First Demonic Dragon - Chapter 555

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Chapter 555: The Seven Heavenly Virtues

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Chapter 555 The Seven Heavenly Virtues

Michael gritted his teeth as he quickly took a moment to assess the situation.

There were millions upon millions of souls standing on the stairway to heaven.

If a battle ensued here, they could become collateral damage in the blink of an eye. New novel chapters are published on no/vel(b)in(.)co/m

Especially with the child Abaddon was holding.

So for right now, Michael had to peacefully negotiate a way to ensure the release of himself and everyone here, as well as the entire domain of heaven if he was able.

"Dragon... release the girl and come with us so that we can find an amicable solution to our current stalemate."

Abaddon smiled as he clicked his teeth and wagged his finger.

"Angel... this is not a stalemate. You want something from me, but I am not inclined to give it back no matter how much you ask. You may as well go on about your life as normal."

"I don't believe that is in our best interest."

"Why is that? Do you believe I'm going to bite all of your heads off while you sleep? That's sort of pointless to me now though."

Little Courtney could hardly follow any of this conversation, but her mind heard the words 'dragon' and 'bite off heads' and she put two and two together.

"Mister... are you a big monster...?" She asked suspiciously.

Most would have given more careful answers to a question like that, but Abaddon was always a fairly honest person.

"Depends on the day, ya know?"

Courtney stared at him blankly.

No, she clearly does not know.

"Most of the time I look like this, but sometimes I need to change into my bigger body and stretch the old bones around a bit, Y'know?"

She still does not know.

"Are you afraid of monsters, Courtney?" He finally asked.

The little girl thought back to the hours upon hours she spent watching Tim Burton movies on her little tablet while she sat in her hospital bed.

At times, they were her only real comfort or escape from the chemotherapy that ravaged her body.

She especially enjoyed the one about the silly man who goes to the world of the dead with his wife.

"No... I am not scared of them." She finally said.

This seemed to make the two dragons smile from ear to ear.

"Since you're a dragon monster, does that mean you can breathe fire?" She suddenly asked.

"Sure does, and you want to know something really embarrassing...?"

The little girl leaned forward as if she were hanging off the edge of Abaddon's every word.

"Sometimes, if I sneeze really hard, it comes out of my-"

"Babe!" Seras chastised.

"I was going to say nose!"

"Sureee you were."

Courtney looked back and forth between Abaddon and Seras before snickering to herself cutely.

"What is your end game, Abaddon?" One of the archangels asked.

The dragon affectionately rubbed the head of the small child in his arms as he ignored them altogether.

Jophiel's eyes narrowed as he landed a few feet away from the trio.

"Destroyer... hand over the child."

"Are you hard of hearing, pigeon? I believe I already said that I would not."

Michael once again felt like dealing with the dragon of oblivion was going to send him spiraling into alcoholism.


When Courtney reopened her eyes, she was somewhere absolutely mystical.

It was a land so beautiful and vibrant that to describe it would require an entire English dictionary.

The sky above her head was pink and rosy colored like a fresh peach, with a golden aurora borealis moving throughput the sky.

She was standing on a riverbank made from some kind of soft, red grass that smelled of warmth and sweetness, almost like the fall.

In front of them was a large lake and a waterfall that continually poured the most perfect crystal clear water she had ever witnessed.

She wasn't thirsty before coming here, but just looking at the water made her want to have a drink.

There were no lands, mythical or imaginable that could compare to this place in terms of beauty.

This was the garden of Eden.

'I.. wait..'

The young girl suddenly raised her hands up to her face and her eyes went wide with wonder.

Her body had weight to it again.

She could feel her pulse in her veins and the beat of her heart forcing blood through every inch of her body.

Although she was still too skinny for her own good.

But her cheeks remained decently plump and adorable, so she wasn't in an entirely hopeless state.

Her head felt slightly itchy and when she reached up to scratch it, she felt something that she only barely remembered.


The black, curly hair that had fallen out over two years ago was now growing back quicker than what was humanely possible.

Within a few short seconds, it had all grown back and gave her a slightly tomboyish troublemaker look.

Finally, instead of a large hospital gown, she wore an oversized t-shirt with the image of a dandelion on it.

Though she hadn't noticed that bit yet.

Her only focus was on one simple thing.

"I'm... not sick..?"

Courtney could breathe deeply without her lungs aching uncontrollably.

She was standing upright and she wasn't getting dizzy or nauseous, and to make matters even better, she was absolutely bursting with energy.


"How do you feel, Courtney? Better?" A woman asked.

The young girl spun around expecting to find the same man and woman who brought her here, but instead she found real monsters.

They were without a doubt the tallest people she had ever seen in her life, and certainly the most muscular as well.

One had black skin like the scene she saw when she closed her eyes as tightly as possible, and the other was bright red like the rising sun.

The man had three eyes and white and black hair, while the woman had the normal two, and single colored hair as well.

They even had tails!

Faced with the sight of what was certainly the most cool and awesome couple in her entire imagination, her childish brain reacted the only way that she could.

She fainted.

"...Maybe the real appearances were a bit too much too soon." Seras muttered.


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