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Chapter 297

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Chapter 297: Dark Celestial Kingdom


After more than a day, under Wang Shi's guidance, Zhang Nu finally neared the City of Void. Wang Shi hadn't misled him; the area surrounding the City of Void was indeed complex, teeming with large forces and dangerous zones.

As they were about to reach their destination, another fleet appeared ahead. Zhang Nu, puzzled, asked, "Are there more who block our way?"

Wang Shi quickly clarified, "No, that's the army of the Dark Celestial Kingdom. We must avoid conflict with them. After all, this is an empire-level force!"

Empire-level force? Zhang Nu was taken aback. Indeed, the outer world also boasted empire-level forces. However, compared to terrestrial empires, those in the outer world were generally composed of celestial beings, dragon races, or other rare species. These races had individuals of formidable strength but not as populous as humans. Typically, an celestial nation with a population of around eighteen million could possess strength comparable to surface world empires, given that the celestial race is a warrior race with hardly any weak individuals.

Different from the hunting troop they had just faced, this fleet was from the Dark Heavenly Kingdom's imperial fleet. Although not as strong as the previous fleet, its power was not to be underestimated. Most importantly, it represented the empire, and any rash attack could provoke severe consequences---consequences that Wang Shi was unwilling to bear. Wang Shi personally left the floating island to negotiate with the fleet.

"Who are you?" demanded the angel commander loudly. "Do you not know this is a restricted area? Leave immediately, or it will be considered an invasion of the empire, and you will pay a severe price!"

Wang Shi hurriedly responded, "This is a misunderstanding, I am the lord of Bloody Island. We have come here with no ill intentions."

As he spoke, he tossed a token forward. The token, cradled by a surge of blood-red energy, floated toward the imperial fleet's commander. After inspecting the token and confirming its authenticity, the commander gestured, and the imperial soldiers lowered their weapons.

The commander tossed the token back, saying, "You wish to challenge the City of Void? Although you are strong, with your current strength, I doubt you will return alive."

"Ha ha, there's no need to worry, sir," Wang Shi replied confidently. "I came prepared and am quite certain of my chances. I've heard that destroying the City of Void will earn a substantial reward from the empire?"

The angel commander replied indifferently, "Correct. The appearance of the City of Void has caused significant disaster and uproar. Whoever can destroy this city will indeed receive a hefty reward from the empire."

Not only could Wang Shi earn a bounty from the number 1 Demon King, but he could also collect a substantial reward from the empire. It was truly a case of killing two birds with one stone.

Wang Shi, greatly excited, said, "Please, sir, open the barrier for us!"

The angel commander had little hope for the newcomers; over thousands of years, countless mighty figures had challenged this place, and all had failed without exception. Destroying the City of Void? It was easier said than done. But since they were neither relatives nor close friends, and since they were eager to face their demise, why should he stop them?

Indifferently, the commander ordered, "Open the barrier!"

As the angel mages chanted together, the space unfolded like a curtain being pulled back, releasing fierce winds and bursts of energy.

Wang Shi returned to Zhang Nu's side and said, "Brother, once we enter, we'll be in the space where the City of Void is located."

Zhang Nu, puzzled, asked, "Why are there imperial troops guarding this place?"

Wang Shi explained, "After the City of Void appeared, it often caused spatial storms in this vicinity, affecting a very wide area and posing a significant threat. Therefore, the empire sealed it here and dispatched troops to guard it."

For Zhang Nu, the City of Void was a place he had long sought. It held a high probability of containing a Void Seed. However, for the empire and the local forces, the City of Void was akin to a natural disaster, prompting them even to set a bounty.

Wang Shi said, "We will fully support you, brother. Once we take the Void Seed, the City of Void will inevitably collapse. Then, we can split the empire's bounty fifty-fifty. What do you think?"

Zhang Nu wasn't particularly interested in the bounty. He replied, "Splitting the empire's reward is fine, but you should stay here and wait for my good news."

Wang Shi was shocked, "What? Brother, I know you are strong, but don't underestimate the City of Void. It hides too many risks and monsters, and even with great personal strength, it might be insufficient."

Zhang Nu remained resolute. He looked towards the entrance of the City of Void. Information about it immediately appeared before his eyes.

[City of Void] Level 7 monarch area...

Description: Created several eons ago by an ancient outer world power at a great expense, this city not only houses powerful monsters but also has an extremely complex spatial-temporal structure, making it a highly dangerous forbidden area."

After reading the information, Zhang Nu realized that this place was anything but ordinary. It was an unprecedented Level 7 area. Although it was just a monarch area, its high difficulty level was surely exceptional, likely rivaling a Level 6 mythic area. In such a place, with Wang Shi's capabilities, they might not be able to handle it. Even if they entered, the help they could offer would be limited. From the information provided, Zhang Nu knew that the spatial and temporal structure of the City of Void was extremely complex, with massive turbulence that could be described as extremely intricate. Only he could navigate it freely, Wang Shi and the others would only be a burden if they followed.

Seeing Zhang Nu's determination, Wang Shi had no choice but to say, "Brother, you are skilled and brave, so I won't say much more. Just be careful on your own."

Zhang Nu nodded. His huge body, hundreds of meters in length and filled with lightning, rose with astonishing speed, leaving behind a trail of dispersing electric arcs. He crossed tens of thousands of meters in a blink and plunged into the chaotic region of the City of Void.

"This is..."

As soon as Zhang Nu entered the domain of the City of Void, he felt the unusual disturbances around him. The spatial and temporal structure here was highly disordered, with time and space mixed together like a muddled paste. Any creature or matter that got sucked into it was likely to be utterly destroyed, eventually disappearing completely in the convoluted fabric of space and time. However, this kind of disturbance meant little to Zhang Nu.

Zhang Nu activated his Spatial-Temporal Dragon form, his majestic golden aura suddenly shifting into a dreamlike silvery white. Although it lacked some of its former intimidation and dominance, it gained a richness and elegance. In this form, Zhang Nu possessed strong resistance to spacetime anomalies. His body could easily withstand the tearing of spatial rifts and the warping of temporal currents. Entering the chaotic realm of time and space was like a champion swimmer entering a slightly turbulent stream. Zhang Nu could sense various temporal energies assaulting him, but they were all neutralized and dissolved upon touching his body's surroundings. At that moment, he was like a fish gracefully navigating an increasingly turbulent river.

His vision was blurred, no one could discern details in the chaotic flow of time and space, but he could sense the subtle changes around him. Suddenly, a strange energy fluctuation approached. From the rippling space ahead, a humanoid figure emerged, clad in silvery white and wielding a long spear.

[Void Guardian] Level 7 overlord unit...

Description: This is a special entity born from the void, endowed with powerful temporal abilities and capable of resisting spacetime disturbances, a highly dangerous entity.

Level 7 overlord? Zhang Nu was taken aback. It was his first encounter with a Level 7 entity. The Void Guardian teleported directly in front of him, thrusting its spear with a force that locked onto Zhang Nu instantly.

"Interesting! A creature with spatial attributes?" Zhang Nu did not dodge the attack from the Void Guardian. However, as the attack struck, a flash of silvery white light deflected the blow. "Is that all?"

The attack was spatial in nature---something that would be devastating for most---but in his current Spatial-Temporal Dragon state, Zhang Nu could easily withstand it, remaining completely unharmed. Simultaneously, Zhang Nu counterattacked. Terrifying torrents of dragon fire and lightning burst forth from his body.

[You've slain a Void Guardian. Gold +3 million!]

[You've slain a Void Guardian. Gold +3 million!]


Three million each? That was quite profitable. But Zhang Nu wasn't here to make money. He needed to find the passage that would lead him into the true City of Void.

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