a small part of it with Lolio's consciousness inside, then use your Light Element to heal both my soul and the small piece I gave Lolio."

Rean narrowed his eyes. "Even though my Light Element can help heal your soul, there is still a risk that you will get affected permanently."

"Hmph!" Roan didn't seem worried, though. "I lived as a Death Spirit pretty much my entire existence. A Death Spirit is pretty much a type of soul, so I understand it better than anyone else. Also, do you have any idea how many souls I sent into the reincarnation path? There is no need for you to worry. Other than getting slightly weaker for some time, I can guarantee there will be no backlash, especially with your Light Element to support."

Rean had no reason to doubt that. "Well, you seem confident enough, so I'll leave it at that."

The one losing his patience now was Bunbun, though. "Just what the hell are you talking about? Puppet? What puppet? Are you planning to put Lolio inside a fucking Puppet?!"

Roan didn't hide it. "Yes, that's the idea. What, do you expect me to give up my body? Like hell I would. It was me who got this body to this level, so be happy I'm at least giving Lolio a body and a part of my soul so he can survive. Besides... Lolio wouldn't accept taking over my body anyway, and you know that."

"This..." Bunbun was speechless. "First, explain everything to me, this time from the start. How come you have Lolio's consciousness inside you?"

Roan, obviously, instantly resumed everything and used a Divine Sense message. "That's about it."

Bunbun found it hard to organize everything in his mind. It was too much information at once. Nonetheless, he did understand the crucial parts. "So... Kafan used Lolio's Soul to make a Death Spirit Copy... and that Copy is you, and now the memories of your past life as Lolio awakened... Yet, it didn't take over your mind. Instead, it awakened as a separate consciousness in this place... and now we are here."

"That's basically it," Roan found no fault with his explanation.

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