Dressed As a Cannon Fodder For the Rich and Powerful

Dressed As a Cannon Fodder For the Rich and Powerful
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Qi Xiaoyu was a pillar of the Red Moon Troupe during the Republic of China period. He had a unique appearance, figure, and singing style. His ability to adapt to all kinds of people and situations is even more remarkable.

Meanwhile, Qi Xiaoyu, the starlet in the novel “Sick President Sadistically Loves Me”, is the complete opposite. As a small cannon fodder who had a “warding-off” wedding with the soon-to-be-dying President Xun in order to “wash away” his bad luck and “cure his illness,” this person is s*upid, conceited, arrogant, and proud of his beauty. He gave the president a green hat, coveted the president’s family property, framed the protagonist shou, and was finally sent to an asylum by the sick president, where he was locked up until he turned into an actual lunatic.

When Qi Xiaoyu transmigrated, it was the same night that he was sent to the sick president for the warding-off ceremony……

Qi Xiaoyu judged the situation and was very clear about what he wanted:

Before the protagonist shou appeared, he would obediently clamp his tail tightly between his legs, coax the president into submission, and strive to develop his acting career. After the protagonist shou appeared, he would work hard to match the two of them, retire after success, and divorce the president!

Qi Xiaoyu blinked his big, innocent eyes and smiled, saying, “What the Third Master said is right. Come on, I’ll massage your legs.”

His face is harmless, innocent, and pure.

At the beginning, Third Master Xun casually glanced at Qi Xiaoyu and said, “I have a cleanliness habit. Don’t just push a random person toward me.”

Not long after, Third Master Xun lazily looked at Qi Xiaoyu at his side and said, “This little thing is quite attentive.”

Later, Third Master Xun, whose attitude has completely made a 180-degree turn, couldn’t leave his wife for a day and just wanted to spoil him to heaven.

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