First Demonic Dragon - Chapter 552

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Chapter 552: She’s Her Father’s Daughter

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Chapter 552 She’s Her Father’s Daughter

- On a Parallel Earth; Alabama, United States of America - Nightfall Base.

Inside of a crowded mess hall, two young girls were sitting side by side at a rather isolated table and looked to be having a somewhat important discussion over breakfast.

One girl looked to be around twenty years old, with long snow-white hair tied above her head and flawless jade skin.

Her red eyes were sharp and intimidating, but also warm and regal.

Her head rested on the shoulder of the woman next to her as she nonchalantly peeled an orange.

The second girl looked to be a little younger, at around nineteen.

She had dark skin, with a slightly ashen complexion, yet maintained a healthy and youthful glow.

Her long, curly hair was colored gray and fell all the way down her back to reach her butt.

Similar to Belloc, she had dark black eyes that were thoughtful, yet unsettling; a telltale sign of an individual with power over death.

"I don't care what she said, I think we should still do it."

"But is she right...? Are we being too naive about shouldering such a responsibility?"

"We've talked about this before, and now that we have this opportunity we should take it. Afterall, we already have Cami's approval."

"She nodded because you we're holding her bottle..."

"Still counts!"

Aubrey started to laugh, but at that moment a gust of wind blew their hair into their faces.

Upon pushing it away, they found a beaming Thea suddenly sitting at the table with them, and their days became a little brighter.

"Hellooo ladies~! Mind if I join you?"

While the white-haired girl smiled awkwardly, Nyx's youngest daughter handled Thea's arrival much better.

"That depends, have you come to flirt with us again?"

"It might come up."

Aubrey merely rolled her eyes.

"I just wanted a chance to get to know the two of you better." Thea shrugged. "I can't help it if I get the urge to express my fondness for the things I learn."

"And if you should learn something that you didn't like?" Aisha finally asked.

"As long as I hear them out of those pretty lips of yours, I'm sure I'll be able to get over it." Thea smiled seductively.

Taken aback, Aisha blushed furiously and glanced at Aubrey hoping she had some sort of countermeasure.

Her ears were red too; so she most certainly didn't.

"S-Shouldn't you be with your brothers or something? I'm sure they miss their big sister."

"Uhhh..." Thea glanced behind her at her two uncaring siblings.

Apophis was sitting next to Serana, looking like he was exactly one joke away from talking her out of her panties.

Belloc was doing something similar with Melanie, only he was reading some of the poetry she wrote while she continued to steal glances at him.

Not to mention since the base was a 75% female majority, the boys had crowds of girls around them all anxiously waiting to get a word in with them.

"Yea.... They don't give a damn about me right now."

"Aww, don't say that." Aubrey smiled. "I'm sure they'd love spending time with you."New n0vel chapters are published on

Thea pulled out her phone and texted both of her brothers in a groupchat.

Thea: Hey!

Purple-haired bastard: What do you want, she-beast?

Little Bell-Bell: We're in the same room, I know you're not dying. So this can wait, right?

Aisha and Aubrey covered their mouths to keep their laughter from spilling out but ultimately failed miserably.

Thea put on the most pitiful expression she could muster. "See? I'll have no one to spend time with if you two reject me..."

Aisha and Aubrey looked at each other momentarily.

Sensing that she was close, Thea prepared to go in for the kill when suddenly her phone vibrated on the table.

All three girls saw the name 'Papa Dragon' flashing across the screen, along with a contact picture of Thea and an unknown heavily tattooed man.

The only features that the girls could see were the long, incomparably luxurious red hair coming from his head, and his bloodcurdling glowing eyes of the same color.

The rest of his face was covered by what seemed to be... a shaving cream beard?

"And I thought I was in good shape... who is that and why is he built like the beast monarch??" Aisha yelled, attempting to conceal her jealousy.


"I'm afraid everyone else is still recovering, but we're hoping that you'll stay home to have dinner with us. It'll be nice to have a proper meeting with all of us." Seras smiled.


"Your father had a bit more energy than usual this time around..." Seras blushed.

"With such beautiful wives, how can I not?"

"It seems like you still have more energy to burn... and I thought we had done our best to satisfy-"

"Gross and weird! Gross and weird!" Thea cried.

"Aww, don't be like that, Thea."

"That's right, how many times do we have to tell you how lucky you are to have parents who love each other?"

"I'd feel a lot more lucky if I didn't have to WITNESS your love. There's only so much parental canoodling a child can take."

Abaddon and Seras looked at each other eevily and Thea suddenly felt her hairs stand on end.

"Do you know what it sounds like she needs, hon?"

"Exposure therapy?"

"Exposure therapy."

"NOOOOO!" Thea cried.

With both Abaddon and Seras being over a foot taller than Thea, it was easy for them to lean over her while she was stuck between them to give each other a lingering kiss.

Thea cried and protested as loud as she could, but with both of them possessing bodies like metal, she was effectively stuck between a hard place and a harder place.

Coincidentally, Mira and the twins came when they heard her protests, but they abandoned her upon seeing the predicament she had gotten herself into.

It was a full four minutes before Abaddon and Seras released each other's lips, and then they kissed Thea on opposite cheeks before letting her be free.

"Trauma... so much trauma.."


Smiling, the two parents pushed Thea towards the doors to the dining hall.

"We'll pick on you more later, but for now you should go see Sif. I can hear her pacing."Abaddon said.

"You guys... aren't coming in with me?" Thea asked somewhat sadly.

Seras smiled at her daughter gently as she cupped her face in her hands. "It's not our place, my baby. Your father and I will be wishing you the best of luck and keeping ourselves busy, and then you can tell us all about it later."

Thea nodded thoughtfully and shot her father one last parting look before walking through the doors.

Once she was out of sight, Seras immediately went to Abaddon's side and hugged him.

And because he needed it more than she knew, he didn't hesitate to hug her back.

"We're doing the right thing, you know?"

"...I do."

"So why do you seem so burdened...?"

Unbeknownst to Seras, her particular word choice was like picking at an open wound for her husband.

And even though he wanted to, he couldn't express himself properly in that moment.

When she noticed that he didn't seem like he was going to open up anytime soon, she nodded thoughtfully and didn't press him to speak.

"I get it... why don't we do something exciting in the meantime?"

Depressed or not, Abaddon Tathamet did not turn down sex.

He instantly grabbed Seras' butt, however she surprised him by swatting his hand away.

"Not what I meant, sweetheart."

"Oh..? Then what?"

Seras started to lift up Abaddon's shirt and placed a hand on his lower stomach.

"You literally just said-"

"G-Get your mind out of the gutter for once!"

'My mind is the gutter...' he thought.

Seras traced the tattoos over his stomach as she smiled to herself.

"As I recall, you're holding some new personalities in your body now. Seems like they might help pose a suitable distraction, don't you think?"

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