Divine Path System - Chapter 1642

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Chapter 1642

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Chapter 1642: Family


Miss Calamity was confused when she learned she was invited to the family meeting.

Of course, under the title of 'sister-in-law', she did sneak in quite often shamelessly. Not that Aurora liked to do go uninvited. Many kingdoms sent her precious gifts for her brief presence in grand events. She didn't even bother to attend one.

Aurora wasn't after the meetings or their content.

No, if what drove her initially to this weird, weird family was initially her senior sister who also happened to be her idol, what led her to not leave was the man of mystery, the brother-in-law who was too weird to be classified under any other living species in her humble opinion.

What was he really? A scammer who lied to her blatantly on their first meeting in Centaurus? 'Ahem ahem, I was also in a disguise, but hey!' Or was he a scammer again when he disguised himself as Telor in the Pala's academy?

'Ahem ahem, I was also in a disguise, but hey!' Or was he a scammer when he barged into the kingdom as Isadora's brother-in-law when he was in fact her husband?

'Okay…I was not in a disguise this time!' With a lot of mental gymnastics, Aurora managed to label her brother-in-law as an expert scammer who's even better at fooling people than her.

'He did rescue me from…mother.' When he promised her that, what she really expected was a climactic battle where where he'd put his life on the line and save her despite his heavy injuries.

It would happen many years later, when she's on the verge of death.

And the battered brother-in-law would breathe vitality into her body, bringing her back to life.

It'd be a super emotional moment, one which would make her heart flutter and remain in her memories until her world vanished.

…And what actually happened?

At least according to Aurora who witnessed the scene and her ridiculous reinterpretation of it—

Mother: "I will use this girl for my rebirth, she is just a tool I don't love!" Brother-in-law: "I'm the heir. If you don't want your head blown off day when I reach rank 2…day after tomorrow since I'm going to nap today, you better give your daughter to me."

Mother: "Ah, okay! I'm so sorry! My daughter is so lucky to have caught your eye." Brother-in-law: "Hmph! Don't overestimate her. She's just a lone puppy I don't want to abandon. By the way, I love my wives."

"Yeah, it definitely went like that."

Kicking pebbles down the path, Aurora muttered with a dissatisfied expression.

Why were the princesses in the stories getting saved by climactic battles and she got saved by a…warning?

"I'm also a princess. In fact, I'm the noblest princes of entire genesis." Aurora sighed deeply, her shoulders drooping as she walked with an expression that screamed 'the world doesn't love me'.

When the hyperactive woman finally reached the palace of gardens located at the heart of flower forest, she assumed a solemn expression to show them that she was serious about this family meeting thing.

But walking down the beautiful flower beds which were shaped into portraits of the four women, she couldn't help but show a fascinated look.

It wasn't difficult for an awakener to do these things. What she found interesting was the lack of aura around these flowers.

Some sort of power-nullifying domain was laid out around these flowers using the power of Hortus. Unless she fought back, she'd turn into a mortal inside.

Whoever made these flowers must've spent weeks catering to them and creating such beautiful portraits of beautiful women.

'Heh, teenagers.' With a smile of pride at her maturity to avoid such childish feelings, Miss Calamity reached the hall of lilies.

The floral fragrance hooked her soul for a moment before she adjusted herself and sat in between Isadora and Sarah on the lush green grass, finishing the circular formation.

"Family meeting 31 begins." Rubbing her long hair, Enigma announced. As she did, she glanced at Aurora from the corner of her eye. "With a distant guest invited for purely professional reasons."

"Hey Hey Hey!" Aurora yelped like a cat that got its tail stepped on. Pointing at the four women, especially Isadora, she said. "You don't have any friends except me. Even if you have some acquaintances, I'm the closest friend to you all."

Isadora's face crumpled while Enigma showed no reaction. Sarah lowered her head clenching her fist while Sia showed a wry smile.

Miss Calamity then turned to Varian who was looking at her in shock and smirked. "Brother-in-law, bluntly speaking, after the four of them, I'm the woman you're closest with. I'm no guest and definitely not a distant one."

Varian didn't reply. He carefully observed her face.

Even though Aurora was smiling and throwing bombshells at them, her lips were trembling and her body was shaking.

Miss Calamity didn't take the possessive words they would sometimes blurt to heart. But the way the same words were framed this time hurt her.

She was called an 'outsider'. Enigma's emotions were in a slight turmoil after what happened in purgatory. Even though the three women had let it go, she still seemed a bit affected by the parasite queen's fiasco. It's not surprising since Enigma's emotions were either null or very intense. Her worldview was more black and white as well as more detached from social aspects.

So, she said words in a way she usually wouldn't have framed and those possessive words poked a sore spot.

[She is hurt. If you aren't here, she might've even cried. What a ruthless wife you have. Even the lady who caused feared in the alliance is bullied to tears.]

Logos expressed sympathy but then immediately revealed the original goal.

[How about you hug her deeply and let your body express the apology?]

'You shouldn't stayed silent instead of talking crap.'

"What are yo—"

When Enigma was about to retort, Varian's voice rang through the synergy link.

'Her father doesn't even acknowledge her. Her mother sees her as nothing more than a vessel. Everyone she grew up with is either scared of her talent or want to use her for their own gains.

Despite how she looks, Aurora perceives people well. That's why she's so distant to people outside. The mask she wears outside, even if it's not fully a mask, is a side of herself she developed to deal with the ruthless world.

How she behaves with us is her more authentic self, a self she couldn't afford to be express in her circumstances.

She trusts us because we neither fear her nor want to use her for our benefits. Even if you girls don't see it, she does see you as family.

You are the closest people to her in this world.'

Varian's words were hidden from Aurora but from the changes in the women's expressions, she could tell that he had spoken.

"I'm sorry, Aurora." Enigma's apology was sincere.

"It's okay. I know you didn't mean it in a negative way." Aurora waved her hand but her lips couldn't stop rising.

"You are…family." Enigma continued with a sigh. "Yeah, who else do we have anyway?"

"Suddenly, I feel you're accepting me because you have no one else."

Enigma looked at her seriously for a moment before a beautiful smile dawned on her face. "No, even if we had a big, big family, you'd have still barged in, wouldn't you?"

"Of course!" Miss Calamity beamed and felt that Enigma understood her more than she thought.

"Alright, alright, whatever we say, she's my junior sister and Varian's sister-in-law." Isadora waved her hands and rubbed Aurora's head. "Now let's get to the agenda of the meeting."

Varian looked at them with a troubled expression. "I think I might have to go the Jai Empire and hunt down some princes."

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