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Chapter 296

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Chapter 296: Fallen Angels


In the outer world, the spatial structure was quite peculiar and drastically different from the worlds most reincarnators were familiar with. This world didn't actually have real suns, moons, or stars; what was considered the sun and moon were composed of elemental energies, and the stars seen in the night sky were merely reflections of energy, creating a celestial spectacle. At first glance, it might have seemed similar to the worlds known to reincarnators, but in essence, it was completely different.

Deep in space, a peculiar fleet was in a state of readiness. This fleet consisted of twenty large magitek airships made from anti-gravity ores common in the outer world, which easily maintained flight in this weak gravitational environment. The airships were densely packed with figures. Although these figures were similar in height and physique to humans, they had black wings on their backs.

These were members of the angelic race, specifically the Fallen Angels, as indicated by their black wings and the dark aura that enveloped them. Also known as the celestial race, this was a very ancient lineage with extremely long lifespans, residing in various mysterious regions of the outer world. This race inherently possessed great strength. The higher the bloodline and the stronger the innate talents, the more wings an angel had.

At that time, the majority of the Fallen Angels aboard these airships were common Two-Winged Fallen Angels, who had relatively limited potential and served as ordinary soldiers within the angelic community. For every ten Two-Winged Fallen Angels, there was a Four-Winged Angel who acted as an officer, leading the group.

In addition to these, there were even higher-ranking angels, including Six-Winged and Eight-Winged ones. There were only five Eight-Winged Fallen Seraphs, all of whom were renowned figures in the area. They had formed a troop known as the "Demon Hunters," a force dedicated to hunting down and annihilating Demon Kings, having eradicated hundreds since their emergence.

This troop, formed with the purpose of hunting demon lords, obviously had a clear origin. The five Eight-Winged Fallen Seraphs were actually five powerful Heroes; the strongest among them possessed the strength of a Level 6 monarch, while the others all had the power of Level 6 overlords.

"Urgent report!"

"The Bloody Island has emerged from the Blood Demon Domain!"

A scouting Fallen Angel kneeled before them. The leader, a Hero named Nick, who was ranked 4321st on the Hero leaderboard, smiled slightly. Although his ranking was not very high, being on the Hero leaderboard was a testament to his capabilities. Nick had had his eye on Bloody Island for a long time. He knew that the island was inhabited by a large group of giants and various types of Demon King minions, including the Blood Giant Demon King, a listed figure on the Demon King leaderboard. This sparked a strong interest in hunting him down.

After waiting for many days, the target had finally appeared.

Nick drew his purple lightsword, "Everyone, prepare for battle. Kill all the giants, let none escape!"

"Yes!" The command quickly spread throughout the troops.

Thousands of Fallen Angel warriors, their bodies enveloped in powerful energy, left the ships. They swarmed like a dense cloud of bees. Even the most basic combat units among them possessed the strength of Level 4 elite, and with the angelic race's ability to wield both powerful magic and martial skills, they were a formidable force, proficient in both sorcery and combat.

"Trouble incoming!" Bloody Giant Wang Shi noticed the celestial beings emerging near his territory. His expression changed dramatically, and he quickly said to Zhang Nu, "It's the Demon Hunter Squad of the Fallen Angel race, a force specialized in hunting Demon Kings. They are very strong. We should not confront them directly; let's retreat and defend."

"No need!" Zhang Nu replied, eager to acquire the item he was after and not wanting to waste time. Without waiting for Wang Shi's response, the Abyssal Dragon Demon King flapped his massive wings and rapidly ascended from the island, his colossal size quickly drawing the attention of the Fallen Angel warriors.

"What is that?"

"A dragon? Why is there a dragon here? And why is it so huge?"

The region wasn't known to harbor Abyssal Dragons, especially not one of such unprecedented size. The Fallen Angels were stunned by the sudden appearance of the dragon. However, despite their shock, their attacks did not hesitate. Powerful magics rained down like droplets on the dragon's body, yet none could inflict even the slightest damage.

"What's his strength?!"

"He must be at least Level 6!"

The Fallen Angel warriors were shocked by the dragon's strong magic immunity and immediately prepared to launch a joint attack.

Using his senses, Zhang Nu gauged the number of enemies. Wanting a quick resolution, he unleashed a wave of dragon fear that instantly covered a radius of several miles, stunning all targets on the spot. Following swiftly, Zhang Nu activated his Level 3 talent skill, the Evil Dragon of Annihilation form! Although the talent was awakened at a relatively low level, it was a tremendously powerful skill. Its effect completely elementalized his body, entering a state where as long as his energy wasn't fully depleted, he was nearly immortal.

"Inferno Evil Dragon!"

Zhang Nu's already hundreds of meters long body suddenly doubled in size, his entire body blazing furiously, transforming into an elemental dragon made entirely of dragon flames. This elemental dragon was now a kilometer long. The intensely hot dragon flames twisted the very space around it, emitting light and heat so intense that it was nearly impossible to look directly at it, like a sun close at hand.

"What the hell is this!"

"Attack! Attack!"

"Don't let him get close! Keep it away!"

The Fallen Angels, all powerful beings who had hunted many formidable abyssal creatures and powerful Demon Kings, had never encountered an entity with such an overpowering and terrifying presence. Moreover, while most of the Fallen Angels were still recovering from the overwhelming dragon fear.

"Thunderstorm Evil Dragon!"

Zhang Nu shifted forms again, releasing tremendous bolts of crimson lightning from his flaming body, representing the devastating power of abyssal thunder.

The Evil Dragon of Annihilation originally had only three forms: a devouring form, a flame form, and a thunder form. However, at this moment, Zhang Nu fused the flame and thunder forms together, transforming his entire elemental body into a fiery electrical storm. How powerful was his fiery thunderstorm? The terrifying interwoven thunder and flames further expanded his size. Now, Zhang Nu's body spanned at least 1,500 meters in length, eclipsing the sky like a doomsday harbinger capable of ending the world.


"Quick, retreat!"

The Fallen Angel leader, Nick, immediately issued the order. He sensed an unprecedented danger and oppressive force from this elemental dragon. These lightning and flames were not something a Level 6 monarch could produce, and even a Level 6 mythic might not be capable of such power. The dragon's strength far exceeded all expectations and even understanding. Nick realized that his troops were utterly inadequate for hunting such a being; a direct confrontation would only lead to heavy casualties and a defeated retreat. Thus, he gave the command to withdraw at once.

But it was too late.

A blinding light erupted as the elemental dragon transformed into an energy storm, instantly colliding with the first airship. His massive body tore through the ship, which, despite its sturdy construction and protective magic, was shredded like paper. In that moment, in front of Zhang Nu, such meager defenses were no different than paper.

As the Annihilation Evil Dragon's body passed through the airship, countless streams of fiery thunder also swept through the ship and the nearby Fallen Angel units, leaving them no chance to resist or defend. In an instant, they were obliterated, leaving not a trace behind. Zhang Nu did not pause for even a second as he collided with the second airship, and then the third, fourth, and fifth. His elemental body could infiltrate anywhere, acting like an unstoppable storm. Nick and the other five Level 6 Heroes watched in horror as the elemental dragon demolished all the airships with overwhelming force and charged towards them.

They couldn't even resist. How could they possibly withstand it?

With the speed and explosive power of lightning and the fierce, persistent burning of fire, the airships in its path stood no chance and were utterly obliterated. Even powerful Level 6 Heroes, immersed in this terrifying storm of fiery lightning and continuously scorched and bombarded, could not last more than a few seconds.

[You've slain a Level 6 Hero. Hero's soul +1, Skill stone +6, Monarch crystal +1, Hero leaderboard chest +1!]

[You've slain a Level 6 Hero. Hero's soul +1, Skill stone +3!]

[You've slain a Level 6 Hero. Hero's soul +1, Skill stone +4!]


After a devastating round of assaults, Zhang Nu returned to the floating island where Wang Shi's territory was located. As he landed, all the elemental energy collapsed, and he returned to his normal physical form.

"W-what just..." Wang Shi was utterly stunned. His subordinates and followers were equally shocked. The sky was still ablaze, thunder intertwined, amidst a sea of flames and dense flashes of lightning. What had been a formidable fleet of Fallen Angels just a minute ago, was now nothing but a field of falling wreckage. This scene could be described as the ultimate display of violent aesthetics.

Swallowing hard, Wang Shi murmured, "Is this the strength of the foremost Demon King?"

Zhang Nu, nonchalant, replied, "They were just fodders, not worth the time. Let's hurry to our destination."

Wang Shi was overjoyed. Zhang Nu had also resolved a significant threat for him. He had guessed that Zhang Nu was quite strong, but he hadn't expected him to be this overwhelmingly powerful, surpassing all expectations.

"This foremost Demon King... just how powerful is he?"

"Hahaha, brother, you truly are invincible. I was a bit worried before, but it seems I was overly cautious. With your strength, you will definitely be able to enter the City of Void!"

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