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Chapter 205: Chapter 205: She’s the Real Li You

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Chapter 205: She’s the Real Li You

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After Han Qianye entered, she was shocked by the scene in front of her!


Li Xiwu was sitting quietly on the sofa, her eyes slightly open but unfocused, like a soulless puppet that could be fiddled with at will. And there were two men standing in front of her. One of them was holding a small bottle. He was saying something to Li Xiwu as he fanned the smell of the bottle for her to smell.

It was obvious that the bottle was not anything good. Han Qianye walked over aggressively—

“Mrs. Pei!” Gu Lanshi immediately stood in front of Han Qianye. “She’s fine. Wait a moment.”

Jiang Ce was not affected by Han Qianye at all and continued to do what he was about to do.


Han Qianye was stopped by Gu Lanshi and could not go forward. She was exasperated. “If you say nothing happened, then nothing happened. Who are you? What’s your motive? Let me tell you, if you dare to hurt a single hair on Xixi’s head, I’ll let you sit in prison forever!”

Gu Lanshi stopped her without moving. “Mrs. Pei, calm down. I didn’t do anything to hurt Little You.”

Han Qianye said, “You still say that you did not hurt her. I clearly saw…” As she spoke, Han Qianye suddenly shut her mouth. Her throat seemed to be stuck in something, and she was immediately stunned. Then, she looked at Gu Lanshi in disbelief. “What did you say?”

Just as Gu Lanshi had expected, Han Qianye did not know anything. He thought that this could stall Han Qianye. As long as Han Qianye was curious, he would give Jiang Ce time.


However, Gu Lanshi could not figure out Han Qianye’s thoughts. He did not play by the rules at all. After being shocked, she asked back. Before Gu Lanshi could answer, she pushed him away. “I don’t care what you say. Even if the world is about to end, it’s not as important as Xixi. Get out of my way!”

Han Qianye was usually weak. If she really used all her strength, Gu Lanshi would take half a step back. Han Qianye stepped forward aggressively and grabbed Jiang Ce’s collar, pulling him away. “Go away!”

Caught off guard, Jiang Ce staggered back after being pulled away by Han Qianye. After stabilizing himself, he smiled bitterly and looked sideways at Gu Lan.

Gu Lanshi remained calm and silent.

Han Qianye was experienced after all. Seeing that Li Xiwu was motionless and her eyes were unfocused, she guessed that they must have done something to Li Xiwu.

She waved her hand in front of Li Xiwu. “Xixi?


No reaction.

Han Qianye called out a few more times, but there was no response. Li Xiwu’s eyes were still unfocused. Her eyes were clearly open, but she did not seem to hear anything from the outside world.

Han Qianye couldn’t wake Li Xiwu up even after shouting a few times. She was immediatplv fnri011R and turned around to aneqtinn them “What did dn tn Gu Lanshi said calmly, “Mrs. Pei, give me some time. I want to regain Little You’s memories.”

Han Qianye’s expression had never been so cold. “What Little You? You’ve got the wrong person. She’s my son’s legitimate wife!”

Gu Lanshi raised her eyebrows. “Has Mrs. Pei never suspected why Pei Jingzhou found such a similar substitute by his side back then?” Han Qianye said, “It’s none of your business!”

Gu Lanshi said coldly, “Mrs. Pei, you’re really stubborn.”

Han Qianye was about to say something else when Jiang Ce raised his hand and snapped his fingers—

Han Qianye immediately looked at Jiang Ce.


Jiang Ce raised a polite smile and gestured for Han Qianye to look behind her.

Han Qianye quickly turned around. Li Xiwu, whose eyes were originally open but unfocused, slowly closed them. The air froze for dozens of seconds. Li Xiwu opened her eyes as if she had woken up from a dream.

She subconsciously opened her mouth to say something, but her head hurt when she spoke. She subconsciously raised her hand to press her head.

Seeing that Li Xiwu had returned to normal, Han Qianye was overjoyed. “Xixi, how are you? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Li Xiwu raised her eyes and looked at Han Qianye’s enlarged face in front of her. She was stunned for a few seconds. “You are…

Han Qianye did not ignore the confusion in Li Xiwu’s eyes. Her heart skipped a beat. Oh no, could these two have caused Xixi to lose her memory?

At this moment, Li Xiwu’s mind was indeed blank. It was because the hypnosis had awakened her memories. But it was only for a short time. She would recover immediately.

Han Qianye was afraid that those their scheme would succeed, so she took the opportunity to say to Li Xiwu, “I’m your mother.”

Li Xiwu was stunned.

After saying that, Han Qianye pointed at Gu Lanshi and Jiang Ce behind her. “The two of them are bad people. Don’t believe a word they say. Believe your mother. I love you.”

Li Xiwu: Gu Lanshi: ‘

Jiang Ce:

Han Qianye quickly helped Li Xiwu out. Seeing this, Gu Lanshi did not continue to stop her because he knew very well that if he stopped her again, something would happen. There were so many people outside, so he could not make a big deal out of it. Although he did not succeed in awakening her memories, it would affect her to a certain extent. For example, fragments of her past would appear in her mind from time to time.


Han Qianye helped Li Xiwu out, but Cai Buqu blocked her way.

Han Qianye was angry when she saw Cai Buqu. “Old Cai, you still have the cheek to block the way. You joined forces with these unknown people to bully our Xixi. Don’t you want your reputation?”

Cai Buqu was speechless. And that address of Old Cai was something Cai Buqu had never expected. He expressed his apology. “I’m really sorry, Mrs. Pei, but they’re not unknown. Mr. Jiang is a veteran psychotherapist and Mr. Gu is Little You’s senior brother.”

Han Qianye was even angrier when she heard this. “Our Xixi is just a little quiet. How is she sick in her heart? You’re the one who’s sick. Let him take a look at you. Don’t delay.” At this point, Han Qianye emphasized again, “Also, she’s the real Li Xiwu, not Little You. I think you’re really blind.”

Cai Buqu:

Han Qianye could still tell the situation.

During the live broadcast, she called him Old Mr. Cai to express her respect. Now that there was no live broadcast camera, she just called him Old Cai.

However, Cai Buqu knew that he was in the wrong and did not say anything to Han Qianye.

On the other hand, he had heard Han Qianye’s repeated rebuttals. He did not think that Han Qianye was stupid. She clearly knew what was going on. He turned to look at Li Xiwu. He did not call her Miss Li because he already knew in his heart that he would seem unfamiliar, so he said, “Go back and rest well.’ As soon as she finished speaking, Cai Buqu turned his body to make way.

Li Xiwu’s lips formed a straight line and she did not respond. When Han Qianye brought Li Xiwu away, she said, “I don’t have time to argue with you for the time being. Just you wait.. This matter isn’t over yet!”

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