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Chapter 426: 426

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Chapter 426: Transgender Lin Xiu!

Then, Lin Xiu stood up.

He turned towards the mirror that was in the bathroom and saw his own reflection.

Lin Xiu couldn’t help but laugh as well when he saw how he actually looked in the mirror.

He was now bald with no hair and even lost his eyebrows. Along with that, his entire body was pitched back, similar to being toasted inside an oven.

Lin Xiu tried to brush the skin on his body and noticed that all the burnt skin on his body slowly fell off.

When he took a closer look, Lin Xiu noticed that underneath the black, burnt skin, it was showing a layer of fresh, fair skin.

“Looks like the recovery didn’t take a long time…” Lin Xiu exclaimed when he saw what happened.

This was only because of the magical power from the healing liquid that Luo Yue had given him. The most important reason was his own body. After two rounds of unlocking his genes, he had increased the speed of recovery. It wasn’t something that the other warriors had.

Rank 8 warriors that were scary wouldn’t have the same recovery speed as him; perhaps a rank 9 warriors might have.

If there was anyone who managed to get to Rank 9, there must definitely be some genetic changes in their body.

With Lin Xiu rubbing, most of the burnt skin on his body had been removed. His entire body now was covered with fair, soft skin; it was the same as a newborn baby.

He changed into the clothes that he had prepared earlier. Lin Xiu felt a sense of comfort that he has never experienced previously as he walked out of the house.

As he looked outside, he could clearly see Luo Yue who was still practicing with her sword in the hall.

“You’re still awake?” Lin Xiu suddenly felt weak when he saw Luo Yue who was focused on practicing her sword.

Luo Yue heard his voice and subconsciously turned in his direction.

The only thing that she saw was a funny-looking Lin Xiu who had lost his hair and eyebrows.

Luo Yue, who always had a cold look on her face, suddenly jerked as if she was trying to hold something inside.

“What’s wrong with you?” When Lin Xiu saw the look on her face, he got curious.

As he continued speaking, Luo Yue turned around with her back facing Lin Xiu and her shoulder was shaking.

“Hey!” When Lin Xiu saw Luo Yue’s reaction, he was surprised, but with his precise hearing, he was able to hear a soft laugh.

“Are you laughing at me?” Lin Xiu walked to the other side and asked Luo Yue.

“What’s there to laugh at?” Luo Yue had recovered her cold looks and there were no signs of her laughing.

“You just look ugly.”

“Well, I didn’t want this to happen as well.” Lin Xiu felt helpless.

Most of his hair and eyebrows had been electrocuted and Lin Xiu decided to shave them off.

Forget about the others who might see him, even Lin Xiu thought that he looked stupid with his current look.

“I have something.” Luo Yue suddenly thought of something while they were talking and quickly headed upstairs.

“What is it?”

Lin Xiu tried asking, but Luo Yue had already gone back to her room.

But as soon as she got upstairs, Lin Xiu heard another burst of soft laughter.

“You’re laughing at me, aren’t you! You definitely are!” Lin Xiu finally realized the truth and screamed out loud.

As for him, he couldn’t help but laugh along as well.

After a few minutes, Luo Yue walked down with a silver, rectangle box in her hands.

“What’s this?” Lin Xiu noticed the box that was in her hand and was stunned.

Luo Yue didn’t answer his question. Instead, she placed the box onto the table that was in the hall and opened the box. Lin Xiu could see that there was a set of wigs and fake eyebrows inside the box.

“Since when do you have these things?” Lin Xiu was taken aback when he saw the things from the back and he couldn’t help but get curious.

“I found it in the storage room.” Luo Yue answered in an emotionless tone.

“Try it.”

As Luo Yue was talking to him, she picked up the wig that was inside the box.

Lin Xiu nodded his head and wanted to try as well. Since he was looking odd now and there was a match tomorrow with the first class from the Northern Campus.

All of the first-grade students would definitely come and watch the match tomorrow.

No one else should be allowed to see him in such a ridiculous state.

“Wait, this is a long hair wig? Is this for the ladies?” He finally realized that there was something odd when Luo Yue was about to place it on his head.

However, Lin Xiu had already placed the wig onto his head without any hesitation.

As soon as the wig was placed onto his head, Lin Xiu could feel that the wig had been glued tight onto this scalp.


“Stop talking.” Luo Yue picked up the fake eyebrows from the box and was about to place them on his face.

Liu Xiu decided to keep quiet as he was told. He was worried that Luo Yue might make a mistake causing him to look like an ugly idiot.

“Look.” As soon as she was done, Luo Yue nodded her head in satisfaction and pointed towards the huge mirror that was in the middle of the living hall.

“This is a long hair wig! It’s supposed to be for girls!” Lin Xiu wanted to pull down the wig but instantly stopped when he noticed Luo Yue stang at him. Then, he had no other choice but to walk towards the mirror.

When he stood in front of the mirror, Lin Xiu almost spitted out blood.

This was because he looked just like….. A girl!!

His fair, lustful skin along with his beautiful facial features made him look like a young, beautiful girl with the help of the wig.

Sh*t! Doesn’t he look like a transgender?!

“Don’t move!” When Lin Xiu couldn’t stand it anymore and wanted to remove the wig, Luo Yue stopped him.

Liu Xiu paused and stopped what he was doing.

He noticed that Luo Yue took out something from his pocket and was about to tie his hair.

“Are you going to tie my hair into a ponytail?! A single one or a double one?” Lin Xiu felt helpless.

This was the first time that he saw Luo Yue being so interested in doing such things which was why he allowed her to continue.

The only thing was that no one was allowed to see what was happening or else, it would be extremely embarrassing.

Then, Lin Xiu felt that Luo Yue was placing a thin piece of cloth over his forehead. It was similar to a bandana.


When she was done, she told Lin Xiu to take a look.

Lin Xiu slowly looked at his reflection in the mirror. With Luo Yue’s help, Lin Xiu was shocked at how he looked now.

His long hair had been tied into a ponytail and the fringes in front were pushed aside. As he took a closer look at his reflection, he was looking like a general from the olden days.

“F*ck! I look just like Zhao Yun.”

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