First Demonic Dragon - Chapter 557

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Chapter 557: A New Daughter, A New Mission

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Chapter 557 A New Daughter, A New Mission

It took a while, but after a few hours of rest and recuperation the rest of Abaddon's wives started waking up.

One by one, the naked women started to open their eyes and basked in the one-of a kind afterglow.

Lailah: "I think... that was the single greatest experience I have ever had in my life."

Lillian: "I... felt it everywhere, all at once."

Eris: "I thought I was going to die..."

Tatiana: "I'm actually sore..."

"Umm... girls..?"

Some of the wives sat up and looked Lisa's way, only to find her head sandwiched between the breasts of Erica and Valerie who were still sleeping.

She would have normally tried to escape, but the two of them were hugging each other with her stuck in the middle and she was afraid to wake them.

But this position wasn't exactly comfortable, even being as envious as it was.

"Don't look to me for help, I have my own problems to deal with..." Audrina glanced at Bekka, who was quite literally sleeping on top of her and drooling into her neck.

She had already tried several times to close her mouth, but to no avail.

Suddenly, she had an idea and held out her hand.

The same gag they were using earlier came floating into her palm, and she quickly fastened it onto Bekka's mouth.

She moaned instinctively and her body tensed up, but at least she wasn't drooling anymore. Thi/s chapter is updated by nov(e)(l)


"I don't know about helping, but I do want to get a picture of this." Lillian smiled.

"Y-You can't..! I look like I've been through hell right now!" Lisa hissed.

Lillian seemed to be immune to all of her protests and raised her phone up to snap a photo anyway.

In her mind, Lisa swore revenge as she buried her face to hide her shame.

"Ah... Where is Seras?" Lailah suddenly asked.

The girls who were awake scoured the bed for any sign of their companion but found her nowhere.

"Are you joking...? How does she have the energy to get up after that..?"

"Probably because she ran the most?"

While the girls fell into individual fits of lighthearted laughter, the doors to their room were suddenly thrown open by a less than pleasant Seras.

Both the veins in her forehead and hands were nearly bursting out of her skin from the irritation.

"You bitches think you're reallll funny, huh?"

Everyone sheepishly tucked themselves under the covers.

"N-No, not really..." Lailah replied sheepishly.

Seras normally would have knocked her sisters around just a bit, but for right now at least she was in too good of a mood.

"I'll deal with all of you later, but before husband comes up here there's something you need to know. We went on a date earlier and-"

Lailah: "Cunt."

Tatiana: Bitch."

Eris: "I'm so jealous..."

Audrina: "We're actually long overdue for one..."

"Anyway !" Seras emphasized. "While we were out, we may have done something a little... substantial."

Lillian's face beamed. "You finally let him take your anal virgini-"

"N-No, no, no! I still need to prepare my mind and body for that!"

'Wimp.' Lillian and Lailah may not have been better than Seras in a fight, but they took comfort in knowing there was at least one area where they had her beat.

*In English* "What's good?"

"Better!" Abaddon laughed.

He sat on the edge of the bed and Courtney crawled into his lap where her egregiously large bowl of ice cream was returned to her.

'Honey... you adopted a child from heaven?' Eris asked telepathically.

'I did.'

'W-Well what about her parents?'

'Still alive, but souls that go to heaven do not really remember the loved ones they leave behind.

They know that they had family, and they hold an immense amount of love for them and wish them the best, but they would not remember exactly who they were unless they explicitly see them again.

This way they hold no regrets about dying and can enjoy their rest and afterlives peacefully, unburdened by those who are still living.'

'Alright... but why did you want to adopt her in particular?'

Abaddon smiled sadly as he watched her eat like it was going out of style.

'She didn't have a good roll of the die the first time... Leukemia.' he confessed. 'I haven't seen such a pure and innocent soul since Thea's and I just... wanted to give her a better life the second time around.'

The wives looked at each other briefly and somehow had the same thought pass between them all at once.

Audrina crawled out of bed and sat on Abaddon's side and rested her head on his shoulder as she started to play in Courtney's hair as well.

'Honey... I think that you already know that we have no problem raising this child as our own, but be mindful of the precedent you are setting.

Their are billions of children with sad stories who pass away at every moment of the day. Will you adopt them all to make up for the lives they lived before?'

Of course, this was something Abaddon had already thought about and knew that what Audrina had suggested just wasn't practical.


The dragon god was a famously easy going man but there were times where he could be famously stubborn, and this was one of those times.

'Naturally, I know that I cannot adopt every one of them... but I can do something, Audri. Look at me. Look at all that I have amassed and all that I have become.

What is the use in all of these resources and all of this power if I use it only to better serve myself and our family? I would become the very enemies we fight against.

I know that coming to a sustainable solution won't be easy, and it may take a fair bit of time, but these are things we do not lack, my darling. We can do this if we only try.'

Audrina smiled softly at her husband as she kissed him on the cheek. 'I hope you weren't expecting me to say no, honey. Whether it is now or when we first met, you have always had my full support.'

'Now... how am I not supposed to kiss you after you say something like that?'

'Who said you weren't~?'

Falling for her provocation, Abaddon leaned forward to kiss his wife passionately without hiding his love and adoration for her.

She of course reciprocated this act tenfold.

"Gross!" Courtney covered her eyes to protect her childish innocent.

Laughing, Audrina separated from Abaddon much to his dismay and pulled the young girl into her lap instead.

"It is very nice to meet you, Courtney. Want to share with me?"

"Okay!" she smiled.

One by one, the girls crawled over to Courtney and took their time introducing themselves to her as warmly as they could.

However, it was hard for them to ignore the obvious addition in her lap.

'Honey... Why did you give her such big bowl of ice cream?'Eris asked.

'When I gave her her body back, she was hungry. I asked her what she wanted to eat and this was her answer. Apparently it's her first solid meal in over a year.' He smiled.

Finally, Bekka rose up from the bed when she realized she was no longer as warm as before.

She removed the gag from her mouth and rubbed her eyes sleepily as she sniffed the air. "Is that ice cream... Gimme please..."

At last, she opened her eyes and noticed the new addition in their bedroom that did not quite belong and she was understandably taken aback.

"Whose goddamn human baby is that?"

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