First Demonic Dragon - Chapter 556

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Chapter 556: What Is It Like To Be A Primordial God?

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Chapter 556 What Is It Like To Be A Primordial God?

Currently, Abaddon and Seras were lying together side-by-side in the field of red grass.

Their faces were turned towards the sky, but their eyes were closed and they appeared to be resting.

Courtney was still asleep and on Abaddon's chest, and he was making sure to keep his body temperature at a constant warmth so that she could rest comfortably as he rocked her.

Meanwhile, Abaddon and Seras' tails were intertwined in an intimate gesture as they let the gentle breeze pass over their bodies and listened to the running of the waterfall.

"This place is quite beautiful, my love. I don't believe I have ever seen anything like it before." Seras said warmly.

Abaddon smiled as he continued to rock Courtney at a steady rhythm.

"I think... one day this will be the place I retire to. The same way that the creators have the tree of life, I want to rest here after it has all been said and done."

"I think I would like that very much, husband... And our children?"

"They'll probably have their own lives to live and aspirations to achieve... so it will be just us, my love."

"Does that mean...?"

"We can walk around naked as much as we want."

"I'm salivating just thinking about it." Seras muttered drunkenly.

Smiling to himself, Abaddon continued to rock Courtney absentmindedly as she slept.



"We never asked you, but... what is it like to be a living personification of a concept? How do you feel?"

At this, Abaddon finally opened his three eyes slowly.

"How do I say this... it is very.. interesting. I see many things, and know even more. The power I hold seems only secondary to the fact that I am in more places than just here, and yet I am also not at the same time."Updated from n0velb(i)n.c(o)/m

"What do you mean?"

Abaddon tapped his foot on the ground rhythmically as he tried to explain.

Becoming a concept meant he was in a great many places at once.

The easiest way to visualize this is with sex.

Think of him like a secret observer, sitting in the chair in the corner and cheering you on as you try to give your one-night stand a reason to save your number in her phone.

But since he is also sexuality and attraction, he is also present in the midst of instances of flirtation or intimacy.

He knows instinctively what two people find attractive about each other, and can amplify or nullify those feelings if he should so choose.

Fusing with the cosmos has made him practically omnipresent and omnipotent.

Not only did he know where every star, planet, asteroid, cosmic storm, and black hole was within the vastness of space, but his talent and authority over spacial magic made him indomitable in the field.

Not only was he completely immune to spacial attacks and magic, but darkness, ice, fire, light, and lightning as well.

In addition to the immunities he possesses to both chaos and holy powers as well, it was becoming harder and harder to kill him day by day.

Being the personification of conquest was an interesting one.

He was effectively a war god on steroids.

Like with sex and sexuality, he was present in all struggles of whatever universe he was standing in at that moment, be it his original one or any other.

In addition, just by looking at someone, he could see the best way to break them in the most inhumane methods possible.

His martial skills had become refined to the point of absurdity, but he honestly felt he would hardly ever need them anymore.

As Conquest, even the most basic right hand from him felt like enduring a string of brutal combos followed up by a blast from a twelve gauge shotgun.

His strikes were designed to break wills.

To make even the most arrogant and overconfident of deities abandon all hope.

To lay down their weapons and allow themselves to be conquered.

...Isn't that fun??

Being the personification of the supernatural... that one was a bit special.

He was within every witch, vampire, dragon, werewolf ogre, giant, ghoul, ghost, and demon in whatever universe he was standing in.

If he should focus, he can even exert total control over them no matter their distance or willpower.

And if he summoned the corrupted wheel of fortuna, he could control their fates and bestow good luck or bad luck depending on how it was spun.

...He was ashamed to say it, but as a baby he didn't fully understand the significance of this toy, so he sort of spun it without rest whenever he became bored.

Some supernatural creatures hit the lottery or got treasures they had long coveted.

...Others watched a loved one die in front of them or were involved in horrible accidents.

...Again, he was very sorry and promised to be more responsible in the future.

Seras snickered uncontrollably and Abaddon tightened his grip on her tail.

When her vision finally refocused, she found two of the most beautiful horned monstrosities she had ever witnessed.

"Sleep well?" Abaddon asked with a smile.

Courtney's eyes widened.

"I understand this might be a bit of a shock, but- Ugck!"

Courtney suddenly jammed her fingers into the dragon's mouth.

"Vovi, why are your teeth so white and sharp!? You're like a vampire!"

"Uhh..." At this moment, Abaddon was remembering how much he disliked the dentist when he was younger.

"Is that eye of yours real? Can I poke it? Why are your tattoos moving???"

While Seras laughed to herself, Abaddon tried to answer all of little Courtney's questions without accidentally nipping her with his teeth.

Only once her curiosity was sated did she realize that maybe probing someone who she had just met like this was just a little bit rude.

"Ah... I'm sorry." She muttered.

Abaddon smiled as he ruffled her hair. "Why are you apologizing? I don't mind your curiosity one bit."

"You don't...?"

"No. You can ask me whatever you like."

Courtney lay on her back in the grass between Abaddon and Seras, and she held both of their hands as best she could due to the size difference.

"Is your name Abaddon or Vovi?"

"Abaddon. My enemies call me Vovin, not Vovi."

"And what is your name?"

"I am Seras."

"Are you two married?"

""We are.""

"That's nice... how did you meet?"

"She physically abused me to the point of near death."

Courtney sat up in clear worry.

"Oh, it's okay I asked her to."

Those words didn't exactly seem to make her any less concerned.

Seras discreetly snapped her husband's ankle with her tail as she smiled harmlessly.

"H-He's just making a joke! In truth, we met at his birthday party one year and it was love at first sight!"

Abaddon started to say 'no the hell it wasn't' but he didn't want his wife to break his other ankle so he kept quiet.

Seras was in a childlike form when he first saw her, and while he didn't consider himself to be a man who was picky about women's appearances, he strictly only liked women who looked, and were, of age.

His wife had basically just called him a lolicon and he didn't like it.

Nonetheless, Courtney eventually lay back down and continued her questions.

And as time progressed, they became heavier and heavier.

"Mr. Abaddon... are you god?"

"I'm a god, but not the one you are referring to."

"There are more than one..?"

"I guess you were a bit too young to learn about polytheistic religions, huh?"

"Poly... what?"

"I-I'll just explain when you're a bit older."

Courtney thought about her next question for a moment before it eventually passed her lips.

"Are you the god... who made me sick?"

Abaddon and Seras' heart skipped a beat from such a heavy question.

They both sat up and pulled the young girl into their combined laps as they hugged her warmly.

Seras: "No, he isn't ... and the one you're referring to isn't responsible either. You just had a bit of bad luck, sweetie."

Abaddon: "But there's an upside now."

"Upside...?" She asked curiously.

"Yes, an upside." Abaddon smiled. "Since your first life was no good, you are entitled to live a second, filled with more treasure and happiness than you can imagine. Or, you can go back to rest easy. Which would you like?"

Courtney seemed to think about it for a long time, and was constantly twirling her thumbs nervously.


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