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Chapter 177: 177The Lost Connection After Long.

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'Still as dreadful as ever'

Azrail mused as he saw through the different suffering souls, the majority filled with despair clouding them, though Azrail's main eyes were always on the shadow, with his information he knew that she had just arrived today, he had itched the day deep in his heart, he knew more about her more than she knew herself.

'Things will be quite chaotic'

A hint of greed too passed through Azrail's eyes as he 'saw' the underground 'palace', the reason that no one ever caught the mad scientist is the 'palace' itself, it has the same function as him, the ability to hide from anything and everything, its also made in such a way that if anyone unauthorized by the mad scientist enters inside they would be instantly found.

No one is capable of hiding from the mad scientist's eyes within the 'palace', it is also capable of moving through space to different realms under a single order, and not even the heavens can know that he's hiding here, hence he continues to avoid the eyes of others, moving through and torturing, even Azrail doesn't know the right number of people gunning to kill him.

In fact, the majority of all the realms have banned his existence, he has a kill-on-sight order too, though there is still the added flair that he's one of the greatest developers in the cosmos, getting him meant getting hands of a lot of information, heck Azrail even read some powerful realms even supporting him from his back and giving him the 'ingredients' he needs for his experiments.

'Greed is surely a deadly sin'

Laughing at the thought Azrail activated his skill [Forgotten], the 'palace' is actually an amazing treasure ranked within the board of treasures, its position being in the 25th of all treasures within the cosmos, one must not look down at that position, just that is enough for a realm war.

'The Realm Scrapper'

That was its name, a powerful tool that Azrail won't mind having, covered entirely within his power, Azrail became completely undetectable to the world, though that doesn't mean he is safe, being smart as he is the mad scientist had already set up hundreds of proactive array and surveillance around the entire forest and being the lowest heaven the mad scientist could only set up ones that could be sustained here.

Plus it's not like the entrance is open for him but that's where World Spirit energy becomes very useful, Azrail raised his hand as light blue energy started to swirl around him, his mind flashing with several worldly control, as he settled on the perfect one.


soon he cast the world control on himself, making his entire body and figure disappear and tremble around space, the lower class inscriptions below being unable to track his movements but then again that doesn't mean that he can just enter.

'All-Seer, show me the backdoor'


All-Seer replied as red lines started to appear in his vision, the lines leading him towards a vibrating backdoor that comes and goes, one used in an emergency to escape but thanks to the information of All-Seer Azrail will be using it to enter.

With a light move he had already kept the chariot back while he started to float downwards, his eyes on the lookout for any unexpected variable, soon he easily moved through the sand ground his body passing through and just that second the backdoor appeared, Azrail times it perfectly as his body entered inside the door and he appeared in a darkened underground area.

The room itself looked to be for storage.

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[Yes, the backdoor is for escaping from unknown situations that will transport you to another realm, you just used it backward]

All-Seer replied, hearing so Azrail nodded my head, the distortion world control still in effect, it was similar to walking in another dimension but seeing what you want to see, of course, even such spells won't work on the Realm Scrapper and that's where my [Forgotten] skills came into play.

Even the world control Distort is an extremely rare one and most World Spirit masters spend their whole life understating it, Azrail is lucky in the sense that he had to only swallow the soul of the guy who learned it his whole life.

With easier steps he passed through the storage room, appearing in a large hallway, while he did live here he doesn't have much knowledge about the structure, just the escape route he used to get out of this hell hole. Azrail started to walk around the hallway at times meeting servants doing their work, their powers beyond his level.

Yup, most of the servants here are people of cultivation that can move arrogantly around in the third heaven, and based on the cosmic ranking ones in the third heaven have quite the weight in power when it comes to the whole cosmos. Even the mad scientist has a very powerful cultivation, though based on his species it's a very unique cultivation indeed.

Having reached a very knowledgeable area, Azrail walked towards the location where he felt the one soul he is after.

It was a short walk where he saw several things, the use of technology not seen elsewhere, several servants having background information required to live lavish lives, ranging from blacksmiths, alchemists, array masters, World Spirit masters, and many more, each of them a slave to the mad scientist.

But this useful one had a higher position than the others 'normal' slaves, all in all, an entire function small world is here, not a single thing is needed to be brought from the outside, and they could function wholly on their own with cooks, workers and everything else.

'An impenetrable World of Power'

Azrail thought, the mad scientist had thought about it all, he made the perfect little Empire of his that has no way to fall, the most indisputable Empire in the cosmos.

Even with his hate, Azrail has to agree that the guy a genius, an amazing one, with no friends, no relatives, and only slaves that couldn't even think about betraying him, each one talented and powerful.

But now he would be taking it all down, never would the mad scientist have imagined a person like Azrail, heck he doesn't still know that Azrail is inside his closed world. With his heart burning with deep revenge while his expression remained calm Azrail reached the entrance to the greatest cell where the most prized possession was held and within it the newly arrived shadow.

Just as Azrail stood near the cell his anger vanished while his heart started to beat faster, a thin line of connection was already formed, it zigged from within the cell, and not even the highest level of protection security could block it as the thin line appeared in front of Azrail, it directly entering his soul forming a light connection.

Azrail soon started to feel a second beating heart, he could hear it, the desiring call, the anxiousness and the deep happiness within, everything calling out to him, she knew he was here and was awaiting him.

With light steps Azrail entered, passing through several large-scale cells holding different unique species of the cosmos, each cell with great facilities where a laser-like layer covered them, they couldn't see what was outside but it was possible to see inside, a scene similar to a zoo.

Azrail kept walking as he reached an area less deserted while the lights here were dark, an area for the species that thrive on darkness, Azrail now stood in front of a cell that was completely dark, nothing can be seen yet suddenly a cloaked figure appeared, it's height being a tad bit bigger than him, Azrail reached the figure's shoulder.

Azrail raised his head as he peered into the figure, the figure looked down at him, seeing him when no one else could, a sense of silence lingered between the two after which Azrail entered inside the darkness being swallowed whole.

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