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Chapter 293: Chapter 293: Her Pregnancy

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Chapter 293: Her Pregnancy

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What did he do!


He was killing someone!

He had killed Li Xiwu!

Fear rose from the depths of his heart. Qi Zishen was afraid. Really afraid. How could he kill someone? If Li Xiwu died, his life would really be over.

When he got out of the car, he had already thought of his words. He would blame the accident on the brakes. That way, it would only be a car accident. As long as he achieved his goal of teaching Li Xiwu a lesson, it would be enough.

But in the end, he couldn’t withstand the provocation of that sentence. He pulled Li Xiwu out of the car like a madman and even knocked her until her face was covered in blood…

Qi Zishen’s lips trembled, his fingers trembled, and his stomach sank. He was so afraid that his legs went weak. He backed away slowly, trying to escape. Before he could turn around, something knocked his head sharply.

With a clang, the pain from the back of his head made Qi Zishen arch his back. Then, his vision began to darken and he could not stand steadily.

Before he fell, he slowly turned around and saw that it was the driver who had been hiding and waiting for an opportunity. He was holding a fire extinguisher that was necessary in the car and throwing it at him.

Qi Zishen’s lips moved, but he couldn’t say a word. After falling to the ground, he fainted.

The driver was worried that he wouldn’t knock Qi Zishen out, so he used a lot of strength just now. At the same time, he ensured that he wouldn’t directly smash him to death.

Fortunately, it went smoothly and he fainted.

The driver threw down the fire extinguisher and quickly returned to Li Xiwu’s side. He carefully helped her up. “Young Miss? Young Miss, how are you?”

Li Xiwu was still conscious. She was even clear minded. She also saw the driver appear with her own eyes and slowly walk over from behind Qi Zishen. Then, without hesitation, he threw the fire extinguisher in his hand at the back of Qi

Zishen’s neck.

The driver saw the blood on Li Xiwu’s face and was filled with anxiety. “I’ve already sent a message. The rescue car is on its way here… I’m sorry, Miss. I should have acted sooner.”

The driver had been hiding in front of the car. At that time, Qi Zishen was only angry at Li Xiwu and did not care where the driver went. There were only the three of them here, and the driver did not come out rashly.

He had waited for too long. Although he had chosen this opportunity to check and balance Qi Zishen, he had missed the critical moment and caused Li Xiwu to be seriously injured.

Li Xiwu’s voice was weak. “Help me up.”

The driver did as he was told and carefully helped Li Xiwu up. She was not strong enough to support herself. She swayed and could not stand steadily.

The driver steadied her.

Li Xiwu closed her eyes. “Who did you text?” The driver said, “The Old Madam.” Li Xiwu breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay.”

Li Xiwu fainted in the long wait.

Li Xiwu slept for an unknown period of time. She was dreaming again.

This time, Dad wasn’t the only one in the dream. There was another woman.

She stood at a distance and saw her father and another woman sitting in the pavilion talking about something. She approached slowly, wanting to eavesdrop on what they were talking about.

As she got closer, she heard her father’s voice. “The representatives of both countries are still negotiating. There are rumors from the Cabinet that if the negotiations don’t work out this time, there should be a war.”

The woman said, “So when do you plan to return to the country?”

Li Huaisheng looked at the woman who was worried about him. “As the ambassador to Country T, I can’t leave yet. Take Little You back to China first.”

The woman was stubborn. “No. I have to go with you.”

“Ah Zhu, take Little You back to Shen City first. Don’t worry about me. Although this war is inevitable, it won’t be so soon. I’ve already submitted an application to return to the country. I’ll be a few days late at most.”

As he spoke, he pulled the woman in front of him into his arms with

heartache. “Your health is more important. I’ve already contacted the hospital in Shen City. You’ll be hospitalized when you return.”

The woman sobbed in Li Huaisheng’s arms. “I want to wait for you to leave with me.”

Li Huaisheng sighed softly and hugged the woman in his arms even tighter. Li Xiwu slowly approached and heard the entire conversation. Li Huaisheng sensed someone walking over from behind and turned to look at Li Xiwu.

Father and daughter looked at each other.

Li Xiwu said nothing, as if trying to determine if this was a dream or a memory. Until Li Huaisheng called out to her, “Little You.”

The woman in his arms pulled away and turned to look at her. Now Li Xiwu finally saw the woman’s face clearly. It was a very beautiful face. Her facial features were bright and beautiful, and her skin and bones were extremely beautiful. However, such a beauty had a sick and haggard expression.

She seemed to be sick.

“Little You, come and sit here. Professor Han sent me grapefruit and gong citrus by international express. Come and try them.” The woman extended a hand to her, indicating that she should go over.

Li Xiwu was silent for a moment before slowly walking towards the two of them.

The woman took her hand and tried to raise a gentle smile on her sickly pale face. “I heard from Madam Di Xin that you plan to go to Chunwu with her tomorrow?

Li Xiwu was stunned. She was sure this was a dream, not a memory. If it was a memory, she should be able to understand their conversation. Now she had nothing in her memory about Country T, let alone memories of this place in Chunwu.

And this woman, who was so beautiful that she could shatter at any moment, seemed to be… her mother?

MO Zhu looked at his daughter, who was in a daze, and gently pulled her hand.

“Little You.”

Li Xiwu didn’t know how to answer, so she nodded back.

MO Zhu’s gaze landed on Li Xiwu’s stomach. Her other hand reached over and gently covered her stomach. “If you don’t want to go, don’t go. Your stomach is already so big. It’s not convenient outside.”

Hearing this, Li Xiwu immediately looked down. Her bulging stomach

obscured some of her vision. All she could see was her toes. She looked shocked and stared at her stomach in disbelief. “Why is this happening?

“What’s wrong?” MO Zhu got up and supported her. “Did the little guy kick you?”

Li Xiwu looked at MO Zhu blankly. “My stomach…”

MO Zhu smiled faintly. ‘You’ve been taking care of me here for the past few months and almost never left the house. Jingzhou can’t see you even if he wants to. Mom plans to return to the country soon. It’s been half a year since we last met. Remember to tell Jingzhou that you’re coming back.”

MO Zhu helped Li Xiwu sit down.

Li Huaisheng took the tribute citrus on the table and peeled it for Li Xiwu. “The older it gets, the heavier your body will be. How young are you? Not only are you engaged to that boy from the Pei family, but you’re also pregnant with his child before the marriage. What will you do if he becomes a heartless man?

“Go, go, go!” MO Zhu interrupted Li Huaisheng. “Putting aside the relationship between Jingzhou and Little You, even if such a thing really happens, a grandson is still a biological grandson. Just take the surname Li. Are you afraid that our Li family can’t afford it?”

“I’ll listen to you. His surname is Li. I’ve even thought of a name. The boy will be called Li Yangui, and the girl will be called Li Yansheng. How about that?”

When he said the names, Li Huaisheng dipped his fingertips into the water glass and wrote these two names. After writing, Li Huaisheng handed the peeled citrus to Li Xiwu. “Try it quickly. It’s very sweet.”

Li Xiwu took the gong citrus and her gaze fell on the two names on the table.

MO Zhu said, “Both names sound good. It would be even better if they were twins. Both names can be used.”

As she spoke, MO Zhu looked at Li Xiwu’s stomach again. “Girl, Madam Di Xin accompanied you for several prenatal checkups. You didn’t tell us the situation. How’s the baby? Also, no matter how I look at it, your stomach looks like you’re pregnant with twins.. Are you planning to surprise your father and me?”

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