Death... and me - Chapter 2667

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Chapter 2667

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Chapter 2667: Gift


Ignoring Bunbun's surprise, Roan paid attention to Rean. "Tell the guys in the Dimensional Realm to start building the puppet. Whatever you need from my soul, you just let me know. I don't like the idea of another consciousness sharing a body with me. The connection I have with you is already annoying enough."

"I'm starting to think that perhaps I would have Lolio in your place, hmph!" Rean complained, but he still asked the guys in the Soul Gem Dimensional Realm to work on the Puppet. "Most of the puppet's construction is the same as the one we used for Lostrai in the past. I will only need to analyze your soul near the end of the construction, so it will take a few days."

"So..." Kentucky and Celis looked around. "What will we do? Wait for Rean to finish this puppet and wake Lolio here outside?"

Bunbun narrowed his eyes. "Is it safe for him?"

"Who knows?" Rean shrugged his shoulder. "Matters involving the soul are complicated. The soul I helped in the past was complete and was really strong. Lolio will be just a small part of a soul with a lot of memories infused along his consciousness. The situations are very different. Better than this, only if we had a Loporrit body with the same affinity as him, although I highly doubt he would accept taking someone else's body over."

"How do you know?" Bunbun asked back.

Rean then pointed at Roan. "They are more or less the same soul, so I can guarantee their pride wouldn't allow it."

Celis and Kentucky agreed vigorously with Rean. "That would be impossible indeed."

Roan still didn't quite like to be compared to Lolio, but he couldn't refute either. They are the same soul... somehow. So, their personalities are indeed alike. "We are not going to wait here. Lolio left something that will help us with the Chaos Laws at the end of this tunnel."

"He did?" Everyone was taken aback.

Bunbun was even more so. "Are you sure? I truly don't remember Lolio getting involved in anything that I didn't know."

"You just didn't know about it," Roan commented. "Back then, Lolio was working in secrecy as a countermeasure in case the Chaos laws and Energy burst out of the tower. No one else other than Lolio knew about this place at all. All these carvings were his own work, too."

Roan didn't waste time and walked ahead. "Let's go. You will understand when you see it."

The carvings didn't last long. After all, they were already near the end of the story, where Lolio died. The last carvings were basically Lolio building this place in secrecy while he worked on a special item. No one could tell what it was, though.

However, even though the carvings were over, the tunnel wasn't anywhere near it. The tunnel continued for several hundreds of kilometers. Not only that, Bunbun and Rean could see many runes on the walls, all concealing type ones. "No wonder no one found this place until today," Bunbun commented. He also worked on formations back then. "There was no way our Divine Senses would notice this tunnel, especially with his deep it is going."

The temperature began to increase, showing that they were indeed moving closer to the core of the planet. After a certain profundity, the tunnel evened out and only continued straight. No one knows what happened in this place during all these years, so the group took their steps slowly and spent a few hours to finally reach the tunnel's end.

What appeared in front of them was a huge cave covered in even more concealing runes. The runes were very old, but Rean could tell from a glance their high quality. "Very nice work indeed. They are on their last stands, but I can easily see how incredibly meticulous their build is for them to have lasted so far."

"Look there." Kentucky pointed out.

There was a building at the center of that cave. At first, it didn't look anything special. However, as their group approached the building, they began to feel the concentration of Chaos Laws increasing. By the time they reached the door, the concentration was higher than when they were closer to the tower before changing direction.

"This is weird..." Bunbun said as he used his own control over the Chaos Laws to help Rean, Roan, and the others. Since the concentration here was higher than what the twins had cultivated to resist, it was too risky to get this close without help. Bunbun, of course, he no issues with it. "We are quite far away from the tower and the Spatial Distortion. You better be careful. The only way for this place to have such a high concentration of Chaos Laws and Energy is if there is a Wonderbeast inside."

Rean, Kentucky, and Celis had the same thought. Those beasts were indeed the only time they found more Chaos Laws in areas with low concentration.

However, before anyone could even prepare, Roan simply pushed the door open. "It's not a wonder beast."

Bunbun eyes almost jumped out as he saw Roan throw himself in the middle of all those Chaos Laws and Energy. "Hey, wait!"

Bunbun tried to stop Roan, but Roan ignored him. Only then did Bunbun and the others notice that the Chaos Laws and Energy inside the building weren't affecting Roan at all.

Rean and the others looked at each other and entered as well. If there was a risk, Roan would have warned them. Bunbun, obviously, could only follow. It didn't take long for him to notice that the Chaos Laws there really didn't affect anyone as they should. "What is different?" He murmured for a moment.

Rean could see many other runes, although they had all broken by now. "Lolio truly spent a very long time and effort in this place."

The Chaos Laws gave way, allowing everyone to see better while following Roan. Finally, they reached the center of the room, where all the formations from the past seemed to converge. The formations weren't there anymore. Yet, there was an item on the stand at the center. That's where all the Chaos Laws seemed to be coming from. It was... a Purple Crystal!

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