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Chapter 1421

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Qingshi Sword Immortal and Jie Kong Sword Monk were also stunned.

A storm surged inside.

Heaven and earth are silent, the four fields are silent.

Cui Zheng's eyes were splitting, full of humiliation.

As an immortal who once stood proudly in the sky and overlooked the world, now he was trampled by a young man!

That kind of humiliation, like a thousand swords, made him about to collapse.

"At the moment, you can really only play 20% of your Taoism?"

Su Yi looked down at Cui Zheng and asked softly.

"If you are not bound by the rules of heaven and earth, you will definitely be the one lying here!"

Cui Zheng gritted his teeth and said.

Su Yi smiled and said to himself, "A dignified immortal, if you lose, you will lose. It's really unbearable to say such cruel words."

In the distance, Tugou said with deep conviction: "This little ghost is indeed not on the table."

Cui Zheng's cheeks flushed, and he hissed: "Killing is no more than a nod to the head, I am defeated, do whatever you want!"

Su Yi said, "What are you doing here?"

Cui Zheng took a deep breath and said, "I am here under orders to talk about a major event related to your life and death!"

Su Yi snorted and said, "Let's hear it."

Cui Zhengdao: "I have sent the headmaster to make a statement, as long as you agree to help everyone in the Feixian restricted area to lift the curse on their bodies, all the past things can be forgiven!"

"In addition, as long as you hand over the power of reincarnation, all of our great lineages will give you some compensation. And we will make a contract to ensure that you will no longer be regarded as an enemy in the future."

Speaking of this, Cui Zheng raised his head with difficulty and looked at Su Yi, "You should know how good these conditions are, otherwise, just based on what you did in the Battle of Luowu Mountain, you would suffer ten times as much. A hundredfold liquidation!"

"And now, you only need to agree to such conditions, and you can get a chance to survive without any effort. I hope you think twice, don't let the goodwill of my sect headmaster!"

In the end, Cui Zheng became more confident.

In his opinion, the reason why Su Yi didn't kill himself was clearly because he was a stalker, and he didn't dare to mess around.

In addition, the conditions he offered this time are extremely generous. In his opinion, given Su Yi's situation, as long as he is not stupid, he should know what to do.

Qing Shi Jian Xian and Jie Kong Jian Seng couldn't help but sneer.

If you were someone else, hearing such conditions might indeed change your mind and choose to compromise in exchange for a chance to live.

But Su Yi is destined to be disdainful!

Sure enough, Su Yi said with great interest, "What if I refuse?"

Cui Zheng frowned and said, "The consequence of refusing is to become the public enemy of the various Dao Lineages in the Feixian forbidden area! I'm not afraid to tell you that within two months, the immortal-level dead spirit can walk in the world!"

"At that time, the immortals will join forces together, and there will be no one in the sky who can save you!"

Hearing this, the local dog was immediately displeased, and snorted coldly: "Crazy! Do you think this seat is a decoration?"

This sentence seems to express dissatisfaction, but it actually reveals that even if the immortals are dispatched, it can save Su Yi!


Cui Zheng sneered.

Although he didn't say anything, he obviously didn't take the dog seriously.

This angered the local dog, raised his paws, and wanted to kill this blind ghost.

But in the end, it held back and decided not to care about a little ghost, it would be too much.

Cui Zheng said solemnly: "Su Yi, this is your last chance. I hope you can calm down and think twice before you act. After all, in this human world, being targeted by the immortals..."


The sound stopped abruptly.

Su Yi exerted force under his feet, and Cui Zheng's body shattered directly, turning into ashes and disappearing.

"Just killed like that?"

The dog was stunned.

Su Yi said absentmindedly, "I've finished asking, what are you still doing?"

Dog: "..."

Qing Shi Jianxian and the others couldn't help trembling.

No matter what, Cui Zheng was once a true immortal figure, a fairy in the sky!

But now, he was trampled to death by Su Yi!

If this is spread, it is destined to cause a sensation in the world.

The so-called slaying immortals in the world is nothing more than that!

"Boy, don't be complacent, this ghost immortal is the body of a dead spirit, which is very different from a real immortal, not to mention that he is bound by the rules of heaven and earth and can only exert 20% of his strength. It's just a bit stronger than the real Juxia realm character."

The local dog grunted and hit Su Yi.

Su Yi said with a faint smile, "I don't even have the realm of cultivation now, and I killed a dead immortal with a mortal body, can't I be proud?"

Immediately, he changed his words and said, "However, you are right, this person... is indeed unsightly."

The dog is speechless.

His original intention was to warn Su Yi not to underestimate the dead spirits of those immortals.

But who would have thought that Su Yi had a disgusting pretending to do so!

"Are you really mortal?"

The dog couldn't help asking.

It felt incredibly puzzling and confusing, like finding an incredible mystery.

"Without the realm of cultivation, it should... be considered?"

Su Yi thought for a while and said, "However, I have already stepped on the path of ascension with one foot, and it won't be long before I can recast Taoism."

Tugou wanted to ask again, but Su Yi had already changed the subject and said, "Why are you here today?"


Tugou said angrily, "Isn't my boss worried that your kid will be killed for no reason?"

Su Yi understood and said, "After you go back, help me say thank you to your master."

Tugou said: "Are you trying to drive me away?"

Su Yi was startled and said, "Are you still planning to stay here?"

Dog: "..."

Look, is this human?

It bared its teeth and grinned: "If it weren't for the Lord's order, let me stay by your side for a while, I really want to leave!"

"Then you can go."

Su Yi laughed.

Sometimes it's fun to tease this dog.

Tugou gave Su Yi a vicious look, and said, "I still won't leave! Little bald man, go and get a pot of wine for this seat!"

It was very depressed and had nowhere to vent, so it began to summon the monk Kongzhao.

The monk Kongzhao smiled and agreed, and Pidianpidian sent a pot of wine, which made Tugou feel much better.

"Okay, I have to retreat for a while, you can do it yourself."

Su Yi turned and walked towards Jiekong Temple.

The local dog couldn't help but remind: "You really have to be careful, don't be careless, the real predators in the dead immortals are still dormant in silence, their power is far more terrifying than you think!"

"Let's put it this way, if those terrifying scumbags wake up, even the master of my family needs to pay attention!"

Hearing this, Su Yi's eyes narrowed slightly, he nodded and left.

"Little bald man, go and give me something to eat. Remember, you don't want the vegetarian food that you monks eat."

Tugou instructed, with the attitude of an uncle, "Serve this seat well, and I will easily take you to the Immortal Realm in the future!"

That face, let alone arrogant.

But the monk Kongzhao was very happy, patted his chest, and said, "Senior, just take a look!"

Jiekong Swordsman, Qingshi Swordsman, and the others looked at each other in disbelief.

This is probably called stink.

The dog took out a secret talisman and squeezed it lightly.


What happened today must be reported to Master Hongyun.


After a few hours.

A treasure ship moved across the sky and slowly descended in front of Qingyue Mountain.

Mo Qingchou's figure appeared out of thin air and raised his hand to put away the treasure ship.

Then, she saw a strange picture.

Qingyue Mountain collapsed and fell into ruins.

But the Jiekong Temple in the ruins is intact.

Inside the Jiekong Temple, a local dog swaggeringly sat in front of a table, eating and drinking nonsense.

The monk Kongzhao was accompanying him, serving dishes and wine diligently.

"Fairy Mo, why are you here?"

Qing Shi Jianxian greeted him.


Mo Qingchou looked complicated, and explained the purpose of this.

Knowing the reason, Qing Shi Jianxian, Jiekong Jianseng and others couldn't help but be moved.

Unexpectedly, Mo Jianing would be regarded as the public enemy of Feixian restricted area, and he chose to stand on Su Yi's side!

"A smart choice, I have to say that the Xinglin ancestor in your family is a wise and courageous person."

Dalala commented on the local dog who was feasting, "In the future, your Mo family will be grateful for the decision you made today."

If someone else said that, Mo Qingchou would have scoffed.

But when these words came from the mouth of "Lord Xingque" next to Fairy Hongyun, it made Mo Qingchou refreshed, and the haze between his brows was washed away a lot.

"With the words of the senior, the junior's heart is much more at ease."

Mo Qingchou stepped forward and bowed in thanks.

Later, she planned to meet Su Yi, but she learned from Qing Shi Jianxian that Su Yi had retreated again.

On the same day, under the arrangement of Sword Immortal Qingshi, Mo Qingchou and other members of the Mo family who were hiding in the fairy treasure "Yutianzhou" stayed in Jiekong Temple.

For Mo Qingchou, with "Lord Xingque" guarding this place, everyone in the Mo family can have no worries.

At the same time, this also made Mo Qingchou realize more and more that the relationship between Su Yi and Fairy Hongyun was extraordinary.

Otherwise, why would Lord Xingque guard this place in person?


inside the room.

Su Yi sat cross-legged.

During this month of retreat, he has thoroughly comprehended the "secrets of breaking the realm" taught by the sixth Wang Ye.

The world of Dongyu in his body has long been shattered, and all the Taoist acts are in a state of chaos like chaos, surging in the land of Dantian.

In the eyes of outsiders, he is indeed a common man, and he has no sense of cultivation at all.

Because all the cultivation realm has been completely shattered, and was completely sealed in the dantian by Su Yi with a secret technique.

Don't break, don't stand, break and stand!

Only by smashing everything in the past can we achieve Nirvana and reshape in the chaos of destruction!

In the past month, Su Yi devoted himself to deducing and comprehending the mystery of this path, and finally deeply realized how mysterious this path of breaking through the realm that the sixth generation regards as "unprecedented in ages" is.

It is indeed called outrageous, and even full of taboo atmosphere!

Maybe someone has tried to do this before, but it's definitely gone.

Because, the power of the contract of the gods simply does not allow anyone to set foot on this path!

And Su Yi was in charge of reincarnation and comprehended the profound meaning of Xuanxu, and finally succeeded, so that he would not be killed on the spot when he was on this road to break through the realm.


He hasn't really broken through, and he hasn't set foot on this unprecedented path of ascension.

The danger is still there!

At this moment, as Su Yi practiced, wisps of strange doomsday aura silently emerged from nothingness and rushed towards his body.

That is... the power of the contract of the gods!

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