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Chapter 204: 204 Awaken Li Xiwu's Memory

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204 Awaken Li Xiwu’s Memory

Li Xiwu then asked, “Can I see their photo?”

Cai Buqu stared at Li Xiwu for a moment before replying, “Of course. Miss Li, please follow me upstairs.”

They reached the upper floor.

In the blink of an eye, they entered a huge study.

The entire Li Mansion was cleaned up, including the huge study in front of him. Cai Buqu found a photo of Li Huaisheng and Li You from the cabinet and handed it to Li Xiwu. “This is it.”

When Li Xiwu reached out to take it, her hand trembled uncontrollably.

Cai Buqu reminded gently, “Hold it steady.”

Li Xiwu nodded and looked down at the person in the photo. The background was downstairs. Li Huaisheng, who looked very young, was sitting on a chair carved from rosewood. Behind him was a girl who looked to be fifteen or sixteen years old. She was mischievously about to put a hat on Li Huaisheng.

Li Huaisheng’s face was filled with disdain, but he still did not resist the hat that crushed his hairstyle.

Li Huaisheng was still the same Li Huaisheng. He was gentle and elegant.

The girl standing behind her looked 50 to 60% similar to Li Xiwu.

After staring at it for an unknown period of time, Li Xiwu’s hand trembled slightly as she held the photo. She tried her best to control it, but in the end, she could not hold it firmly. The photo fell from her hand. Fortunately, Old Mr. Cai caught it quickly.

Although it was only a photo, it was rude to drop it on the ground the first time she looked at it.

Li Xiwu had always been cautious.

But ever since she entered the Li Mansion today, she realized that many of her actions were out of her control. For no reason, she cried in public. Her head began to hurt very much again and was torturing her inch by inch.

Cai Buqu had been paying attention to Li Xiwu’s expression. Realizing that her expression was very ugly, he asked worriedly, “Miss Li, are you feeling unwell?”

Li Xiwu braced her small arms against the side door wall. “A little, but nothing serious. I’ll be fine after a while.”

Cai Buqu supported Li Xiwu. “I’ll help you down for a while.”

Li Xiwu said, “Thank you.”

They reached the bottom of the stairs.

Li Xiwu sat on the sofa. Cai Buqu said, “Wait a moment. I’ll get you a glass of water.”

Li Xiwu wanted to say no, but Old Mr. Cai had already gone to get water.

Li Xiwu could only take back her words. She leaned back and closed her eyes, trying to slow down the impact of that photo!

This was the first time she had seen a photo of Li You in person. Although she was only fifteen or sixteen years old. But from her facial features, it was obvious that she was similar to her, and the expression in her eyes.

“Miss Li, drink some water.”

Cai Buqu, who had returned, was handing Li Xiwu a cup of warm water.

While Li Xiwu was drinking water, Cai Buqu asked, “Where are Miss Li’s parents?”

Li Xiwu’s lips pursed at the mouth of her cup. “I’m an orphan.”

Cai Buqu suddenly looked at her. “Orphan?”

Li Xiwu said, “Yeah.”

Cai Buqu continued to ask, “Do you feel a trace of familiarity with this Li Mansion?”

Li Xiwu didn’t lie. “Yes.”

Cai Buqu suddenly stood up. Of course, Li Xiwu knew why Old Mr. Cai was suddenly so excited. “Old Mr. Cai, do you think I’m Miss Li You?”

Cai Buqu was instantly speechless. There were so many things he wanted to say that it wasn’t appropriate to say them like this. He sat down again and composed himself.

Looking at the cup of warm water in Li Xiwu’s hand, Cai Buqu reminded her calmly, “Miss Li, drink more water first. If your mood is better, you can leave.”

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