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The crowd cheered but the poltern stayed in moderation. Tian Shen was a cultivator who had shown great basic power and technique, but it also meant that his fighting style was somewhat plain. of course, seeing someone destroy armor, weapons, and magic with their bare fists had charm to some people

“Finally, what all of you have been waiting for! The first round of the Pythian games’ Martial Tournament! 42 high-level players have slaughtered their way through the preliminaries to arrive at this point. They have come from all around the Pathworks, all of them aiming for the top, the

Seth wouldn't tell someone trustworthy like that, that he couldn't join Minas Mar. But there were other things they would have to take into account. “What about the tournament? If you join Minas Mar you won't be able to compete.” Nobody who was part of Minas Mar was suppose

It was no massive party, just the core members of Minas Mar and a few selected guests. Once again Seth was reminded of one of their greatest success stories, which was Link. The gourmet hunter had grown a lot, despite staying on Urth. Following his Path to Legend as a Cuisine Explorer, the chef had

Several more lives were ended with the marrow-churning roar, as the dwarf went on a slaughter spree. The audience quickly picked up the iconic war cry that rumbled through the stadium and imitated it. In a matter of minutes, the stadium would shake every time Polter slew another opponent, as the wat

Polter's hair stood on end as his instincts and skills warned him of the attack from behind. However, he was prepared and activated his <Harvest Circle>. The Poleaxe moved in a wide circle, mowing down anyone standing close to him, directly landing on the hand of the attacker behind him S

It was finally here, the start of the Martial Tournament, the height of the Pythian Games most people had been waiting for in anticipation. Between 8 and 10 o'clock in the morning, the participants assembled at the stadium to prepare for the preliminaries. “It's a shame I can't en

“And this ends the great obstacle race! As you all were able to see, the winner is Megan! With a whopping negative two hours!”, Umi announced the winner once every participant was disqualified or arrived at the goal and all feathers were tallied. “Also a big applause for our secon

“We have to clip Ember's face at that moment!” Seth couldn't stop laughing at the dazed smile followed by the incredulous shocked expression of the demon girl. It was a good thing there was more than one golem eye, keeping watch over the situation, otherwise, they would have gott

“Welcome back today, for the second part of the great race!” Umi Kaldrops announced to the audience. Recording of the first day had already gone viral overnight. So much so that the stadium could not take in the sudden influx of people wanting to see it live. In fact, quite a few people

---Little Gamma--- While more than half the participants were facing hurtful and humiliating traps and riddles, others were fighting their way through the mountain. Not everyone had entered the dungeon, many kept their eyes on the price and trusted their swift mounts and vehicles, rather than takin

--- Cinema Dimension--- “This... This is preposterous! Blasphemous! This is copyright infringement!” the Dungeon God huffed in the second row, causing some of the gods in the first to chuckle. The movie screen was currently showing the same scenes broadcast to the audience in the stadi

Although Polter and the others were on the edge of their seats, as they watched their friend Caleb barely overcome the sudden challenge in the wild, the stadium's main screen was currently following someone else. Hao Ying, the Fleeting Flute, known to the audience as the musician competition wi

Caleb had flown into the clouds, riding his trusty Wyvern. Lacking a dragon to ride as a Dragon knight, he could only focus and strengthening his Wyvern and their bond, to improve himself. Although his mount was focused on speed and maneuverability, he knew that he couldn't compete with some of

“You can freely change your level?” the room exclaimed in shock. Even Leana seemed surprised. This had much further implications than just smurfing in the competitions. What if someone used to infiltrate “I wouldn't say freely... It comes with a loss in power and skill profici

Chapter 1068. Lyca   "Hey, don't I know you? I feel like we met before," the Winner of the Speed Kill Challenge suddenly asked him as Seth put a golden medal around her neck and stepped away from the winner's podium. This was the end of the 5th day of the Pythian Games and t

Standing in a white open, golden gate, with a great formation in the background, was an old priest holding an impassioned speech. “And he raised his hands to the sky and called forth a flock of winged creatures, so they would slay his enemy!” the elderly priest, wearing ostentatious rob

“Jane... was this the security reason you wanted to borrow some of the named Golem Knights?“ Seth asked suspiciously, watching the “5-Minute-Breakers” at work. These golems belonged to the first batches of Golem Knights Seth had made and Wolfram commanded later on. Over time

While the fourth day of the Pythian Games was filled with more traditional sporting competitions, where people competed in physical prowess, the fifth and sixth days ramped up the intensity with competitions focused on more comprehensive strength. They were made to suit the different classes of the

A solitary figure was making her way through the windswept mountain range. The cold air ripped at her ragged clothes and snow was piling up on her shoulders. Swaying left to right, she dragged her heavy feet through the deep snow. The cold climbed up her wet legs and she couldn’t feel her toe

Where the first three days were spent on the finer, more intellectual arts, the fourth day was the prelude to the physical competitions. The day was coined by contests around physical attributes. Various races, tests of endurance and strength. Everything was for people to prove the results of their

The winning band was a rock band from Urth and all five people received the right to choose an instrument and 1000 silver as prize money. The second day of the Band Battle went by without trouble. The third day was a short one, housing the competition of Poets. It was a way to give people a day of

Ember's confrontation sparked the rivalry between the teams of the different colleges. A heated competition was ignited which clashed behind and on the stages. grinding her teeth, Ember had to admit that their rivals were a hard nut to crack. All of them were hyper-focused on beating the others

Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 743 Earth Has a Reason to Join Akatsuki! The Battle of New York ended. After Akatsuki’s army defeated Chitauri, this huge alien army left the planet. It made people feel that this mercenary group was here to do good things without asking for anything

Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 742 A Group of Very Friendly People Within the barrier. The energy explosion of the Cosmic Cube continued. The entire Stark Tower was completely annihilated. Tony Stark was stunned and murmured subconsciously, “Ah, it’s over. Pepper plans to

Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 741 Stark, Your Tower Is Gone! New York. Manhattan. The war was finally over. Akatsuki Organization had just defeated Chitauri’s mothership and solved the Earth’s invasion. Loki, the planner of this war, was also captured by the Avengers. &l

Chapter 1129 Setting Off For The Hunt   "Don't you think it's risky to go alone?" "Maybe we should bring more people, just in case something goes wrong." "If there's an accident," Zhao Qingya countered, "it'll definitely be the dragons, not

826 Entry Lumian directly activated the black mark on his right shoulder and teleported to the edge of the boundless cemetery, right at the entrance to the underground mausoleum. This place looked like the mouth of a giant beast, with gray-white stone steps stretching down into the dark, deep thro

822 Wilderness Please Continue reading on XN0VEL.M 822 Wilderness Nikila looked at Franca with an obsession and said, “He should be feeling the call of the wilderness.” “Wilderness?” Franca didn’t hide her confusion. Nikila eagerly and thoroughly explained, “In Fourth Epoch Trier, near the ruin

823 Advice Please Continue reading on XN0VEL.M 823 Advice If the Mirror People have infiltrated Morora, what would they do? Lumian pondered for a while, placed the book back in the Traveler’s Bag, and stepped down the stairs to the hall. It was dinner time, and the bar was bustling. Julie flitted b

824 Nightmare Changes Please Continue reading on XN0VEL.M 824 Nightmare Changes Julie watched her reflection in the mirror gradually become bloodstained, her expression turning cold and her eyes filling with malice. She wasn’t surprised. Instead, she smirked with a hint of sarcasm. The reflecti

825 The Final Seduction Please Continue reading on XN0VEL.M 825 The Final Seduction The Hermit followed the vibrant thread of yarn through the dark tunnel in her pumpkin carriage. She didn’t know how long she had been descending when she arrived at a naturally formed cave. The vibrant yarn ball

Chapter 381: The Triwizard Tournament   The next day, Felix Harp opened his eyes in bed and let out a hearty yawn. The air outside the window was damp, carrying the scent of earth. After finishing his morning routine, he estimated the time and prepared to head to the Great Hall for breakfast

Chapter 380: Gathering of the Five Schools   A new week arrived, the last week of October. The professors all unconsciously quickened their pace, making time for the upcoming Triwizard Tournament. Moody's class remained as unsettling as ever. "I can smell the fear in you lot,"

Chapter 379: Dueling   On a makeshift clearing, there were around twenty students dispersed in pairs or small groups, seated on the grass. Including the professors, the total count reached about thirty. They stared at the two figures weaving in the center, casting spells at each other in rap

Chapter 378: Gathering Insights   As Professor McGonagall finished speaking, Felix noticed that Snape's expression suddenly turned peculiar. Snape struggled to appear nonchalant as he lightly said, "We must take them seriously, those dark magics..." He released his grip, allowi

Chapter 377: Integration   By the time the banquet began, Baelish had already become friends with Nawi, and as a result, he and Harry's group had also gained some recognition. "Yes, quite different," he said at the moment, while introducing the Sorting Ceremony of Ilvermorny to

Chapter 376: Seeking Guidance   Hogwarts students are witnessing a truly unique Sorting Ceremony firsthand. "I know this year has been unusual, I mean... we canceled Quidditch and got a professor who curses at us, but... this is just too strange," murmured Seamus. He watched as th

Chapter 253 Special Treatment   ?Karl checked on the plants that filled his balcony and found them freshly watered, then changed and showered quickly, before trying on the two new suits. As promised, they bonded the same way that armour did, allowing him to dismiss them with a thought, and ge

Chapter 252 Government Officials   The helicopter landed, and the copilot motioned for them to wait inside until the blades spun down. That gave them time to see who was waiting for them, and it appeared to be a rather illustrious group of dignitaries from every branch of the government. [Re