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Chapter 290: Chapter 290: It’s Too Painful to Remember

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Chapter 290: It’s Too Painful to Remember

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With the matter resolved, Li Xiwu felt a little more at ease. However, when she thought of the way Qi Zishen looked at her when he left, Li Xiwu felt uncomfortable all over.


Guan Suling walked towards her. Compared to her swift and decisive manner just now, her eyes were filled with gentleness as she looked at Li Xiwu. “Why don’t we go home first?”

Li Xiwu hesitated for a moment before saying, “The recording of today’s show is not over yet.”

Guan Suling immediately said, “Then I’ll send you back to North Water Town?”

Li Xiwu did not agree immediately. She only said, “Let’s leave here first.” Ji Weiling needed to calm down from what she had experienced today. Actually, it was fine for her to stay here, but her grandmother and the bodyguards were always around. Ji Weiling would probably be a little breathless.

Guan Suling’s eyes were filled with Li Xiwu. She would do whatever Li Xiwu said. She quickly asked Dao Xi to get the bodyguards to wait.

A few minutes later, Li Xiwu and Guan Suling arrived at the lower floor of the district.

There were more than ten entertainment reporters waiting outside the district. Three to five of them slipped in. Some had their website logo hanging around their necks, and some were holding cameras in their hands, taking photos at any time.

A dozen bodyguards chased these entertainment reporters away one by one.

There were many entertainment reporters. They weren’t worried about being stopped, but with so many bodyguards and professionals, it was obvious that they couldn’t be provoked. Some of them ran away dejectedly.

Li Xiwu and Guan Suling got into the same car. It was obvious that Guan Suling had been very restrained. After getting into the car, she finally couldn’t help but pull Li Xiwu over and hug her. Only then did she feel at ease.

Li Xiwu let Guan Suling hug her. Even though the two of them did not say a word, everything was silent.

When she was at Ji Weiling’s house just now, she looked calm on the surface, but in fact, she could not calm down. It turned out that the old lady who had lost money to her was her biological grandmother.

At the same time, she remembered that be it that hurried glance in the morning or the short interaction at the teahouse, Guan Suling had actually appeared in front of her as her grandmother from the beginning.

Not long after, Li Xiwu vaguely felt a trace of heat on her neck. Then, a warm liquid accidentally rubbed against her neck. It must be the old lady crying.

Silently, quietly crying.

Or rather, she cried tears of joy.

Li Xiwu opened her mouth to say something, but she didn’t say it. Her lowered hand slowly rose, wanting to do something, but she didn’t. After a long while, she said with difficulty, “Grandma.” It was only when she called out that she realized that it was actually not that difficult to speak.

When Guan Suling heard Li Xiwu call her Grandma, she slowly let go and slowly retreated. Guan Suling was indeed crying. Her muddy eyes were crying silently. Although she was crying, she asked with a smile, “My little darling, can you call me Grandma again?

Li Xiwu called out again softly, “Grandma.”

Guan Suling hugged Li Xiwu excitedly again. “Grandma’s good girl, Grandma has finally waited for you.”

To Li Xiwu, this was not kinship that she had not felt for a long time. To be precise, it should be the first time in her current memory that she had experienced kinship that belonged to her.

Guan Suling was happy and excited. “It’s been four years. I’ve been waiting for this day even in my dreams. They all said that you would never come back. I didn’t believe it. I couldn’t sleep for so many days and nights. I waited and thought for you. I’ve finally waited for you to come back. Don’t leave again.”

Li Xiwu listened to Guan Suling quietly. It wasn’t that she wasn’t moved, it wasn’t that she didn’t know how to respond. There was no expression on her face. She felt the tears rolling down Guan Suling’s face in a daze. She slowly reached out to wipe them away.

After a long pause, she said, “Don’t cry.”

Guan Suling replied, “Okay, Grandma will stop crying. It’s really embarrassing to cry like this at my age.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “Did Grandma come to see me after watching the show?”

Guan Suling nodded. “Yes.”

Li Xiwu said, “But I don’t remember the past.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright.” Guan Suling quickly said that it was alright, then continued, “As long as Grandma remembers.”

Of course, Guan Suling knew. Li Xiwu no longer remembered the past. If she did, how could she not come back? It was actually good that she had forgotten all the things she had experienced in Country T.

It was too painful to think about.

Guan Suling would not blame Pei Jingzhou for causing Little You to lose her memory, but she wanted to settle the matter of Pei Jingzhou changing Little You’s appearance and hiding her.

Next, Li Xiwu chatted with Guan Suling about the past.

Guan Suling knew very well that there were some things that could not be mentioned directly. She should avoid topics as much as possible, so she avoided everything that happened to Li Huaisheng and MO Zhu in Country T.

Although everyone knew about the turmoil in Country T, Li Xiwu had seen it with her own eyes back then. They were family, so she could not bear such pain.

Then, she told Li Xiwu about the situation in the MO family and that her aunt,

MO Yujin, had come to this show because of Guan Suling’s arrangements. If Li Xiwu had not insisted on recording today’s variety show, Guan Suling would definitely have brought Li Xiwu back to the MO family.

Li Xiwu also told Guan Suling why her appearance had changed. As for staying by Pei Jingzhou’s side as a ‘substitute’ at first, she did not mention this, afraid that her grandmother would be unhappy.

Actually, she could let go of these things herself. Because Pei Jingzhou had done enough for her.

As for what happened before she lost her memory, she didn’t know how much she could withstand inside. Before she was completely prepared, she chose to keep her mouth shut and not ask about the past.

Because right now it is pretty good.

She spent almost half an hour in the car with her grandmother.

Li Xiwu raised her hand and looked at her wristwatch. It was already three-thirty in the afternoon.

Time flies. She was about to return to North Water Town to continue recording the show when Guan Suling said that she wanted to accompany her.

Li Xiwu looked at her grandmother’s tired expression. “You’ve been running around all day. You should go back and rest. Wait for me at the MO Residence in peace. I’ll come and see you after recording the show.”

How could Guan Suling bear to be separated from her baby? Especially after they had just reunited, Guan Suling could not bear to part with Li Xiwu at all. She wanted to watch her at all times.

Li Xiwu couldn’t help but laugh as she soothed the old lady. “If there’s enough time tonight, I’ll come and see you.”

The moment that was said, Guan Suling, who did not want to compromise, immediately wavered.


It was three-thirty now. She’d see her Darling in three or four hours. It was better than waiting another day. After thinking for a few seconds, Guan Suling agreed. “Okay, I’ll get Dao Xi to drive you.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “No need for Dao Xi. Just the driver who brought me here just now.”

Guan Suling was quickly convinced. She said goodbye to Li Xiwu and watched her get into the car and leave before looking away. She said to Dao Xi, “Arrange for the afternoon. The kitchen will be ready early tonight.”

Seeing that the old lady was in a good mood, Dao Xi was happy too. “Okay, I’ll call the butler immediately.”

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