First Demonic Dragon - Chapter 553

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Chapter 553: First Meeting, Second Meeting

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Chapter 553 First Meeting, Second Meeting

Thea hesitated before she finally opened the door to the dining room and stepped inside.

As her father had said, there was a woman in here pacing back and forth.

However, he neglected to mention the very large and unfriendly komainu who was standing guard over her.

"Entei, that's not how we treat people, big guy. I don't care what Mira or dad coax you into."

After hearing his name called by his favorite person in the whole house, the large beast lost all of his unfriendly demeanor and practically sprinted to reach her.

For that moment, Sif felt her breath get stuck in her lungs as she saw her daughter in person for the first time in over a decade.

Her daughter had grown up to be so beautiful that the picture she saw earlier didn't quite do her justice.

A face more captivating than every stuck-up beauty in the heavens, and a body that made even the amazons pale in comparison.

She wore a cute and trendy little outfit as if she were a normal human girl from earth; jean shorts that hugged her butt a little too tightly, a military green t-shirt that covered her slender arms and hard abs, and a pair of high-top converse.

Sif wasn't sure how she felt about Thea's clothes being so tight fitting, as her first instinct was to fear what would happen if one of the male gods just so happened to catch wind of her beauty.

Even the other goddesses would become spiteful and mad with jealousy and inflict all manner of harms onto her if they were to glimpse her.

With those thoughts in mind, she began to worry for her daughter's safety and wellbeing.

And as she opened her mouth to speak, she watched Thea ruffle the fur on Entei's face as she kissed his snout.

Somehow, that was all it took to erase Sif's concerns.

'Ah...What was I worried about again..?'

Staring at this scene, it was clear to her that her daughter was surrounded by so much love and care that not even a hair on her head could fall out of place.

And when she looked at the bracelet peeking out from underneath the sleeve of her shirt, she felt even more secure in her daughter's safety.

Silently, her opinion of Abaddon improved just a little bit.

It took an immense amount of trust and faith to let your daughter run around with a weapon that could kill you at any given moment.

But she still disliked him immensely.

Thea finally looked away from the needy Entei and glanced at a mesmerized Sif.

She wasn't expecting for there to be such a strong resemblance...

Toned physique, long golden hair, and even the same bright blue eyes like she used to have.

"I...Hello." Thea finally mustered up the courage to say something, but she wouldn't exactly call it a proper prelude to a magnetic conversation.

"Y-Yes, hello..." Evidently, Sif was just as nervous.



The two of them became stuck in silence with neither one of them knowing what to say.

Unused to such awkwardness, Thea prepared to belt out some half joke about not inheriting Sif's or Abaddon's hair length when Sif spoke first.

"May I hug you...?"

Thea was a hugger by nature.

Whether it was her brothers, sisters, wives, or her parents, she was always sneaking up on them at some point or another to deliver a cuddly sneak attack.

But Sif asking for one made her feel awkward and nervous; almost like she had never hugged another individual before in her life.

"S-Sure..." she agreed shyly.

Sif rushed to cross the distance between the two of them and wrapped Thea in a crushing embrace that surprised her.

Minor or not, Sif was still a goddess.

And her body was one of the toughest as well, since she had been having regular relations with a giant for thousands of years now.

She had to be strong so that she did not break.

As she hugged the goddess back, Thea noticed that her shoulder was starting to feel wet.

"I-I... am so sorry." Sif sobbed quietly.

"Y-You don't need to-"

"You have to believe me, I-I had no idea what he would do or what my absence would...oh gods I'm so, so very sorry..."

The baby from before had come back all grown up, in the form of a huge man who literally oozed sexual charm from every pore of his body.

It seemed as though they were a couple in their own world, as they hadn't even noticed the arrival of the archangels.

"They don't sound as good as our choir back home, honey."

"Indeed not... They are missing that soul component." the man emphasized.


"It's hard to explain, but they are missing that natural rhythm and emotion in their voice that can only be recreated by those who've experienced loss and tragedy. They just haven't been through enough to pull off an emotional song like this."



The golden tattoos on the man's body briefly glowed and the singing angels stopped as it seemed their minds were readjusting for new orders.

Angel Chorus : "All I want to say is that they don't really care about us!"

"Shuffle, this one makes me miss Lilli."

"She is quite cute when she sings this, isn't she?" the man smiled. "Alright then."


"Babe!" the woman laughed. "This is not date music!"

"Sorry, sorry, I just thought it would be funny!" the man chuckled with her.

Angel Choir : "Wanna see you whip it, sho'll could treat you right, give me just a minute, of your time tonight, we both are hereee to have some fun, so let it whip!"


"I thought you would like this one."

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Michael roared.

The two creatures looked back by turning their heads 180 degrees and staring at the archangels like they had just interrupted them.

Seras: "We're on a date." (Trying to piss you off for our amusement)

Abaddon: "Do you mind?" (Is it working?)

"What have you done to my brethren!?" Michael roared.

At this, Abaddon fought hard to resist the urge to smile.

Combining his divinity of order with his other divinities didn't erase the power.

It amplified it.

Now, he could manipulate the free will of anything and anyone beneath the level of a primordial with significantly less energy expenditure.

And if he used it on angelic, draconic, demonic, spiritual, or monstrous beings, there was no energy cost required at all; and the effect was absolute.

It also made him and those tied to him immune to similar powers.

He had avoided tooting his own horn so far, but Seras knew that her husband was just a little proud of these abilities of his.

She found it quite cute.

But Michael didn't.

"By the light of all that is holy... I will destroy you!!" Michael roared.

Suddenly, the archangel's white robes were burned away in a column of golden fire.

What remained behind afterwards was a man clad in gold and white armor with three enormous pairs of white wings behind him.

He raised a hand to the sky and an enormous flaming sword flew into his waiting palm.

'He's mad.' Seras thought.

'Indeed he is. How much madder do you think he can get?'

'I'm not sure, but as agitators it is our responsibility to find out, right?'

'Gods, I love you.'

'Prove it~'

As if the world was not literally catching fire around them, Seras and Abaddon shared a soft and meaningful kiss that was incomparably warmer than even the flames of heaven.

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