Hogwarts: Era of Darkness

Hogwarts: Era of Darkness
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When the First Wizarding War ended, and Lord Voldemort chased out Dumbledore from Hogwarts, he became the undisputed leader of the Wizarding World, cementing his rule as the new Minister of Magic. Yet everyone in power knew the war was far from over; it was now waged behind closed curtains and under the table. Behind the veil of secrecy, those still loyal to Dumbledore continued to fight, waging guerilla-like warfare against him and his forces, drawing in other countries' wizards and witches, opposing Voldemort and his plans to dominate all magic.

The Anguine family, home of pure-blood wizards, part of Voldemort's new Ministry of Magic, were often tasked with confronting the Order of the Phoenix, raising their reputation years by years. Born into the Anguine family, Conrad just came to age, ready to attend Hogwarts to start his studies. He was excited to go to a school he had heard about from his Father many times... yet times have changed. It is not like in the old days. But who knows? One day, the school may return to what it was before the Era of Darkness.

---- Author's Notes:

Dear Readers! I'd like to welcome you to my first foray into writing fanfic and into doing a book from a 1st Person Point of View. As to what to expect, let me give you more details so you won't be disappointed if it is not your cup of tea!

- An alternate timeline: Voldemort killed the Potters and Harry as a baby. He never lost his body, thus winning the 1st Wizarding War.
- Of course, a battle is still going on in the background, but that will only come later in the story.
- Being in an alternate timeline, the dates may be a little bit off, but the story will mostly play out in the same time frame as the original.
- Being an altered history, some main characters will not show up, and I mainly mean Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Or any of the Dumbledore supporting cast. (at least for a good portion of the story). For obvious reasons. If this is not what you want, please understand that I am going for a familiar yet different story than the original. I am taking inspiration from the original plot, but I am not planning mirroring it 1:1.
- Of the returning characters, some may have altered personalities, although I will try my best to remain true to their book counterpart. But I will also think up "what would they have done" scenarios and modify their personality to match the alternative world we are in. I hope you will still enjoy it; that is my goal. To entertain you.
- There is no transmigration, no isekai tropes, no reincarnation, no knowledge of in-lore events, none of that. The main character is someone who is born in-universe.

Lastly, the story should be able to maintain my plan of 3 chapters per week. (I plan to post mostly on the weekends). I will take this slowly, focusing more on slice-of-life elements, exploring, and learning magic. Coming to age. Things like that. Thank you for reading so far down on my description, and I hope we are going to have a great, fun time together!

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